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elf 11-26-2006 10:58 PM

just trying to figure out how much of a wimp i am.

i had an HSG last week. i asked around and people told me to take "just" some ibuprofen for it b/c it was no big deal. well, i had a funny feeling about it so i took motrin 800 mg and 1 darvocet-=-and thank god i did. my right tube was no big deal but my left tube was the most painful thing i have ever experienced. i almost threw up and was extremely dizzy. it got to a point where i was begging the Dr. to stop. the Dr, who is also my friend continued with it b/c she knew that if she stopped she would just have to do it again (i am thankful she finished it). she thinks maybe my left tube was blocked and the dye "busted it open".
is that the case or am i just a wimp????? other people told me it was just "crampy". i still can't get over how terrible it was.
please tell me the truth--E

kristenok18 11-26-2006 11:04 PM

I've always heard that it is way more painful if you have any kind of blockage in the tubes. Something about the dye backing up in them makes the pain much more severe. I had one done in August, and didn't have any blockage. The procedure itself wasn't too bad, but after I stood up to go get dressed I was hit with some horrific cramps that hobbled me for about an hour. And I took 3 ibuprofin beforehand. I'm sorry you had to go through that!

trini 11-26-2006 11:09 PM

I did not have much discomfort. I did take ibuprofen beforehand. When the dye was going through it felt like really bad cramps. I tensed up but just dealt with it with breathing.

I agree that if you had a blockage it could make it much more painful. I don't think I had any sort of blockage at all. (We discovered another issue, but I won't get into it here!)

adinal 11-26-2006 11:23 PM

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Mine hurt like a giant SOB (scuse the language). I was shocked at how much it hurt truthfully. My doc said he didn't see any blockage, so I dunno about that. When I had my hysterosonogram for my IVF, that also hurt like crazy. I think my uterus perhaps doesn't much like liquid going the wrong way into it.

I am not a total wimp either, had my baby at home, posterior with a nuchal hand, and i have tattoos. So I don't think that it is just low pain tolerance. So I don't think you are a wimp, somethings bother different people I can't deal with headaches, my friend can't deal with back pain, my husband gets all squicked out by slices/cuts....

leerypolyp 11-26-2006 11:25 PM

The first one I had was excruciating -- seriously, worse than unmedicated back labor. I was whimpering and begging the doctor to stop. (Didn't help that she'd used "too big of a balloon"...) The ibuprofen I'd taken was a laugh. No blockages or anything, perfectly clear, but YOW. It was nightmarish.

Second one, with a different practice, I insisted on some serious painkillers beforehand -- but the procedure was fast and utterly painless (and not in a percocet way -- you know how you can kind of tell the pain's there, but it's just not bothering you? There was just NO pain whatsoever). And I'm sure they still tell stories about the lady who fell out of the changing room when taking off her shoes.

I think they used slightly different techniques each time, which might have made a difference. I've heard both kinds of stories from women. Maybe it's the technique, or the practitioner, or the luck of the draw -- either way, really sorry that you had so much pain.

bobandjess99 11-27-2006 01:28 AM

ive heard both.....some say barely felt it, light cramping, etc and some say it was HORRIBLE....with and without blokcages.....i have no idea why.
Maybe sort of like why some women have painless labors, some medium and some horrible?

ChiaraRose 11-27-2006 01:33 AM

I had no blockage and it hurt soooo bad, unbelievably bad. It still makes me shutter over two years later. And I don't consider myself a wimp...

elf 11-27-2006 02:34 AM

isn't it funny how hearing other people's painful stories, kind of makes it better? since my doctor and friends said "it really is no big deal", i was starting to think i was either crazy or the biggest wimp ever. in fact i was starting to think maybe i shouldn't even admit to other people how bad it was. i guess that would only perpetuate the guilt/embarrassment cycle for the next woman.
i am glad to hear that it isn't always painful and i thank those that came forward with their stories.
now that my tubes are open--hopefully baby time!!! E

kimberlychapman 11-27-2006 07:20 AM

I didn't take any pain meds (didn't know I was allowed/supposed to!), and I didn't have much discomfort for the actual test itself, during or after.

But the guy who did it was a complete idiot. Let me emphasize GUY because that's important. When he put in the speculum, it scraped me all along the vaginal wall, and that was UNBELIEVABLY painful! I kept jumping around in agony, and he'd admonish me to hold still.

I told him it was scraping and that that shouldn't happen, but he ignored me. [insert swear words describing him here] kept just telling me to "relax".

I snapped at him that I couldn't relax because he was hurting me. Then he had the gall to say, "It's okay, I understand what it's like."


The nurse standing beside me, who was kindly holding my hand, had to hold back laughter at that.

And you know, somehow, her laughing at me telling the [insert more swear words for him here] off made it bearable. Would've been even better if she'd told him off too, but I know what medical hierarchies are like...her understated support was at least something.

quantumleap 11-28-2006 12:47 PM

I only had a sonohystogram, and I thought I was either going to pass out or vomit. No blockages or anything, just a lot of pain, and I'm not a wimp either. Makes me shudder to think about it. Euh! I also don't think the woman who did the procedure was very gentle. Her speculum insertion was horrible - fast and hard, and I think she injected the fluid the same way. It feels like a slower injection of the liquid would be less painful, but I actually don't know.
Ok, no more thinking about this.

Starr 12-01-2006 01:40 PM

I was told it was mildly uncomfortable and I could return to work that day. Heck no, it hurt so bad. I took Advil before hand and I doubt it even put a dent in the pain. At one point it hurt so bad and DH was holding my hand and rubbing my forehead that I bit him, It was the only way to compare the amount of pain. Even the next day I was very sore and had cramping. SO hopefully we're not wimps because I can only imagine what labor would be like compared.

elf 12-01-2006 07:30 PM

Starr--you mentioned your DH was with you. i think if mine were with me and witnessed how much it hurt, he probably would refuse to be with my while i was in labor.

is this one of those weird female medical conspiracies where they don't treat women appropriately. even if only 25% of women feel this type of pain during the procedure, you would think that they would tell you that and offer you pain medication. i am a nurse and i had to work the night of my procedure and it was awful. why don't they warn women???????

foxey13 12-01-2006 08:11 PM

Mine was sore, but not death defying. I had a GREAT radiologist who did it - she's apparently a national specialist on HSG's and you can tell. Every time it started to get bad she'd just have me shift the way I was lying down. I didn't know she'd be able to do that, but she did. Also, she thought my right tube cramped down on itself for a moment, which was NOT pleasant. I was pretty wiped out after, simply b/c I had a lot of endorphins getting that tube to relax back open.

I wouldn't sign up to do it again, but it was okay. Oh and I took 800 mg of ibuprofin before hand, which I think helped some.

I am so sorry for those who do not have a good radiologist doing the procedure, it's intense and invasive enough without having a raving fool trying to administer the dye!

Taelia 12-15-2006 08:21 PM

My left tube was open, but my right was blocked until the HSG was done. It definately hurt more on the right side, but when the doc was done the pain ended.

Starr 12-18-2006 01:01 PM

elf- My Dh is an EMT so he is used to seeing people in pain and didn't want to miss anything exciting. I think he was so busy trying to see what they were doing that he hardly noticed.

chochkies 12-29-2006 03:22 AM

Mine hurt horrendously- and I'm anything but a wimp- ( 60 hours of induced labor without pain medication for my first child!) But I felt horribly dizzy and nauseous, then I had bad monstrous pain for about 2 hours afterward. Maybe it was a blocked tube?? Anyway, you're far from alone, and not a wimp.

ericaz 01-02-2007 11:46 AM

You guys have me completely freaking out over here. I know I'm jumping the gun since I just had my IUI a few days ago but if it didn't work this month the RE suggested I have an HSG just to rule out my tubes being blocked. So, of course since he mentioned the HSG that has become my latest obsession.

The reason I'm particularly frightened is that I have scar tissue on my cervix. The IUI hurt like a bitch and left me cramping the entire day. This is normally a relatively painless procedure. Now, I know that to do the HSG they have to go up through the cervix. Do they use a syringe type thing?

I knew I shouldn't have read this thread. Oy.

jessx 01-02-2007 11:29 PM

erica ~ I just had my hsg done today, as a matter of fact 14 hrs ago. I was also scared crapless because of way to many horror stories... I took 800 mg of Motrin & expected the worst. I took the day off & made my dh stay home with me. I was in at 7:30 a.m. done by 7:45 a.m. & had no discomfort, cramping & have yet to bleed. I had slight blockage in one tube but felt nothing as the dye worked it's way through. Of course I have leaked some of the cleansing agent she cleaned me with & some of the dye but other then that all has been fine. I even went shopping afterwards. As everyone else has said, everyone is SO different. Good luck to you, hoping you have a well trained person doing your procedure!

mamabearsoblessed 01-03-2007 04:11 PM

Mine hurt like hell, my right tube is completely blocked and it hurt even on the left with fine spillage. I am not a wimp and it was horrid. My hysterosonogram was dreadful too, and when they said maybe wear a pad for spotting I figured I may spot, I bled for 2 days off and on with the hsgram. I have given birth naturally, pain med free, had a 21 hour labor and a 12 hour labor with pitocin induction. I am not wimpy by any means but when a pp said that she felt dizzy and nausea with the pain... yep, me too.

But, just like most of us here.... If I'm given another chance, another Babe, I'll do it all a million times over.

magster 01-03-2007 06:26 PM

I also had a horrendous HSG done to determine that I did indeed have bilateral blocked tubes. Never again!

Nathan1097 01-05-2007 11:21 PM

My HSG was over 10 years ago now but it really hurt and I bled after and was dizzy. One tube was open and one was completely blocked; I've heard it hurts more if you have scar tissue.

gigwu 01-06-2007 03:19 AM

I had an HSG on tuesday and was very scared to go through the process. But really, it was more my fear than the pain itself. I felt it was more like a pap smear. I did not even feel the dye at all. My tubes were fine, no blockage, now just tt make a baby!! Anyone had any luck in getting pregnant after the HSG?: :

A&P'dmom 09-28-2008 05:08 PM

Just had an HSG done Friday. (Had the Essure procedure done 3 months ago and had the HSG to confirm blockage, so I no longer need to take birth controll! No issues aftewards Friday or Saturday. However, this morning I saw some spotting marks and then started bleeding when I went to the bathroom. I have been bleeding ever since:. It almost looks like a dark dried color like its stained from the dye or something. I'm getting a bit concerned. I'll see how the day progresses to see if it stops. I've read that others have a had a white discharge like substance but have not really experienced that yet (everything is red so I wouldn't notice anyway). I have back cramps and a little nausea. My Dr. never said anything about this.
I stopped taking the pill 3 days ago and wonder if that is making me have my period a week earlier? I don't know what's going on...I' feel wiped out as well. Basically feel like I'm having some reeved up PMS cramping.

I'm low risk for infection etc... but don't like the looks of these sysmptoms..makes me think I have an infection festering...will call the doc in the AM. Has anyone else experienced this?

Bena 10-01-2008 07:19 PM

I'm getting one done next week, and after reading your posts, I'm now scared!!! The little leaflet they gave you really makes it seem like it's no big deal!! (well, I did shudder at the catheder part, but my DP convinced me it was really really that I think about it, how does HE know?!!?)

Anyone had a good experience??

We are leaving for a 3 day mountain bike trip the night of the procedure (I'm having it done at 1 pm). Now I'm thinking my timing isn't so great!!!

adinal 10-01-2008 07:37 PM

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You should be fine. Just keep an eye on it.

I think that some of us were surprised that it hurt, after the literature makes it sound like no big deal. You may be fine - seems that some people are okay, and some people have it hurt.

Good luck. While it hurt like heck when it happened, it stopped hurting fairly quickly and I was okay.

willthiswork 10-02-2008 12:48 PM

I had no blockages and it hurt like hell! I actually swore when she inflated the baloon. We can be wimps together!!

Bena 10-10-2008 03:50 PM

Well I had the HSG this afternoon and it does hurt (more like very bad cramping, really) but it was tolerable. I think the dr performing makes a difference. My dr. told me that this shouldn't hurt, so to say something if it did and he'd stop. When he inflated the little balloon (or whatever it is!) I squirmed a bit (it was very uncomfortable, but I felt like I had to just suck it up!) , and he said to his assistant "Ok, she's not fine, I'll deflate it a little" and I felt the difference!
I'm sure this is an oversimplification of things, but an attentive dr does make a world of difference!!!

LibraryMo 10-11-2008 04:21 PM

Holy smokes! I have one scheduled for 2+ weeks from now and my mother told me to take at least 4 Advil because of stories she has heard...I sure hope it isn't so painful that I do something to embarrass myself.

emily33 10-10-2013 10:41 AM

I just saw this post as I was searching for answers in an attempt to come to terms with the pain I experienced during my hsg test and I feel inspired to reply. Let me start by saying although I have never given birth, I am no stranger to pain. Almost my entire spine is fused with hardware due to scoliosis and I have had multiple surgeries to deal with sinus infections from an immune system disorder. Having said that, the hsg was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. My tech was wonderful and the Dr. told me what he was doing during each step. The balloon felt like a sharp cramp, but as the dye filled my uterus I was overcome with pain I can't describe. I remember hearing myself moaning/screaming loudly and sobbing. I had my husband holding my hand but I couldn't feel him anymore, so I screamed for my tech, Abby, and she grabbed my other hand and held me. It was an out of body experience. The thing that bothers me the most is my tubes are not blocked! The dr. said they look excellent. Even more disturbing, I took 50mg of the narcotic nucynta beforehand just in case. I have no idea what would have happened without those meds...I wish I knew why it was so painful for me. I did feel so embarrassed afterwards for screaming in pain. I have heard of very few women experiencing pain like that from within the uterus, with no tube blockage. Several days later I am still recovering. I nearly fainted at work yesterday due to the residual pain. It was a very traumatic experience for me and I am grateful to hear other women's stories similar to mine. Does anyone else have an immune system disorder and unable to get pregnant?

jessiegirl33 11-14-2013 09:04 AM

I just had mine yesterday with exactly the same results. By far the most painful experience of my life. I screamed and begged for them to stop and eventually fainted from the pain. It was completely traumatizing for me and is now making me second guess having a baby.

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