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menstrual clots--fibroids and thyroid issues

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I thought I was gone from here for good, but I saw the Oprah show this week where the gynecologist says that if you have menstrual clots it could be a sign of fibroids or thyroid issue.

My question is...would they have seen the fibroids on my ultrasounds they did when I was going through IUI? And is the "normal" bloodwork they do at an RE always accurate enough to pinpoint thyroid issues? I have been surprised that I have NOT been diagnosed with thyroid issues, as my mother, all my aunts, and my grandmother were diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

I have only had clots for about as long as we have tried, and failed, to get pregnant--it was a sudden onset. My bleeding is MUCH heavier in the first two days now than anything I have ever experienced. I don't think anyone ever asked me about bleeding during all the testing with the RE.

Thanks for any insight....
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I haven't heard anything about that, but I think it's really interesting. I have been experiencing extremely large clots, and I've also suspected a thyroid issue but all the "tests" say there's no problem. I wonder if there's any articles about this which would make it easier for me to broach the subject with my RE.

Sorry I don't have any insight for you!

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Well the followup is that my RE is going to do a sonogram next month to check for fibroids, and will run a complete panel for thyroid as well. I will post more if I find out more...
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You know, Lisa, reading your last post I just remembered that it took a full thyroid panel - some special test or other that they can do for a "definitive" diagnosis, before my RE was sure I was hypothyroid, because the regular bloodwork was on the "low end of normal." So, maybe the full panel will be helpful for you too.

Another little known symptom of hypothyroidism is dry skin that just won't "moisten up" no matter how much lotion you use. I could put lotion on my hands ever hour and still have dry hands before the meds kicked in.

Good luck to you - I hope you get answers soon!
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I've had both, so here's my $.02. Fibroids should be visible via ultrasound. Sometimes it's difficult to see ones that are inside the uterus without an HSG. Also, intrauterine polyps can contribute to heavy bleeding and I don't think those are usually caught without an HSG.

As for thyroid issues - the best site I've found is here . Unfortunately hypothyroidism is way underdiagnosed and can negatively impact fertility without treatment. A typical thyroid test includes TSH, both types of antibodies (to rule out Grave's and Hashimoto's), and T4. The problem is that the range for a "normal" TSH level is somewhere from .4 to 5 and (in the case of hypothyroidism) if you're a 4.5 most docs still consider you normal. However, studies show that TSH levels for optimal fertility are between 1-2. If you're having hypothyroid symptoms and infertility, I'd encourage you to find a doc who's willing to get you toward the low end of normal. Another challenge with the test presents is that T4 needs to be converted to T3 (the form the cells can utilize). Just because T4 levels are normal doesn't mean your body's converting properly. This is why some people who take synthroid (to treat hypothyroidism), which is only a T4 supplement, still have hypothyroid symptoms even though their T4 and TSH levels are "normal". Ideally lab work will also look at T3 levels. All you ever wanted to know about your thyroid The website link is really a wealth of information and I highly recommend it.

As for the clots, I hadn't heard about it being linked with thyroid - doesn't mean it isn't though. It makes sense to me with fibroids (although I can't say I really had that much clotting surprisingly) because fibroids can make the uterus work a little more sluggishly although there may be other reasons why it can contribute to clotting.

I had uterine massage done a few months ago (abdominal massage that focuses on optimizing the circulation to the uterus and position of the uterus) and the therapist mentioned that sometimes if the uterus is really congested it can lead to clotting, and dark colored blood. Different things can contribute to uterine congestion - constipation (if your guts are moving slow it impacts movement of everything in the abdomen/pelvis), abdominal/pelvic scars, endometriosis, the bones of the pelvis being compressed/jammed, shallow breathing (diaphragm movement contributes to healthy movement in the abdominal/pelvic organs) etc.

Good luck!

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just wanted to add this to the last poster's info. Her's was really good.
Anyway, the medical/endocrinologist people have made new guidelines for what is normal.
It used to be .3-5, but now it is .3 to 3.3.
Make sure that when you are tested you are told your number. I was tested about 6 years ago - and never got the number, just told I was "normal".
about 2 years ago I got my old records mailed to me when I switched doctors -and I WAS hypothyroid back then - my levels were 6.8!
So when I got my new doctor they re-tested and my levels were 3.8. I was medicated and got it down to about 3.
I'm going back in today to get it lowered below 2. I hope the doc listens!
If not, I'm finding a new doc again...

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Thanks everyone. I just scheduled my sonogram and my bloodwork. I actually heard about the link between clots and fibroid/thyroid while watching Oprah--she had an OBGYN who made the point about this. Not where I usually get my medical info, but I thought it would be worth checking out.
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