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jacappell's Avatar jacappell 05:44 PM 12-04-2008
I haven't gotten my test results back but Holy Cow there's a lot of good news out there! Congratulations, ladies!!
I hope I can add to the celebration of good vibes. It has to happen some day, right?
Thank you for the praying for me out there, I don't come here often but it's great that people care about eachother this way, and it does help.

jacappell's Avatar jacappell 03:13 AM 12-05-2008
Me again, guess what.......... BFP!!!

Finally after all these artificial cycles and crap for almost four years I have the promise of two lines and some kind of beta reading of 221. The good luck is just abounding here!!
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 01:31 PM 12-05-2008
::: Congratulations Jacappell! I'm thrilled for you!
I know it's been such a long road for you, for all of you, and to see many of you get bfps pretty much makes me tear up :
I hope you all have very smooth healthy pregnancies
LiamsMommy31905's Avatar LiamsMommy31905 01:32 PM 12-05-2008
YAYAYAY jacappell! :: was checking the boards all night last night for your update!

2009 is DEFINITELY our year, ladies...Kristina & poet, you're next!
pinkfriend's Avatar pinkfriend 05:22 PM 12-06-2008
Congratulations Jacappell! Welcome to the club!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
KristinaMarie's Avatar KristinaMarie 11:23 PM 12-07-2008

Just a little update..we are home from transfer, actually in a hotel, they would't let us drive the 8 hours home. So I am here on bedrest for 2 days. we decided to transfer 2 embies. When we went in they let us know that 8 of the 11 made it to day 5, 3 of those were blasts, and 5 were 4-5 hours from being blasts. They will call us tomorrow and let us know how many they are freezing.

Hope everone had a great weekend and congrats to all the BFP's!!
pinkfriend's Avatar pinkfriend 12:34 AM 12-08-2008
Hi Kristina,

Congrats on the transfer today. Get lots of rest and I hope you are well on your way to a BFP!

I'm still in shock! A little crampy, very tired and super hungry!
KristinaMarie's Avatar KristinaMarie 03:15 AM 12-17-2008
Well Ladies,

After a 400 mile round trip in sub zero temps -12 to be exact, and icy roads, I finally got a call that said my test came back and it was..... : : We are beyond excited. I go for my second beta Thursday to make sure everything is ok. When we got home all of our pipes are frozen, so DH is under the house right now trying to fix the issue. Hope everyonw is doing good and taking care of themselves!!
pinkfriend's Avatar pinkfriend 02:22 PM 12-18-2008
Hey Kristina! Congrats on your BFP!

Take care and enjoy! I sure am! I have been feeling pretty good so far, just really tired and really hungry!

I guess you'll be due a few weeks after me... my estimated due date is Aug. 10 2009..

I can't wait for my first u/s on the 27th. I kind of wish it were before Christmas, but oh well!
LiamsMommy31905's Avatar LiamsMommy31905 06:58 PM 12-18-2008
Yayayay KRISTINA! :

I'm thrilled for you. Come join us in the August 09 DDC!
KristinaMarie's Avatar KristinaMarie 07:37 PM 12-18-2008
Thanks for the congrats Ladies...I am not quite ready to join the August DDC just yet. My first beta was 117, my second beta was 167. They were drawn at 2 different labs so the clicin thinks that may be a factor in the non doubling. So we are going tomorrow to the same lab where I had my first drawn, and we will have a much better idea then. I will keep you updated.
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