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molarmama's Avatar molarmama 01:09 PM 04-16-2008
We were just referred to a fertility specialist for a semen analysis and mobility that were "on the low side". What can I expect and does anyone have a positive outcome with treatment?

kristenok18's Avatar kristenok18 02:15 PM 04-16-2008
I guess it would depend on how low things are, and what they think are your options for treatment. Dh's SA #'s have been low across the board, but not to the point that we would require ivf or other more invasive measures. He has a varicocele, but his dr thinks that it is not big enough to be a major source of his problems (so no surgery for dh). He also has retrograde ejaculation, which is helped somewhat by taking pseudophedrine. Our best option right now is iui, to help weed out all the deformed/dead sperm from the few good ones. Since I also have fertility issues, it's been a struggle getting our iui attempts to line up with a decent ovulatory cycle! Some people have seen improvements with things like tri-amino supplements, etc. It all depends on what the specific nature of your dh's issues are, I guess. I'm sorry I'm not much help! I hope you are able to find a dr who is helpful for both of you.
fullofhope08's Avatar fullofhope08 01:38 PM 04-18-2008
hello molarmama,
we are dealing with low SA numbers as well. What I have discovered on this journey is that there are many factors that can affect sperm count and quality. In many cases, some basic nutritional changes can improve numbers. Our naturopath put my dh on zinc, vitamin E and C, selenium and ginseng. She had had great success with other men with this regimen. Unfortunately for my dh, it hasn't helped him since his count is very low (under 1 million) and we have since discovered that he has hormonal issues at play here. What treatment they discuss will depend on your husband's situation - the cause of his 'low numbers.' I like to mention the vitamins since they are a simple solution for some.
I wish you the best and hope that you let us know what you learn.
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 01:57 PM 04-18-2008
It really depends on the cause. Most REs would recommend IUIs at this time to try and concentrate it the most and weed out the dead and immobile ones.