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adiejan's Avatar adiejan 12:12 PM 06-13-2014
Just found out I need to do an ovidrel trigger too now. So new Egg Retrieval is tomorrow afternoon. Now I'm pretty concerned about ohss. Although my dr hasn't mentioned it.

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 12:13 PM 06-13-2014
@adiejan - That's nerve racking! Hopefully everything looks good then. Keep us posted!
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 12:56 PM 06-13-2014
adiejan - How frustrating! Are you guys going back home or are you staying put? Do you need a place to crash?
esg's Avatar esg 12:57 PM 06-13-2014
Hello everyone. Can I join you?

I'm in the waiting phase. Last month, in addition to my cycles shortening nearly a year ago and Endo pains, I found out that both my tubes are blocked. I'm waiting to save up for IVF hopefully later this year or early next.

Good luck to you all!
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 01:33 PM 06-13-2014
Adie - wow, that is crazy! I've never heard of that. Hope things are much better tomorrow.
chuord's Avatar chuord 03:29 PM 06-13-2014
Adie - I'm with Tracy, wtf? I'm assuming they scanned you first? Here's to it being successful in a bit!!! Keep us posted!
Tracy - this new site design really doesn't help with the disconnected bit... I had a lovely time with my folks (they're still here but at my sisters now), last night here it was Friday the 13th and a full moon - glorious! Apparently both the number 13 and the moon cycles are meant to play to female strength and empowerment - absorb it up ladies, I called at a friends bonfire last night (on my way home from my sisters) it was amazing to be under the moon. I'll probably ask you the scan date again (memory like a sieve!) almost a fortnight - not sure I'm that patient lol!!! How are you feeling?
Xerxella - thanks for the thoughts, I'm going to do exactly that and wing it if it feels right thanks for hanging around!
Tooth fairy - never far from my thoughts, hope you're recovering and planning your next move xxxxx
Tina - silly question but if you're about to start a cycle - why can't you start ttc with this one? The moving forward part is exciting though
Hi everyone!!! Hope you are being gentle with yourselves and happy with where you're at.
alivewithyou's Avatar alivewithyou 07:23 PM 06-13-2014
@adiejan : sorry your retrieval process has been a little bit more complicated than you hoped. FX that you are able to move forward soon.
@kewpie80 : so happy to hear the bleeding stopped.

Well, ladies, after 9 months and one miscarriage..

This was 9 DPO today. I am happy and just trying not to be afraid of losing another. I feel like that is pretty good for 9DPO though.
iixivboots's Avatar iixivboots 08:21 PM 06-13-2014
Wooohoo! @alivewithyou
This sure is a lucky thread lately! I'd say those tests look great! My wofondos have been about that dark this week and I'm at 16+ DPO with rising betas.

@tinytina It feels good to have a plan. Can I suggest doing OPKs twice a day? I have not ever had great luck with getting a "true" positive but have still gotten pregnant, my friends have said that is because I likely miss my surge only doing them with FMU.

@adiejan hope everything went well. That is a long drive!

@esg Welcome!

AFM, my beta today was 637. So it's 103, 281, 637.
They want to do one more on Monday and then schedule an ultrasound. I need to talk to their insurance person and my insurance company. We've had so many medical bills lately, I want to be sure this is going to be counted as "OB" therefore covered and not "infertility." I didn't even have a consult for infertility so hopefully it will be.
monkeyscience's Avatar monkeyscience 08:54 PM 06-13-2014
That is awesome, alivewithyou! Much darker than my 9 DPO super-squinter!

Tiny Tina, glad you have a good plan for going forward.

Boots - Yay for good betas!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:30 PM 06-13-2014
Many congrats!!!!!!!!!!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:32 PM 06-13-2014
I just had the same conversation with my place. They said once pregnancy is achieve everything is coded ob and is covered by insurance. Yep. We have been having a lot of bills too.
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 03:46 AM 06-14-2014
Busy thread!!!!!!
@esg - I'm glad you found this wonderful group of ladies. I hope you join the first time lucky group!!!!! KUP!!!
@alivewithyou - that's awesome!!!!! 9 dpo is so early yet! I guess clomid did the trick for you. Will you do bloodwork?
@adiejan - Still stalking you and worried about you!!! Update us when you can.

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tinytina's Avatar tinytina 09:34 AM 06-14-2014
Hi everyone,

I think me and my hubby are feeling really reassured to have a plan in place. I have been working through my feelings of guilt and am really ready to start. Today is CD1 so I am hopeful that everything will be in place for next cycle. We have to go see a psychologist first and discuss our options for donors etc and what we are going to tell our kids. We have the option in Canada to have an open donor (donor agrees that the child can contact them once they reach the age of 18). We have both agreed we think this is a good option since we believe the child has the right to know where they came from.

Probably going to go buy an ovulation kit today.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with retrieval/trigger yesterday @adiejan

Hi @tracyamber . I know I am starting to get excited. It is starting to feel more real now.

Glad your bleeding stopped @kewpie80

Hi @Xerxella

Hello and welcome @esg

Hi @monkeyscience , thanks hun.

We couldn't see the moon here if we tried between clouds, rain and fog @chuord but I will soak up my energy from you. We need to see the psychiatrist and pick the donor sperm before we can go ahead so most likely due to timing it will be next cycle. Today is CD1. Trust me I would love to try to do it this cycle instead.

Congrats @alivewithyou ! Come on stick little bean please! Try to stay positive dear.

Thanks for the advice @iixivboots - the clinic suggested once a day for the first 3 cycles and than 2 times a day after that. We were given a formula that will help narrow down the possible days to test on. Thrilled with your BETA numbers!
lilacvioletiris's Avatar lilacvioletiris 12:47 PM 06-14-2014
Just subbing in to cheer you ladies on.
@tinytina and @adiejan you should check out this thread for crafty inspiration. I wish I could meet more of the ladies I have gotten to know on mdc in real life. 2014 Project challenge 52 weeks 52 projects

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chuord's Avatar chuord 03:24 PM 06-14-2014
Congrats alivewithyou!!! Fx for great betas.
Boots - congrats on the great numbers!!!
Esp - welcome!!!!
Adie - worried about you here too...
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 04:01 PM 06-14-2014
Hugs...... What's going on?
adiejan's Avatar adiejan 04:39 PM 06-14-2014
Hi All!!!
We have 13 good eggies!
Since I'm at such risk for hyper stimulation...they are going to freeze them and do the transfer when my body is in a better place! I'm just glad they got them! I hate going under anesthesia and twice in two days was not fun! I'm am just so thankful they got them and didn't have to cancel. Thanks for all of your love and support ladies! Truly don't know what if do without you!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 06:26 PM 06-14-2014
I was so worried! Yay, they got the eggs!!!!! When will transfer be? About?
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 05:33 AM 06-15-2014
@adiejan - yeah that they got the eggs!!!! I'm surprised 13 eggs would put you at risk for OHSS. Was your estrogen super high? High estrogen indicates good quality eggs. What stage are they freezing them at? Eggs, 3 days, blasts? Hopefully blasts so you'll know what you really have. So do you have any sort of fertilization report?

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alivewithyou's Avatar alivewithyou 09:11 AM 06-15-2014
Thanks for the congrats @iixivboots , @monkeyscience , @chuord , @Xerxella , @tracyamber , @tinytina . I definitely expected to be on this thread a lot longer so I'm kind of in shock.
@iixivboots : awesome betas!
@tinytina : good luck moving forward with the donor. It sounds like you and your husband are working through all the obstacles very well. Can't wait for them to be over so you can start your cycle.
@adiejan : I am glad they were able to do the retrieval and you didn't have to cancel.

Please move me to BFP for June. I don't want to be afraid of this pregnancy so I'm celebrating now regardless of the outcome.

Here is my current line progression:

The top two (frer and cheapie) are 9 DPO in the afternoon
Next is 10 DPO in the morning (my morning tests suck)
Below that is 10 DPO in the afternoon
The bottom is this morning at 11DPO.

I am planning on taking another FRER this afternoon for a better comparison but so far I am happy with what I am seeing. I will probably go in at 14 DPO for my first beta and progesterone and then see where the doctor wants to go from there.

I think I am definitely still in shock but I feel a lot more pregnant than last time. My boobs are slowly starting to annoy me, I'm getting nausea, frequent urination, and getting worn out very quickly. We played volleyball yesterday and I swear within five minutes it felt like my arms were bruising. Weirdly enough, I'm not as crampy as last time. Last time it was non stop. This time, I get random cramps here and there that are slightly more intense but it's not constant.
adiejan's Avatar adiejan 04:09 PM 06-15-2014
Thanks for all of your worries and sweet thoughts. @Xerxella -it looks like 5 were not as mature as initially told, 8 fert 6 are looking great the others meh. They will freeze early at 2pn. I did have high estrogen at trigger it was over 4,000 then the trigger didn't work and had another full day. I am feeling it now I'm kind of sad that we couldn't transfer a couple but I understand why. @alivewithyou -congrats! Live every moment of it because you are pregnant!
chuord's Avatar chuord 04:19 PM 06-15-2014
Adie - that's really great news, 6 looking really good is a good place to be... I'm assuming that with the extra maturing time and possibly the two anaesthetics that's more the reason for the ohss risk. For me apparently waiting for two extra days on stims did it... Be really good with your fluids and if you get constipated act sooner rather than later. When you feel flat remember you have those frosties waiting for you xxxx well done you for getting through it, I freak out at one anaesthetic. I reckon you are brave as 😊
Alive - that test progression looks really good. Fx for your beta... I found it really interesting to hear the difference in the cramps this time. How's everyone going?
kewpie80's Avatar kewpie80 05:06 PM 06-15-2014
Originally Posted by adiejan View Post
Hi All!!!
We have 13 good eggies!
Since I'm at such risk for hyper stimulation...they are going to freeze them and do the transfer when my body is in a better place! I'm just glad they got them! I hate going under anesthesia and twice in two days was not fun! I'm am just so thankful they got them and didn't have to cancel. Thanks for all of your love and support ladies! Truly don't know what if do without you!
I'm so glad to hear! 13 is awesome!
tenzinsmama's Avatar tenzinsmama 09:44 PM 06-15-2014
Subbing so I can follow to cheer you all on!
chuord's Avatar chuord 10:29 PM 06-15-2014
Hi tenzins!
Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 05:14 AM 06-16-2014
@adiejan - So, they're probably frozen by now. I'm kinda surprised they're freezing them so early. Because... So, next month or whenever you'll do an FET cycle. You'll start all the meds and then they'll have to thaw them and see if they grow to 3 or 5 day for transfer. What if none of them make it? You'll have done the whole FET cycle for nothing. If they had just grown them out to 3 or 5 day this cycle, you'd know what you have. Just thoughts. When WILL you start the FET cycle? Or will you do another fresh cycle first?
@chuord - How are you feeling? Any signs of this cycle moving along?

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tinytina's Avatar tinytina 06:59 AM 06-16-2014
Hi everyone,

Me and hubby went to the circus yesterday- it was a ton of fun.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Thanks for the thread suggestions @lilacvioletiris

Hi @chuord , @tracyamber , @kewpie80 , and @Xerxella

Hi @adiejan - glad they were able to get your eggs dear. I cannot imagine your disappointment and pain but let's look towards the end goal- healthy mom and healthy baby.

Thanks @alivewithyou . I am totally ready to get this show on the road. I am so ready. I am so happy for you and your positive attitude.

Hi and welcome @tenzinsmama
tinytina's Avatar tinytina 07:01 AM 06-16-2014
Updated to Here! Please put any changes in BOLD! Thanks!
tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:05 AM 06-16-2014
Hi all, I'm thinking about you. Just having a hard time with the conversion and having to bounce from mobile to desktop*sigh*
Hugs to you all!
adiejan's Avatar adiejan 12:18 PM 06-16-2014
@Xerxella - I really don't know why they were frozen so early. I am going to ask the embryologist when he calls. What you're saying makes sense. Unfortunately for us we are paying every penny out of pocket so we can't afford another fresh cycle for awhile. Hopefully we will start the FET next month. How are you feeling mama?
@chuord - how are things going? Did you figure out what's going on with AF.
@tinytina -how was the circus. Have to admit circuses kind of freak me out. Might be the clown thing! I don't even know where you would put me on the update list haha! Maybe waiting for FET?

Ok so don't get me wrong here...I am so so happy for all of you with your BFP's! I just have to say, damn it really sucks to feel like you are left out of the only club you've wanted to be a part of forever! I know you ladies will understand more than anyone. I'm just really ready to be in the cool kids club
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