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Looking IVF doctors near Los Angeles

I am looking for a doctor who would be familiar working with women who are older and know the different methods of embryo implantation.

Sorry but I dont know all the correct terminology. As I am only beginning my research I have read about women who did Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and got pregnant. I also read about using the woman's own egg but also combined DNA from another embryo from another woman. So basically the three parent concept some of you may know about.

I have recently turned 45 and I have recently had a failed IVF. The only two eggs they found did not grow. I did however respond well to stimulation.

Does anyone know of doctors who they think are well qualified? Are there different methods of IVF treatments another doctor would be more skilled at?
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I don't know but just stopping by. It's not an easy path. I ended up using donor eggs. Best to you!
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@jk000 - You're in a difficult situation. The reality is that, at 45, there aren't many options left. The 3 party IVF is only for specific problems (those combating genetic mitochondrial defects). Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) would not be helped by this (my understanding).

Pre-implantation genetic screening only helps if you have embryos make it the day 5 stage (blastocyst). And then, it only helps prevent miscarriage, it doesn't get you any closer to a baby. For instance, let's say your 2 eggs made it to blastocyst. They biopsy and do PGD on them. Either they're genetically competent or not. Let's say neither is. If they had put them back fresh, you would generally either not get pregnant or you'd miscarry early on. Either way, you're no closer to baby. PGS (PGD) is most effective when you have alot of embryos and want to pick the best. Unfortunately, that's not your case.

You say you responded well to medication, but they only got 2 eggs. That doesn't make sense. What meds were you on and what dose? What's your fsh and amh?

Unfortunately, in the end, it DOES kind of come down to how much money you want to throw at this, with no guarantees. The "easiest", most successful and "cheapest" route is donor eggs. But, this will still run you around $40,000.

If you want to use your own eggs and have the checkbook to handle it, you could do serial IVFs like Alexis Stewart did. She did round after round of IVF and then had gestational surrogates lined up and every embryo the doc got, he put into lined up surrogates, month after month. Most just failed to become pregnant or had early miscarriages. Alexis Stewart stated there were 4 miscarriages before her daughter was born. It also took her 5 years between the ages of 40-45 and she stated at one point she was spending about $33,000 a month. Here's her story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz...ggle-baby.html

Additionally, most IVF clinics won't even take someone at 45 for IVF with their own eggs. Most top out at 42. Here's a great website that lists the Best Clinics near LA for 41-42 year olds: http://losangelesfertilitydocs.com/r...1-42/data.html

1) The best listed there for 41-42 year olds is UCLA, but when you go to the official SART website https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCS...linicPKID=1946 you can see in the over 42 group they did 12 attempts and had an exact 0% success rate.

2) Fertility & Surgical Associates of CA: Over 42 years old had 23 attempts putting back an average of 3.3 embryos and had exactly one baby. So, that's 76 embryos placed back for one baby. https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCS...linicPKID=2184

3) Southern California Reproductive Center: Over 42 years old has "better" stats with 45 attempts of which 15% result in live births. https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCS...linicPKID=2403

4) Center for Reproductive Helath & Gynecology: Over 42 year olds: 15 tries with 3 of them resulting in live birth, so 20% success rate? https://www.sartcorsonline.com/rptCS...linicPKID=2098

So, maybe contact one of the last 2, if, you have the money and fortitude to go through all that with no guarantees.

I know I sound like "Debbie Downer", but it's sad to see people completely overestimate their fertility only to be incredibly disappointed to find out average fertility starts to decline at 37 and women are essentially sterile at 42. Yes, did your neighbor's cousin down the street have a surprise baby at 45? Did your grandma have her last baby at 44? Sure. It happens. And, every day someone wins the lottery, but unfortunately, it's not me or you.

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