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Emily771's Avatar Emily771 07:07 AM 02-28-2014

i have shared my story already.

briefly: i've done hysterectomy and don't have children. my option is either to use the service of surrogate mother or adopt a child.

Wanted to start this thread to know your opinion, opinion of people who has tried surrogacy and those who would like to try!

what are pluses and minuses of surrogacy? is it better to try trough clinic or try to find the mother by yourself?

and if try through clinic what to do when this procedure is illegal where you live?

will you go abroad?

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 08:43 AM 02-28-2014
I don't know but wanted to welcome you! I think it would be better to go through an agency or a credible source of classifieds( which are out there) would you be using your own eggs?
I hope you get a lot of responses. I am hoping to have a donor egg and surrogacy forum for us instead of in fertility!!!
Best on your journey and I hope to hear more.
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 09:30 PM 03-03-2014
You should stop by here!
Title is donor eggs but Lara is doing surrogacy so there is a bit of info on there.
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