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Felicidad's Avatar Felicidad 07:51 AM 01-21-2014

:) Hi, Ladies for a long time, probably for 8 years I and my husband couldn't have children. Thank God we found a very good clinic, doctors helped us and now we are happy parents. And due to this I want to share this experience with those who want to be parents but for some reasons can't be. I want to say that there is a WAY OUT! Anyone with me?

mcghee45baby's Avatar mcghee45baby 01:25 PM 01-22-2014
What did you do dh and i tcc year half but due to age we use donor embryo four failed tries so far looking to adopt more real soon
Felicidad's Avatar Felicidad 12:27 AM 01-23-2014

We used donated eggs and my husband's sperm than embro was transfered into my uterus. I have problem with my ovaries but my hubby is ok. Egg donation is forbidden in my country, so we went abroad. I know that with age it became more difficult to conceive. If to talk about adoption I don't know, as for me better variant is surrogate mother for a few points...at first it can be genetically your child, if you have reproductive ovaries clinic can use your egg and hubby's sperm and you will have your child just another women will carry the child but even according DNA test child will be yours. I afraid to adopt cause I don't know the clinical record of the family, I don't know how mother carried the baby maybe she smoked or drank alcohol or had traumas what can

be bad for the baby, some bad things will apper in future development and if it will be 

surrogate mother you can watch how she carries, can watch what she eats, what she does and the main point for me is  - to be present

at the moment of birth, you can see how your child come into the world, you can take him or her on your arms from the

first moments of life, as for me it is great. Before the procedure of using

donated egg, we decided that if it failed we will use services of surrogate mother, so I searched some time ago information about it. 

Compared clinics, prices, in many countries it is forbidden but there is good ones which can help with it.

You still have a chance to have your child just don't hesitate, don't let hesitation to take your time.

Hope to here from you soon. Best wishes for you and your husband! XXXX

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