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lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 04:10 PM 03-14-2013

rcr, I hope your transfer went well!

Xerxella, I hope all goes well with your cycle. Weird that the nurses won't answer their questions.  Come on we need help with all this stuff!

Laggie, excited that your embryos are growing well. Hoping your transfer went well as well.

AFM, I haven't gotten my period yet. Took a HPT yesterday evening and this morning (when my temp jumped to 98.2 degrees but I have been feeling sick) but no positive result. I am worried that if my AF starts tomorrow I might not be able to cycle this month because retrieval/transfer would fall on Easter Weekend. Right now I am hoping that my period holds off until Monday, the 18th or that a miracle happened and I am pregnant. I will be waiting a few days before doing another HPT if I don't get my period. Just depressing looking at negative results.  Body aches, headache, cough need to go away!

rcr's Avatar rcr 07:06 AM 03-15-2013

TF - I have c+B meditations too. I can email them to you if you want. I don't really use them anymore.


Laggie - Congtrats on a great transfer, and for being PUPO. Looks like we also have the same test day. Mine is the 25th, but I will probably test on the 24th (my bday), or the 23rd (DSs conception anniversery).


X - am looking at the last page and replying to those posts, so you may have updated on the next page, but I hope everything is springing into action for you.


Sourire - 13 days is so short!


traceyamber/vegan - thanks for stopping by to wish me luck!

rcr's Avatar rcr 07:10 AM 03-15-2013

Lilac - ug, that kinda happened to me last xmas. They ended up canceling my cycle because the REs office was going to be closed that week. I hope AF holds off for now, or that you are pregnant and won't have to do IVF at all!


AFM- we transferred two perfect blasts yesterday. One was already hatching and one was assisted hatched. Out of the 7 that they thawed, only those two made it, and they are from different donors. The RE said with those embryos she gave me a 20-30% chance. They have lower success with FET, but I think it is also because mine were old, so they were frozen the old and slow way. I will try to post pictures. I spend the evening watching movies in bed and laying around. Today I am still in my PJs and staying home, but not just laying in bed.

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 07:10 AM 03-15-2013
It's not that they're ignoring me or anything just being very non helpful. Like I ask: So now what?
Nurse: we have to wait and see
Me: what are we waiting and seeing for?
Nurse: what the lab results say and what the doc says
Me: we'll, what exactly are we looking for?
Nurse: don't worry about it. This is really nothing you need to worry about...


So I'm here waiting.... I'm not seeing much.

Laggie- I'm sorry about the taxes. I'd hide it somewhere and completely forget about it for 2 weeks and then pull it out and deal with it. If its waited all these years, it can wait 2 weeks.

Lilac- I hope your period holds off for a few more days. Even if it doesn't, I would think twy could work around the one day of Easter, right?
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 07:10 AM 03-15-2013
RCR- That really is great news. It sounds you got the 2 best of the bunch and it sounds like they were really great ones. Everything crossed for you.
rcr's Avatar rcr 07:12 AM 03-15-2013

X - we cross posted. Arrrrrh is right. That is also really rude of the nurse. Of course it is something you have to worry about! it is your baby and your life!! I am so sorry. This all just sucks.

rcr's Avatar rcr 07:52 AM 03-15-2013


Here they are. The one on the left did assisted hatching, the one on the right was already starting to hatch :)

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 10:03 AM 03-15-2013
Rcr that is so sweet those two little pictures of the little ones inside of you!

xerxella sorry that your nurse was so evasive. Totally weird.

Afm, all is well! Period came this morning and my clinic has the doctor I have seen on call Easter weekend for retrieval and transfer! The nurse was like, of course we are open on a holiday! when we put you on meds we have to retrieve and transfer when your body is ready! That was a relief! I had 30 follicles growing today which my nurse said was perfect! Start meds on Sunday.
Laggie's Avatar Laggie 11:53 AM 03-15-2013

Lilac - my clinic is open every day too. 30 follicles, wow that's awesome. You're going to have a great cycle.


RCR - nice blasts! I'm sure they are happily growing away. 


Xerxella - DH would just put the papers in a drawer and forget about them... Mind you that's what got us into this mess! I'm not so stressed about it now at least. Your nurse sounds awful, whenever I'm at my clinic they ask me about a billion times if I have any questions. 


I drank 24 ounces of water about an hour before my transfer. Which might have been a little too much, since I also had a small cup of coffee. The doctor said they want the bladder full, but not so full that you're doing the pee dance. I wanted it to be quite full though, because they have a hard time seeing my uterus as it's tilted back. I did empty a tiny bit beforehand, but I think that just made it feel worse.


I listened to the free circle and bloom meditation last night. I wouldn't mind having the IVF one, if anybody wants to send me a copy? I'm on a strict no shopping regimen for March. Well and after this tax bill, probably April May and June! irked.gif Ah well, maybe this will break me of my habit of buying crap I don't need online.


Nothing to do now but wait. It's so hard to not know anything after having so much monitoring for 2 weeks. My first cycle, my mom was shocked that they wouldn't be able to tell me if it was a success or not for 2 weeks. She figured they would know on the day of the transfer. Even after I explained it to her, she was miffed and thinks it's crap that they don't tell you right away. This time she doesn't know, I didn't want her to be in suspense again.

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 12:27 PM 03-15-2013
Laggie - it's kinda funny that your mom expects instant results. But, really if clinics wanted to they could do HCG tests everyday and then tell you when/if the results started to head up.

RCR- They look beautiful! smile.gif Leftie has a beautiful trophectoderm. And the way Rightie's zona pellucida split is just adorable! You must be so proud! smile.gif

Lilac- yeah for going ahead!!! 30?!??! OMG. I'm so jealous. Were you on BCPs prior to the start? Or was it a natural start? We're on the same schedule. See below.

AFM- well estrogen was at 20 this morning (FSH was at 2.6, the lowest I've ever seen it. I don't know what that means, if anything). I was going to be late for an important day at work and the u/s tech was late. I heard her clicking on the follicles. I think I head 12 clicks, 6 on each side. After we were done, I said to her, "did you count the follicles?" And she said "yep, that's what I do" and walked out the door. Now that's just rude. She knew what I meant. I've asked about it everytime. I don't know why they are so adverse to me asking questions. I came to them looking for answers and if information makes me feel more comfortable and more in control of the process, what's the harm?

So I missed the nurses call and "surprisingly" no one picked up when I called back. But the nurse left a message saying I should start meds tonight at 225 iu of follistim and 1 vial of menopur. And I should come back Sunday at 9 am for bloodwork and ultrasound. I think they do too many u/s. What's an u/s going to tell you after 1 1/2 days of meds? But I'm not complaining. I'd rather have more info than less, see above! :P
So I'm going to talk to the docs office on Sunday. I haven't done anything wrong here. I should at least be treated with basic kindness and respect.
hope4light's Avatar hope4light 12:50 PM 03-15-2013
rcr and laggie - yeah for transfers! rcr - the pics were awesome :-) laggie - try not to stress about the tax bill, it will all work out!! lilac - 30 follies is amazing!!!
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 01:36 PM 03-15-2013

xerxella, it was a natural start. Since I have been pretty regular with my cycles, they decided to skip birth control pills for me. I start Sunday night with 225 iu of follistim and 1 bottle of menopur. I think I will have two ultrasounds and blood works next week - Tuesday and either Thursday or Friday.


Laggie, all the water drinking makes me need to go pee, lol. So with the real embryo transfer, I will need a full bladder? When will I be allowed to get up and go pee after transfer? I am hoping this cycle is great!

suzie mccool's Avatar suzie mccool 01:53 PM 03-15-2013

Laggie - if you can just pee a little, then stop, I am WAY impressed!!  You have the bladder control of a legend!  And my mum was just as impatient as yours.  I think after all the waiting games we play on IVF our patience must become a little saintlike - I still haven't told my dad about my pregnancy because he's too old to have the patience to wait the whole 9 months LOL.  I'll tell him when I'm 4 months I think.. let him think I got fatter in the meantime haha..  I still haven't uncrossed my boobs, fingers and toes for you :)


RCR - Beautiful blasts - one already hatching is AWESOME!  Best of luck :)

Vegan Princess's Avatar Vegan Princess 01:55 PM 03-15-2013

X: You have every right to be upset with how you are being treated!! It would drive me BONKERS!!!! I need as much info as possible just to deal with the situation when I am so stressed about infertility stuff. Sounds like things are ok now though w/12 resting follices - and like others said, it's likely more will join the party. I'm glad you get to get started tonight. Good luck!


Lilac: 30 sounds incredible!! Hooray for finally starting. I love watching the response of IVF cycles where the woman really doesn't have much going on and it's primarily male factor infertility - you guys can make crazy amounts of embabies! :-) 


RCR: I hope those babies are snuggling in for a long 9 month ride! Praying so hard this is it for you!!


Wishing everyone lots of luck and baby dust around here!!!



rcr's Avatar rcr 03:38 PM 03-15-2013

Lilac - wow, 30! I am jealous. You are going to have great luck with this cycle. How many are you going to put back in?

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 04:44 PM 03-15-2013
Rcr, we are going to put two embryos back in on Easter weekend. Nurse and I discussed how many to fertilize and we decided 12-14 eggs so we have enough for this fresh cycle and a couple frozen cycles.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 06:54 PM 03-15-2013
Lilac- wouldn't they try to fertilize them all? I just assumed they would.
Laggie's Avatar Laggie 07:09 PM 03-15-2013

I think maybe, since there are issues with Lilac's husband's sperm, they might want to save some eggs in case the sperm don't do their job, so they can get another sample and try again. Otherwise they would all go to waste. That's a guess though.


I have a PSA: eating beets during the 2WW is not a good idea! winky.gif Pink toilet water freaked me out! I know at this stage it could be implantation anyway, but I don't want to see anything even remotely resembling AF. 

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 08:50 PM 03-15-2013

Whoa Laggie, beets make your pee pink?? I haven't ever eaten enough beets to notice! No more beets for you, just an uneventful 2 weeks! Crossing my fingers and praying for you and your 2 embabies!


Lilac- That is awesome about 30 follicles! What a great way to celebrate the Holiday too!


X- You should be frustrated with your nursing team... it just seems so unfair. Even if there aren't real answers they could at least commiserate a little bit and explain better that you just have to wait and see. It is good things were looking better today though and you will finally be getting started!


rcr- two beautiful growing babies. Will be keeping everything crossed and praying hard for you these next 10 days. Can't say my boobs are big enough to cross for ya but they are crossed in spirit!


sourire & rcr- I would love the FET ones. I didn't realize you could just e-mail them. I bought the IVF one & it seemed to make a huge difference in keeping me relaxed (I was also so naive then, that helps). 


Sourire- Less than 2 weeks!! Are you off the Lupron now or does that stop right before your cycle starts? It is so weird to me that clinics have such different protocols! Are you doing suppression of ovulation or timing transfer with ovulation? So will this be your first period since being on the Lupron? I'm curious if you notice a big reduction in endo symptoms. 


AFM- I had some EWCM yesterday and then none today but no other symptoms of ovulation... I hope it comes soon so AF will get here. The therapist has been good, it is weird for me because I am a very 'stoic' when it comes to emotions, so to talk to someone about my feelings is outside of my comfort zone. It will probably take a few more weeks before I start feeling better about it.

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 06:24 AM 03-16-2013

Xerxella, I thought they would try to fertilize them all too but we discussed the fact that having 30 or so fertilized embryos was unnecessary given the fact that we want 2 or 3 children. We are hoping there will be sperm in the fresh sample he gives on egg retrieval day, but if there aren't any or aren't enough, we have 3 different samples frozen so hopefully there are 12-14 super star sperm come egg retrieval day in all we have collected.

toothfairy2be, I hope that the more you talk, the better you feel and that your AF comes soon. Celebrating Easter with an embryo transfer will give new meaning to new life.


AFM, AF is kicking my butt with cramps. I hope this is the last time I have to put up with this for 9 months or more, since I want to breastfeed.  My DH was sweet last night talking to my tummy - "Keep on growing, but remember Daddy only wants one at a time.  Two would be okay.  But no more than that since Mommy only has two hot tamales and we don't want anyone to go hungry." It is nice to have something to laugh about in the midst of all the IVF craziness.

rcr's Avatar rcr 08:21 AM 03-16-2013

TF - glad the therapist has been good. I sent you a pm about the mp3s. I really liked them, they are very relaxing. They might help you even though you aren't doing your cycle yet - just relaxing is nice. I only have the IVF/IUI, so maybe that is what you already have though?


Lilac - are they going to freeze the eggs that they get but don't fertilize? That is wonderful that you are so many eggs. Now hopefully you will get enough sperm!


Laggie - I eat beets all the time (they grow like crazy in the south). I didn't know about the pee color.

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 11:08 AM 03-16-2013

rcr - yes we will freeze extra eggs - just in case we need them later.

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 11:17 AM 03-16-2013

Xerxella - wow that nurse sounds absolutely awful. I'm guessing that she doesn't actually know the answers to your questions and that is why she's being a jerk. Though the time she wouldn't tell you how many follicles she counted was just plain rude, I wonder what's wrong with her? I'm like you, I always like to have as much info as possible so I can imagine how frustrated you are!


rcr - it's so exciting to see those pics of your embryos! I hope they snuggle in there real good!


lilac - I'm so glad your period came and that your clinic is open during Easter weekend. Unlike everyone else here I'm going to wish not all of your 30 eggs grow to maturity (15 is probably the perfect number)! I had 30 mature eggs retrieved and suffered from OHSS and could not have a transfer so they froze all my embryos. You are taking way more meds than I was too, I started with 150iu of Follistim and 1 vial of Menopur. I really hope you don't go down the same path I did. It's very odd that they are only planning to fertilize 12-14 eggs. They tried to fertilize all 30 of my eggs but only 19 fertilized successfully even though my husband has perfect sperm (nobody ever has 100% fertilization so it's kind of crazy they are assuming you would, especially with your husband's sperm), 5 were frozen at day 3, and only 3 made it to blast. Of those 3 blasts one did not survive defrosting, another was used for my unsuccessful FET in January. So now I only have 1 remaining blast and 5 day-3 embryos, but success rates are lower for day 3's so I'm really not worried about having leftover embryos even though I do want 3 kids! Sorry to be so discouraging but I am really surprised at some of the stuff your clinic is telling you.


Laggie - I'd be glad to send you the IVF meditations from Circle and Bloom, just PM me your email address! That's hilarious that your mom thinks its possible to get the results immediately after they transfer the embryo. My mother-in-law is the opposite, I tested a week after my 5-day transfer last time and she didn't believe the results were real because it was so soon.


Vegan - crazy amounts of embabies are NOT a good thing. I guess to people who have the opposite problem it can seem wonderful, but OHSS is awful and also reduces pregnancy rates.


toothfairy - please pm me your email address, I'll send you the FET meditations. I also have a hard time talking about my feelings with the therapist. Especially when she always asks me how I am feeling in that precise moment that I'm talking to her, and often I'm feeling just fine, but apparently fine is not an emotion so she always tries to force me to say some real emotion when I don't really have one!

Vegan Princess's Avatar Vegan Princess 01:14 PM 03-16-2013

Sourire: you are right - too many eggs is not good either! My friend got 30-35 on both of her fresh cycles (male factor) and only ended up with her fresh transfer and 1 FET per cycle (she got 1 baby out of her first cycle from the FET and twins from the fresh on the 2nd and has 2-3 frozen). She was really upset that she ended up with so few to freeze but then she found out that having too many eggs can reduce quality - or it could have been bc of their male factor issues. Anyway, I just find it fascinating to see how bodies respond - probably bc mine so does NOT respond that way thanks to my DOR. 



lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 04:18 PM 03-16-2013

sourire, truly, I can see where too many eggs could be a problem. I don't want to have OHSS. I wonder whether the difference in the amount of follistim is due to my weight. I weight 250 pounds so the meds are maybe compensating for that? I don't know. I guess I will wait and see what happens at my next ultrasound on Tuesday.

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 05:01 PM 03-16-2013
Lilac - you're right, weight probably does have an influence. I weigh 105 lbs so that could explain why I responded so crazily to the meds.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 08:21 AM 03-17-2013
Sorry to be AAM- I got some answers. There were only 3 follicles on Friday and there are only 3 today. Worse, they are 15, 12 and 11. There is nothing else. So, they've grown quickly and dominantly. I think the doc will want to cancel me and try again next month with a natural start, but I also think he'll leave the final decision up to me.

So, I need to think hard about going after those 3 or scrapping it and trying next month. I have 4 IVFs covered by insurance. Thoughts?
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 08:30 AM 03-17-2013

Bummer, Xerxella. I am no help on whether to cancel or go forward. But I hope you and your doctor can decide the best thing to get the eggs you need.

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 12:20 PM 03-17-2013

X- I would say if you are planning on fertilizing and freezing anyway then it wouldn't hurt to keep going. Also, you may lose the biggest one but it is possible you will have smaller ones that catch up if you keep on. Such a tough call. I wish I remembered what mine were at first to compare. What is your doctor suggesting?


lilac- I did 225 of gonal-f but nothing else. Weight probably does factor in. They will know after a few days if they need to reduce your meds. 


Sourire- Thank you for offering to send me the tracks! I will PM you my email! It does seem like with the therapist at that point I'm always feeling good, it is going back to the things I felt stuck on in the past week and trying to go over those. I feel like I should take notes between visits so it is a productive time. She is making me a relaxation CD at my next appointment. We'll see how that goes!


rcr & laggie- Hope the 2ww is flying by!

lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 05:05 PM 03-17-2013

AFM, shots done!  I don't think I got all the menopur out of the bottle. I thought I had it all but when I went to throw it away, there was a little bit left in the container.  Menopur is hard to get out of the bottle. Hopefully it goes better tomorrow.

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