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I would love to hear some success stories

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My very very best friend tried for like 8 years. Finally at 40 she got pregnant and had a miscarriage, then again the next year and had a miscarriage. Finally at 43 she got pregnant with her son, then two years later with her daughter.


It can be hard but it will work out. She tried fertility treatments and so on but they never worked. Her body just decided it wanted to have babies in her 40's. Good luck!

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I am just about to turn 42 and pregnant.  


I was seriously ill with Lyme Disease and several parasites. After several years of being told the symptoms (which ranged from fatigue so bad, I could barely get out of bed, insomnia, weight gain, severe depression and suicidal tendencies and alzheimer's like symptoms) just meant "I was getting older" by medical doctors and having not much luck from natropaths, I finally found an excellent physician's assistant who does both the Western medicine and works with several top notch alternative practitioners. After another year of treatment, they cured me, but it took another year to get my endocrine system to where it needed to be. Under her care, I changes my diet (all grass fed meat, organic, more veggies, no wheat, cow dairy, no chemicals, etc.), took amino acids, prescription drugs, German homeopathy. 


At the tail end of that year, I inquired about accupuncture give that Chinese medicine does not believe in infertility due to age. She sent me to an excellent one that specialized in the endocrine system (Stress hormones.) Simultaneously, I went to Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine who gave me the name of another accupuncturist who specialized in fertility. After four appointments (four months) with the endocrine accupuncturist, she told me I was doing great and would be pregnant in three months. I went to the fertility clinic the following week and was told my AMD level was so low (<0.1) that I either had almost no eggs or no eggs left and it was impossible for me to get pregnant. Turns out, I was pregnant when she told me that.   CCRM was a horrible experience and, upon examining the research they used to make their assessment, I find a lot of it faulty. (AMD is not a good proxy for lack of eggs among other things.)


For me, I swear the reason I am pregnant is as follows:

* I really focused on my stress hormones due to my illness. I've heard stress is the #1 problem for fertility, but yet, modern medicine doesn't know how to measure it it. If you think you're stressed, get your cortisol and DHEA levels tested.

* Having both an accupucturist who focused on the stress hormones and one who focused on the sex hormones, was critical.

* Taking 75 DHEA, possibly helped, too. That's a high dosage and the research around it (from CCRM) is really poorly done in the sense the none of the women in the study ever had their DHEA level tested. BUt they did show that if women took 75 DHEA, they were more likely to get pregnant.

* Read "The Infertility Cure"


Good luck. 

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I have a success story!  I had unexplained fertility and eventually ended up trying IVF just before I turned 40.  I got pregnant on my first IVF attempt, then miscarried.  Tried it again just after turning 40, got pregnant again and this one stuck and became my daughter.  It took 2 years after DD was born before I got my period back.  We weren't sure we could afford IVF again or that it would be worth trying at my age, but we figured we could at least try the old-fashioned way.  And it worked, right away!  I got pregnant naturally!  I got the positive pregnancy test on my 43rd birthday.  So now I have a 10 year old daughter and a 7 year old son.

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I have a similar story to Daffodil, unexplained infertility TTC for several years, m/c on IVF#1 just before turning 40, but IVF#2 resulted in me pregnant with triplets! (Dr did throw in DHEA before round 2 for 3 mos - I took a break over Christmas) Now, I'm 19+3 along on bed rest due to some cervical shortening issues but 3 healthy babes so far. There are trade offs around every corner!

SMC (40)  TTC w/ donor swimmers since 2009, hypothyroid...  IVF#1 m/c trisomy 16 (10/19/12) 


IVF#2: BFP 2/11/13 This one really stuck. 

Mom to H, L, & G, triplets born 35+1 and growing like weeds! joy.gif

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Yes!!! We were successful conceiving at the age of 41, and 42! It IS possible!!


We tried for 5 years (I was 35 when we started -already diagnosed with early menopause and other causes for infertility) Then we decided to use IVF + Egg donor = immediate pregnancy!


Once we decided to use an egg donor everything fell into place easily and quickly.


First pregnancy, we put in 2 embryos, (from 23 year old egg donor #1) one fizzled out, and we have our first son- yeah!! singleton. I was 41 years old.


Second pregnancy, we put in 2 embryos, (from different egg donor -another story- 26 yr old) and had boy/girl twins!!! I was 42 years old.


We have the family of our dreams and would emphatically recommend donor assisted conception to anyone having problems conceiving as a sure way to pregnancy over the age of 35.


We have a blog and just published a children's book about how to talk with your child about their donor conception.

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I am 41 and 13 & 1/2 weeks with #3. I am so thrilled to see all of your successes! 


In my case, I had very irregular & heavy/painful periods from the get-go. During my first marriage one of "his" beefs with me was that I didn't conceive after 3 years. He had children from previous relationships, so he was keen to point out continually that this was my problem. So at 25 I started testing. I was told initially that it was likely, due to other health issues, that I would have issues either conceiving or carrying. During the one of the internal scans they got a bit of a surprise and found I was pregnant. It was even more of a surprise because I hadn't had a period in 3 months, but was only a few weeks pregnant. Somewhere in there I had miraculously not only ovulated but conceived. So, I had one amazing miracle baby.


Fast forward 10 years, and I am in a much healthier & happier relationship.-(I had had no further pregnancies and was beginning to feel that I had one miracle and should just be grateful and enjoy my blessing, even though I had those "gut feelings" that there was more to be added to our family.)  We had discussed the fact that we both wanted more children but due to my health issues and the financial constraints decided to let nature and providence take their course. A month after getting engaged (I was 36 at the time).....surprise!! We got married when I was 7 months pregnant and went on to have a healthy baby when I was 37.


3 and a half years later, just before my 41st birthday......surprise!! We are expecting in January. orngbiggrin.gif


In my case, each one of these has been a total "miracle". I am not in the best of health, although I try to keep our diet as healthful as I can manage, especially for the kids' sake. I am very overweight (despite my best efforts, one of the effects of my health issues) and not always able to even take walks, except for getting around the house. Thankfully my BP has always been fine and I don't have diabetes, but other than that, I fall very low on the "this woman would be likely to fall pregnant successfully after 35, never mind 40" checklist. lol


Interestingly, I have had times where I was more mobile, my weight was down, I was exercising and had my symptoms more under control where it would have seemed a better time physically to conceive. However, each pregnancy has occurred during a time when I was mostly bed-bound & using a wheelchair. Go figure! I also suffered severe 24 hour MC with both of my previous pregnancies, to the point where I was hospitalised on a drip for dehydration and had to be put on medication in order to keep any food or liquid down. I have to admit I was so sick that I was amazed that the babies survived, never mind grew. This time has been milder, but still no picnic. I am thrilled with the fact that this time I am actually keeping down my pregnancy vitamins, as well as a good amount of food! (Now I am just worried about how big I will get. LOL)


I am amazed and continually grateful for each of my babies. It truly feels like they have a very definite place to fill in this World. 

Hopefully, my situation will at least be of encouragement to anyone who is TTC and feels like they may not be able to do "all the right things" or missing something that you "should" be doing. As someone said to me once when I was worrying about the fact that the only thing I could keep down was 2-minute instant noodles; "so many people do awful things to their bodies, drug abuse, excessive alcohol, nothing but junk food, etc., when they are pregnant and go on the have healthy babies. Just do your best and have a little faith."  

One of the things about my "down" times is that I get chronic fatigue symptoms, and I guess my body shuts down so much that I am sort of relaxed, I can't get too worked up about things as I just don't have the energy. LOL  I've wondered if that very relaxed letting go of everything, when I realise there is so little I can control and have to just release my grip as it were, may be one factor in favour. Maybe the only one. 


Now I just have to deal with the people who are either shocked and dismayed (and this has happened with each and every pregnancy) that I am disabled and having a child, or feel the need to remind me of how old I am and how old I will be when this child is 18 or the greater risks, or the potential for Downs, etc., associated with being "Older and Pregnant". 

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