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ann109's Avatar ann109 12:01 PM 12-20-2007
Did I actually say I wouldn't test until 12/28? Who was I trying to convince?

I am headed in to town for the first time since last Friday. I have a 1 1/2 hour massage, lunch then a haircut, then off to by an ipod with my hubby~our gift to each other.

I hate waiting. Although, I've said it before, I am so proud of us for going through with this. DH and I have become this fearsome and fearless duo.
I cannot believe everything we have gone through, yet know we are so blessed and so lucky, knowing so many live with indescribeable pain and grief each day.

This has been a freakishly enlightening holiday season. I'm hoping to add happiest to the descriptor soon~

Have a great day!!!! Hope we start getting some symptoms, soon!!!

gemasita's Avatar gemasita 12:12 PM 12-20-2007
ann - ha ha about the not POAS. I am just so afraid of a let-down and that is what will keep me from it, I think.

I am so proud of us for going through with this. DH and I have become this fearsome and fearless duo.
I feel the SAME way! I can't believe what we have done. I am still in disbelief that we have been able to make it through all these shots and going through this has definitely brought us closer.

I cannot believe everything we have gone through, yet know we are so blessed and so lucky, knowing so many live with indescribeable pain and grief each day.
I have thought a lot about that too lately. I think about all of the people who have a sick family member or are sick themselves or who have lost somebody or don't have a roof over there head or food to eat and I sit here in my warm cozy house with my wonderful DH and I know that no matter what happens, I am a very lucky woman.

Symptoms: My boobs are getting slightly more sore. That's about it!
ann109's Avatar ann109 08:33 PM 12-20-2007
You've got sore boobs! I am so happy for you! Anything else? Let me live vicariously through you!!!

Spent the day as stated above, plus some impromptu shopping and came home to find the road commission had plowed not the street, but our lawn. About 5 feet on both sides of our driveway. I swore like a sailor out loud, middle of main street, BFE. Neighbors musta thought 1) Where the heck has she been and 2) What the heck's her deal? It's not bad enough we have nearly two feet of snow before Christmas, but now, I can see the green grass, too....

Well, I happen to be in a good spot right this moment, not matter the outcome.
Life's good and I'll keep thinking happy thoughts......

Hope everyone had a nice day~

And Jamie, yes, all those who have even attempted IVF,,,rockstars.
ann109's Avatar ann109 10:42 AM 12-21-2007
Two cue balls in my upper hips. I guess that's a progesterone knot. I had no clue what everyone was talking about, I guess now I do.

How is everyone?

How's the new mama?

I wish I could take this moment to babble on about my pg symptoms, analyze them, ask for opinions. But still...nada. I was talking with DH last night~he became upset and're pregnant until proven otherwise, don't bring me down with talk of your lack of symptoms. That was the first time he snapped. I felt so bad for him, as I watched the past year+ flash before my eyes. : It's over as fast as it started but it still made an impression on me...I just keep forgetting it's not about me, it's about us.

Off to another day!
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 12:50 PM 12-21-2007
awww, ann, I'm sorry DH snapped.

I don't have any knots in my hips yet, thank goodness. Are you doing PIO or PIethyle oleate? We are doing the PIEO and it has been a piece of cake so far. The nurses said that after weeks of it, I might start to get sore but it shouldn't give me any problems until later on.

My boobies aren't really that sore....less sore than they usually are before my period.

I did my last bit of Chrismtas shopping yesterday and put all my Christmas cards in the mail and then I was wrapping gifts last night and realized that I forgot to buy my brother's gift! I was hoping for a day without any errands but I will have to go back out for that. I'm also supposed to go back to accupuncture today but haven't even made the appt yet. I'll have to call and see if they have any openings.

And...I think I am getting sick. My throat was getting sore last night. I hope I don't have a full-blown cold. If I do, then I will just think that my body is focusing on growing a baby and doesn't have time to fight off colds.
ann109's Avatar ann109 03:22 PM 12-21-2007
Getting a cold~THAT'S GOOD NEWS!!!!! I have heard that as a symptom from many mamas over the year+.....although I'm sure it doesn't feel that hot

I had a medium Jamocha shake. Now I am freaking out about the caffeine in it. And apparently, my body didn't not like it b/c, well, lets say it was a long trip to the bathroom and I'm not throwing up.

So now, my afternoon will be spent asking about the caffeine in Jamocha shakes. Oh dear.

Congrats on the Christmas card thing~you're a trooper! Good luck shopping for your brother!

Keep me posted on that wonderful cold!!!
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 07:20 PM 12-21-2007
Really, so a cold is a good thing? I do know many preggo mamas who spend nine months sick with one cold after another. So is it an early pregnancy symptom?!?! I keep telling myself that my body is working on baby building so no time for a cold. My acupuncturist said that my pulse was slippery and that usually means you are not fighting anything so many my body isn't even fighting this cold because I am pregnant. He's getting on my nerves BTW though. He says things that just stress me out MORE.

I guess I need to listen to my "I am letting go" thingy 200 more times. I feel like I have listened to it on a continuous loop for a week! I wish I could regain the zen-ness of the first half of my cycle.

Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the was a one-time thing and even if you had a little caffeine each day, it would be fine. So you've probably saved up enough that one shake won't bother you. And if the caffeine did a number on you, well, it's good to keep things "flowing" anyway!
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 07:22 PM 12-22-2007
My boobies don't feel sore at ALL today.

What the heck does that mean? Whatever little soreness I had went away.
marlee's Avatar marlee 08:53 PM 12-22-2007
Hi Jaimie and Nicole,

Just saying hi and thinking of you both during this emotionally unstable time. Well it was for me anyways. I hope your holidays are good to you and you are surrounded by love and support.

My beta increased as it should have and we await our u/s on Jan.2
No sore breasts here. My biggest symptom is insomnia, go figure.

Any poas going to be happening??
ann109's Avatar ann109 10:15 PM 12-22-2007
Hi Jamie: Symptoms, shmpytoms. What I've read~everything means nothing but the blood tests and subsequent u/s. I have driven myself and dh (who spent all day in a car w/me today on our way to my parents) NUTS! I have serious cramps and a serious temp drop. DH's stance: we paid $10K for two weeks of believing we are parents, so therefore we are PUPOregnant until proven otherwise. I know what is coming, I just want to pretend a little longer, it is nice to have have hope, even if it is just that. So obviously, I am not that great with taking my own advice.
Beta is 12/26, which is perfect b/c we are busy until then.
Please don't drive yourself nuts~enjoy this time, your baby is in there. DH and I decided the embies did not hitch a ride to Florida, they are in there. Your embie is in there, too. We ARE mamas.

Hi marlee~glad beta is progressing nicely! Thanks for cking in on us Yes, crazy making time is upon us....
I love how different symptoms can be. Isn't that crazy~catch a cold, you cough, sneeze etc~everyone does. Get pregnant, totally different story. Go figure........

Well, if I don't get back on~have a beautiful holiday~~

gemasita's Avatar gemasita 10:43 PM 12-22-2007
marlee - good news on the beta and I'm sure you are excited about your u/s!!! Just insomnia, huh? Well, I guess pregnancy symtoms can be so different for everyone. Speaking of insomnia, I have been so tired lately but haven't been able to nap! I sleep fine at night but try to take naps during the day and even though I feel like I can barely keep my eyes open, when I close them, nothing happens!

I am going to try not to POAS but I also might call the clinic and see if they will do my beta on Friday instead of Monday (13dp5dt instead of 16dp5dt).

ann - that is pretty neat to hear you say that we are mamas! We know that we had our lovely embryos inside of us, no matter what happens.

me - well, I looked in the mirror and saw white spots on my tonsils and freaked out. I thought that meant strep but DH looked it up online and said that the symptoms of strep are fever of 100 or above (my temp is normal) and a REALLY red throat with white spots (mine isn't that red) so I guess I don't have strep. I have never had it in my life but those white spots freaked me out so bad that I almost called the clinic! I don't know if anyone knows anything about strep?
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 01:14 PM 12-23-2007
Well, my boobs were pretty sore last night but not this morning so maybe they just get more sore as the day goes on.
ann109's Avatar ann109 01:50 PM 12-23-2007
I am going to opt for a medically induced coma if I have another TWW. You're not alone, Jamie!

I have no clue what the spots are

"I am letting go..."
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 03:18 PM 12-23-2007
I am going to opt for a medically induced coma if I have another TWW.
I wish. I am right there with ya.
ann109's Avatar ann109 04:45 PM 12-24-2007
Just dropping in to wish everyone a blessed holiday~

No news, cramping still~no clue on the temp as the thermometer is still hidden. I did throw up this morning, but believe it is due to taking a probiotic supplement that was supposed to refrigerated, but wasn't.

Peace on Earth.....
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 05:45 PM 12-24-2007
Originally Posted by ann109 View Post
I am going to opt for a medically induced coma if I have another TWW.
there could be some money in marketing this...

Now I'm officially lurking and cheerleading over here. Hoping you had a fortuitous throw-up this morning Ann . Continuing to send you :
Hang in there!
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 09:37 PM 12-24-2007
Wow, a throw-up! I'd be pretty happy about that!

No changes here...boobies aren't really sore. Arg.
ann109's Avatar ann109 10:31 PM 12-25-2007
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas...

I am going in for my beta tomorrow....if you wanna throw some dust and/or sticky at me, I'd be very grateful!!!

gemasita's Avatar gemasita 12:16 AM 12-26-2007
Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's beta time already!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

If I am not at a birth first thing in the morning, I am going to call and ask if my beta is scheduled on the right day (NEXT Monday which would be 16dp my TRANSFER). I think tomorrow is not too early but at least they should have me come in some time THIS week! But I might get called for an induction so I don't know if I will have time to call before I leave.
crazyrunningmama's Avatar crazyrunningmama 03:30 AM 12-26-2007
HI! I just wanted to let y'all know that I am still lurking and I am sending you max : It's hard, you're brave and I hope you all are successful. Thank you again for letting me share in this, it has been good for me and has helped me to process some of my own IVF experience. Necessary because we are planning another one and I am nervous. I have noticed how much you all are on top of the meds/testing etc. I was so freaked out I just did what the nurses said and probably didn't ask enough questions or have enough knowledge about what was happening. I commend you for taking ownership of the process and your health.
ann109's Avatar ann109 08:11 AM 12-26-2007
Oh Jamie~I hope you can test sooner than later!! It has been the worst wait ever. DH and I are so ready to know, either way. Tom Petty is so right, the waiting is the hardest part.

I'm glad you'll be busy with work~

Thanks crazyrunningmama for the feed back and good luck with your next ivf cycle!!!

I'm a little preoccupied right now~I'll be back after the results

s to all

Thanks to everyone who has been there for us on this journey~my online support has been a big part of this journey and made things so much easier. Thank you...
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 12:50 PM 12-26-2007
Hi ann - well, I called the clinic this morning and they said that I should come in today. It's going to be a race with time to see if they call me back with an appt time that I can make client is being induced as we speak so they will probably call me in a couple of hours and have me head over to them.

I am double-ly nervous because I didn't know I'd be having my beta TODAY and I'm also nervous because of the birth I'll be heading off to soon (I am always a little anxious before I leave for a birth). I don't even know how I'll handle the results at a birth but I think I'll be ok and it won't "hit me" until I've had some time to process it.

The weird thing is that if they can't get me in today, I'll have to go in tomorrow KNOWING that I could have known today, which is weird.

ann - when do you get the results? This afternoon?

crazyrunningmama - thank you so much for your support! I have learned a lot myself. There are a lot more questions I would ask NEXT time (but hopefully there won't be a next time). I guess you just learn as you go.
ann109's Avatar ann109 01:05 PM 12-26-2007
SHUT UP!!!!!!! Can you believe we both have the tests today? \

Thank you so much for going through this with me. I wish you and your DH the best as you pursue parenthood. It has been wonderful to share this time with you and you have enriched my life.

I should know before noon~hope you can know today, too!

ann109's Avatar ann109 01:19 PM 12-26-2007
gemasita's Avatar gemasita 01:26 PM 12-26-2007
ann - Oh no! I can't believe it! I am SOOO sorry! Well, I am not feeling pg at all so...I don't have my hopes too high.

The clinic STILL hasn't called me back and my clients called and asked me to come on over to the hospital so DH is going to see if he can make me an appt for tomorrow a.m.

I am so glad we've been able to go through this together too - and we were cycle buddies down to the day!

Again, I am REALLY sorry.
ann109's Avatar ann109 01:32 PM 12-26-2007
We're ok. Thank you
ann109's Avatar ann109 01:35 PM 12-26-2007
Oh, btw, symptoms lack or feeling them~means nada:
Perdita_in_Ontario's Avatar Perdita_in_Ontario 03:15 PM 12-26-2007
Ann - I'm so sorry. I was hoping for a much different result for you of course.
crazyrunningmama's Avatar crazyrunningmama 05:21 PM 12-26-2007
Oh, Ann I am so sorry.
ann109's Avatar ann109 07:28 PM 12-26-2007
Thank you for the kind words, Jamie, Perdita and crazyrunningmama.

I am bowling tonight and I'm going to order a fully caffeinated coca cola. And maybe some slutty bowling lane fries.

Jamie: I am praying for you!!!!! And will be stalking the board tomorrow.....
Hope the birth went well~
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