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portlandmama 09-22-2008 02:18 AM

Hmmm....anyone have this happen? Anything to get the system going again? Weird, hunh?

I was told that I have hypothalamic amenorrhea. Although nothing i have read about it provides any useful information. I am not sure that this is really an appropriate diagnosis based on what I have read. We had some trouble conceiving the first time around due to variable cycles and anovulatory cycles. Blah, blah, blah...

The good news is that I am not experiencing early menopause so I was told that there is a chance that I can conceive but not likely without the help of medical intervention.

I had fantastic luck with acupuncture and I am definitely going to resume treatment as I am certain that this is how I got pregnant the first time. Seeing as it is likely to be harder this time, I was wondering what else I can do. I am doing my best to manage stress and work on improving my health...which couldn't hurt anyway.

I just don't know. I read all of your posts and stories and I am just at the beginning of all of make me a little anxious.

nummies 09-22-2008 10:00 AM

Are you nursing?

because 09-23-2008 02:09 PM

Originally Posted by nummies View Post
Are you nursing?
That's exactly what I was going to ask. I CLW and it took me 26 months to get a cycle after #1 and 27 months to get a cycle after #2. I also had really wacky cycles due to hypothyroidism but managed to conceive both of them fairly easily when I did finally ovulate when TTC (#1 was conceived on CD45).

I don't have experience with acupuncture but I've heard good things!

portlandmama 09-26-2008 02:15 AM

We ended our nursing relationship after a fairly progressive decrease @ 19 6 months ago. But at that point, we were nursing once or twice a day for a month or so.

I have heard of people taking this long for their cycles to resume but not without nursing the entire time.

because 09-26-2008 10:19 AM

Do you have PCOS? I don't but I've heard that you can go without cycles from that.

I don't know, Mama. Good luck!

portlandmama 09-27-2008 04:38 PM

No. I am fairly sure that I don't have PCOS. I was diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea...but I am not sure that I buy that. Although I think that it is one of those diagnoses that they give when they don't know what else it is.

I go to see a RE in a couple of weeks and although I will go and see what they have to say, I am wanting to make sure that I have covered all of my before I make any decisions about fertility treatment. I feel a little weird about forcing my body into something that it is not doing on his own. Although I certainly understand it's draw.

I thought I would check in to see if there was anyone that has experienced anything like this to see what they had done. I am a little freaked out about it all. Which certainly isn't helping the situation.

I am going to a new Naturopath soon that specializes in detoxing and food based therapies and I think that I am going to do that and get my body into the best shape possible to make sure that I tried to do what I could to work with my body naturally and then see where it all takes me.

Any advice would be very helpful...what you did (or are doing, or will be doing) to prepare for treatment.

Caring Touch 09-30-2008 09:28 AM

How is your nutrition? You might want to talk to a nutrionist to build up your body so it's healthy enough. Just a thought.

lexbeach 10-02-2008 11:21 PM

Are you at a healthy body weight? Not too thin? Your body does need to have a certain percentage of fat in order for you to menstruate.

I would not dismiss the idea that it could just be from the nursing hormones still making their way out of your system. I got my PPAF at 21 months both times (while still nursing), but my mother never got hers until her babies had been weaned for a whole year (though she weaned us all at 12 months).

Have you considered the supplement Maca? I've heard great things about it. I was taking it when ds3 was a newborn (to boost energy levels mostly), and ended up stopping it because I had some spotting for a few days when ds was 3 months old and I was NOT ready for AF to come so soon!


portlandmama 10-05-2008 06:55 PM

Thanks for all of the suggestions ladies...keep them coming.

I am at a good body weight and I eat generally well...really well compared to American standards so I am not thinking that is it either.

I had a lot go on since the birth of my DS with two hip surgeries and a fair amount of pain...and pain medications from time to time. I think it is largely the stress from all of that so I am thinking that once everything is back to normal that things whould start working out. I have heard of stress affecting your cycles, and I have had a fair share, but I had never heard of it affecting the cycles for so long...but like I said, i have had a lot of things go on and fairly quickly.

I go to see the RE on Monday to see what they have to say. I am terrified, to be quite honest. What if they say that I can't have another one? I would be so very heart broken.

I am thrilled to pieces that I have one child but I always thought that we would have more. I am not sure of the effects of all of the reproductive medications. I have always thought...even when we were having trouble to conceive with our first, that it is not such a great idea to be forcing my body to do something that it is not ready to...but, at the same time, I understand the lure. Here we are again facing the prospect of having to make the decision again, although we ended up conceiving naturally with the help of acupuncture the first time around, and I am a bit freaked out.

Which, if all of these issues that I am having with my body is from stress than this is certainly not helping! And i am not sure if it is jsut me...but there are babies EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

christinespurlock 10-06-2008 12:43 PM

I saw this on the main birth thread and wanted to reply. I hope that's okay.

I did not get my period back until 2 months after I totally weaned my son and he was almost 2 years old and that was with the help of taking an herb, vitex.

If your toddler is up to it, I'd try to totally wean. For me nursing just 2xs a day kept my period away.

portlandmama 10-06-2008 04:24 PM

I did not get my period back until 2 months after I totally weaned my son and he was almost 2 years old and that was with the help of taking an herb, vitex.


I will definitely check it out. I have completely weaned...I think it has been about 6 months now but even up to that point, for about one month, we were nursing for only 1-3 times per day and then, all but one was just minutes long. We only had one session that was lengthy.

Thanks for the tip. I will check into anything I can. Like I mentioned, I am checking into the care of a RE with very drastic mixed feelings and it would certainly be my preference to do what i can, as naturally as I can so that I can have the best chance of avoiding the use of medications.

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