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dandelionsrflowers's Avatar dandelionsrflowers 02:48 PM 04-23-2013

My back story...

My husband and I are 34 years old.  We have been TTC since 2006 (informally since 2005).  After many months of charting, OPKs, and correctly timed intercourse we finally started asking questions of my regular doctor.  It's all a little bit of a blur and I wish I would have documented things better.  


My hormones were tested.  All were normal.

HSG.  Tubes open.

I had laparoscopic surgery.  Some endometriosis was removed, not enough to cause infertility.

I underwent one unmedicated IUI.


Hubby was still thinking that this was no big deal and I was probably just getting myself too worked up.  It would happen and we just needed to quit thinking about it.  Which just stressed me out more.


Late last year, he decided he was ready to dig deeper and really TRY.  Obviously, what we were doing wasn't working.  I made an appointment with the OBGYN that did the 1st IUI and he actually agreed to try 3 rounds of clomid/IUI without seeing me first.  None of my labs had changed significantly.


January - clomid with cancelled IUI.  I never got a positive OPK

February - clomid, HSG injection trigger, day 10 ultrasound, IUI = Unsuccessful

March - clomid, HSG injection trigger, day 10 ultrasound, IUI, progesterone = Unsuccessful

April - day three labs done, everything came back normal.  Referred to RE.  Take this month off due to thinning lining.


What did you look for in a RE?


I did look at the website and tried to make sense of all the numbers.  Most clinics don't list their price or success rate on their website.  This just seems wrong.  


Any pointers?


Thanks in advance!


tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 07:14 PM 04-23-2013

My RE just happened to be the only one in town but it also turned out that we couldn't have lived in a in a better town because he is one of the best in Oregon.

Have your husband been tested? I did not see that mentioned in your post. As, My husband and I tried for four years and it turned out to be male factor infertility.


Texasgal's Avatar Texasgal 12:21 PM 05-26-2013
Wow!!! Male factor also myself was a issue the price was increased for Icsi.
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 07:50 AM 06-04-2013
I made appointments at several fertility clinics and ended up going with the one where things were moving forward fastest! There is nothing worse than waiting for appointments and treatments when we've already been trying for so long.

By the way I wanted to comment on what you said about not having enough endometriosis to cause infertility... I have endometriosis myself so I have looked into this quite a bit. Studies have shown that the stage of endometriosis does not necessarily correlate with the level of fertility problems. For example there are people with very severe endometriosis who get pregnant with no problem, and people with mild endometriosis who are not able to get pregnant at all. So this could potentially be the source (or one of the sources) of your fertility problems and you should take it seriously!

If you have any questions at all about endometriosis I'd be happy to help.
Texasgal's Avatar Texasgal 07:56 AM 06-04-2013
I agree, African American women is a primary example.. I have several friends diagnosed and continual to have children. Our maybe its genetics..
dandelionsrflowers's Avatar dandelionsrflowers 07:44 PM 06-10-2013
My hubby checks out just fine, all his numbers are good.

Thanks, Sourie!

Unfortunately, living where we do limits our choices (2 viable options - makes the decision easier, eh?). Fortunately, I think I found someone I just love. The first clinic I called turned me off over the phone. I knew they were changing things up and the last RE left.

Anywho... I had my screening appointment today. It went really well. They drained me of blood wink1.gif and looked in my uterus with a camera (what's that called?). He said my uterus looked beautiful! The blood work will be back in 5 days. Then we will get our protocol for IVF. It's moving quickly. Sourie, like you I am very excited with getting going right away!
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 05:19 AM 06-11-2013
Carrie I'm glad to hear things are moving forward! Feel free to come hang out in the Spring IVF Thread with all the other girls doing IVF!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:46 PM 06-12-2013

Carrie! sounds like you will be pregnant soon!!! How exciting. What meds will you betaking and when? Wait,I will see if you posted that on the Spring IVF thread. Welcome again!!!

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