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I'm brand new to this site, and I'm seeking help.


So here's my story:


I'm 21 and I have been TTC for about 11 months now. I know that 21 is young to start TTCing, but when you're ready you're body tells you. All I can think about is the beauty and joy of starting a family with my Husband to be. But everytime I go to a doctor they are absolutely no help at all. They are not solution driven, they are in fact more problimatic considering they cost money and don't really tell me anything I didn't really know.


My cycle is ALLLLLL over the place! It wasn't until I got on Birth Control when I was 15 then it's like all of the sudden my body just didn't want to have a period anymore. I don't bleed like normal women do, I get this weird brown thick spotting for like 3-7 days once every 24-90 days... there's no regularity to it what-so-ever and frankly I'm tired of doctors treating me like I am their child. None of them actually want to help me get pregnant, none of them offer tests, options, nothing. They continually explain to me what a period is and just say "Well the only way to regulate your cycles is to put you back on Birth Control" which in effect, defeats the purpose.


I started taking FertiBella 2 months ago and didn't have a period at all while on it. I decided to stop taking it, about 1 week later (3 days ago) my period came at me with a vengance... worst cramping of my life, bleeding so heavy I go through a tampon in an hour, nipples are so sore I can't even let the water touch them in the shower. Which 1/2 of me is glad that I feel this way because maybe my body is going to have a regular cycle after this, but the other part of me feels like this is a bit extreme.


Basically now I am sticking with Vitex and EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) hoping that will regulate me.


But I want answers, does anyone else have these types of symptoms? I was normal before I started Birth Control... now I'm all messed up.


Hopefully I can get some suggestions.

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I'm sorry you're having troubles. Have you looked into charting at all? It can really help you to figure out what may be going on with your cycles. "Taking Charge of you Fertility" is a good book.


Birth Control doesn't fix cycles. It just masks problems you may have. It may get women to bleed on a regular and predictable pattern but it doesn't regulate your cycle long term. I'm not sure if the BC damaged your cycles, but there's really nothing positive to be gained worrying about it, because we can't change the fact you took it when you were so young. Do not listen to doctors who are trying to put you on BC to "fix" your cycle so that you can get pregnant.


I'd recommend reading the book, and learning to chart. With a chart you'll be able to find maybe a doctor, or at least people online, who may be able to help you figure out what's wonky in your cycle. Or even you may see the problem(s) when you start charting and learning about what to look for in a healthy chart.


I'm sorry the current doctors you've been seeing haven't been treating you with respect. :(

I'd also recommend "Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition" by Marilyn Shannon. That book can help you with problems you see in your cycle.


Good luck!!

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I'm sorry you've had such a frustrating time working with doctors. One condition that could be throwing your cycles off is PCOS. Your doctor would have to take a look at your ovaries via a vaginal ultrasound. If they are going to test for PCOS, they should also test for testosterone, perhaps a blood sugar test. They should also test some basic hormones such as prolactin, TSH, FSH, and LH. 


I agree with degagrw, charting might help lend some insight into your cycles. It would be useful to know if you are ovulating, or if you are simply having break through bleeding. 


Most importantly, anovulation and irregular cycles are more than likely a result of a problem.Trust your instincts and try to find a doctor in your area that will take you seriously. 


Best of luck!

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I started ttc when I was 20 and felt much of the same way with doctors. It was until this past year, at 25 that I finally got a diagnosis. I'm sorry you're feeling so dismissed. I second getting Taking Charge of Your Fertility! 

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If sounds like you have a number of things going on, not the least of which is doctors who won't take you seriously. Here's what I'd do if I were in your shoes:


1) Pick up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and start charting. That will help you see patterns (if any) in your cycle and increase the chances of you and your fiancee "catching" an egg. It's also a good way to record any symptoms that may point to a problem.


2) Find a doctor who will take you seriously. As you build up more charting information about your irregular periods, you may have more luck getting them to realize you're serious. Show them your data, explain to them that you're frustrated with getting brushed off, and ask what they think your next steps would be if you don't get pregnant within the next 6 months. If they start to explain how your period works, cut them short - let them know you appreciate their wanting to educate you, but that you've been struggling with this for a year now which should indicate to any competent doctor that something is up.


3) Brace yourself for a ton of "don't worry, you're so young" comments, and ignore them. Sure, you're young, but that doesn't make your frustration or fears any less valid. It also doesn't mean you don't have a significant problem that you need help with (PCOS, endo, etc). 


I'd take it easy on the self-medicating until you can find a physician who will treat you like an adult. You don't want to treat yourself for things you don't have, even with herbal remedies. Especially if you have a serious reaction.


Good luck!

Mother to an adorable girl born May 2012, dealing with recurrent miscarriage.
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I agree charting and giving them data will help. Sadly though there is not much a doctor can do to regulate you aside from provera and birth control. I would ask to have your thyroid checked. Sorry you are having a hard time. I took me many many doctors to find one that would help me. I feel like ob's go into the business because its not like an er doctor. 95% of the time they literally take a patient, spin in a chair for 9 months aside from 15 minute visits randomly  then walk in 15 minute before and watch the woman do all the work. best 20,000 they ever made.  There are some great ob's you just have to hunt for them. Good luck!!

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Originally Posted by LLQ1011 View Post

Sadly though there is not much a doctor can do to regulate you aside from provera and birth control.


I disagree, if you find the right doctor, they should be able to get to the "why" of your problem, rather than just medicating to mask the symptoms.

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I agree with most of the other posters.  Educate yourself on how a normal cycle is supposed to be.  Taking Charge of your Fertility is a good place to start.  Next start charting your BBT and cervical fluid (aka cervical mucous).  Third, find a doctor that will listen to you and start a fertility workup, preferably a RE.  You need day 3 blood test to check your hormone levels, a transvaginal ultrasound to check out your ovaries, and a post ovulation blood test to check progesterone.  You need to be proactive in getting yourself answers.  I've found some doctors just shrug problems off like it's nothing.  Take control, it's your health.

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