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Prometrium used vaginally vs progesterone suppositories

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I am currently taking 200 mg of Prometrium inserted vaginally. My doctor wants me to switch to progesterone suppositories and take the Prometrium orally. I don't understand what the difference is between taking the Prometrium vaginally and a suppository. She said if I have too many side effects with the oral Prometrium I can stop and just do the progesterone suppository. How is that any different than the prometrium vaginally? I have almost a full bottle of prometrium. I'd hate to waste it if it's no different than a suppository.
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I really don't know. Can you call your doctor on Monday and just ask them? It would seem the same to me...hum
Anyone else have any idea?
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oral prometrium is better absorbed consistancywise, the suppositories are not as consistent. A lot of factors effect them.


Oral progesterone worked a lot better for me the suppositories irritated my uterus.

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I called and the nurse is going to have the doctor get back to me about it.  I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing until the labs come back with my progesterone levels to see what else to do. 


I had always heard the oral prometrium was not absorbed as well because it has to go through the liver so you actually get less in your system compared to when it's taken vaginally.  I haven't had any issues with irritation so that's good. I do get horrible headaches, which I think would be even worse if I try it orally.  


Hopefully I'll know more tomorrow or Wednesday so I can understand better what they want me to do and why.   

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Oral progesterone itself is not easily absorbed but oral progesterone I peanut oil (prometrium) I'd much more easily absorbed.
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