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nummies's Avatar nummies 12:01 PM 11-17-2008
Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post
Lissame- here is my experience. OPK's should be taken between 11-am and 2pm. They can be taken every 12 hours just to be sure.
That is so interesting. I use a monitor and test around 6am. Wonder if this is considered ok? I see a peak every month so I must be doing something right. Just don't want to mess up this cycle!

Masel's Avatar Masel 12:27 PM 11-17-2008
I tested on Sunday and it was negative. My DH is going to out of town this week and if it was good news he wanted to be there. My temp was way down this morning. Still no AF because of the prometrium. I had a tiny tiny bit of spotting yesterday but nothing today. I'm not sure if I should stop taking the prometrium and get AF over with.
soc's Avatar soc 08:09 PM 11-17-2008
Originally Posted by blueyezz4 View Post
Soc - "former cycle buddy" at one time...I was so surprised to see you in this IUI area. My heart broke for you. Welcome back, but wish for your sake you were here!!! Hopefully this month will be your month!!!
Thanks blueyezz! :

Sorry to hear about your sinus infections. It's bad enough having sinus problems, but infections!? You poor thing! I hope you take it easy... its tough putting TTC on hold. You have my complete sympathy!

PoetGirl! Wow! CD7!? That's amazing! At least your cycle will be 1 week less than the 'norm'... which means you can test earlier than normal!
Goodluck with it!

Natrual: I'm so sorry to hear about your procedure! After my 1st IUI - I'm a bit antsy when it comes to the IUI... My cervix was 'hard to find' - but they eventually got there, after ALOT of poking, prodding. (My husband jokes that if they had such trouble, no wonder his little guys don't seem to get there on their own!)

FYI I was told that if you go in with a 'half-full' bladder it makes the cervix easier to locate... and lo-and-behold on my 2nd IUI, the procedure went over far more smoothly.

As for me: I'm back on the IUI-wagon. I had a follicle scan today (CD9), and I have another scan on Wednesday. The nurse said that I will most likely have the IUI scheduled for Friday... she just needs my follies to to 18mm. So, I'm happy... not looking forward to going through the procedure again... but happy to be able to try again so soon .
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 09:47 PM 11-17-2008
Soc- Thanks for the tip! You are of the elusive cervix club too? How many follies have you got?

Masel- Very sorry. Please hang in there. Perhaps call your doc office and tell them you are BFN and spotting and want to go off of prometrium. Then AF will come and you can start again. They may do a beta to be sure.

Nummies- Do you use a Clearblue easy fertility moniter or OPK's? The difference is the Clearblue easy fertility moniter moniters LH and Estrodil, and OPK's only measure LH. Anyhow, the info I refrenced is related to OPK's. Glad you hit peak on your moniter!!!

AFM: Progesterone 6dpiui is 56. I interpert this to mean I had multipule follies rupture, the nurse says it looks really good for pregnancy. Any thoughts.
Barefoot Farmer's Avatar Barefoot Farmer 09:57 PM 11-17-2008
Hey all, Question for you. I'm 12 days post-IUI (trigger on the 4th, IUI on the 5th). My trigger shot is 5,000 units. Last month I had a negative HPT 7 days post-IUI; this month I had a faint positive 8days post-IUI, and another faint positive yesterday (11 days post-IUI); today, HPT BFN. My pregnancy symptoms are/were pretty minimal, but I'm on the evil-progestrone, so some naseua, some dizziness, etc. Do you think I lost it early or just two flukes? I do have quite the hx, 5 miscarriages, all before 10 weeks. At this point, I'm looking forward to AF coming and getting this over with. I am taking Dec off, this emotional rollercoaster gets to be too much for me sometimes.
nummies's Avatar nummies 10:29 PM 11-17-2008
Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post

Nummies- Do you use a Clearblue easy fertility moniter or OPK's? The difference is the Clearblue easy fertility moniter moniters LH and Estrodil, and OPK's only measure LH. Anyhow, the info I refrenced is related to OPK's. Glad you hit peak on your moniter!!!

AFM: Progesterone 6dpiui is 56. I interpert this to mean I had multipule follies rupture, the nurse says it looks really good for pregnancy. Any thoughts.
I haven't hit peak yet this cycle. But I have consistantly in the past. Thanks for the info though! Your progesterone sounds great!! Very high number!
blueyezz4's Avatar blueyezz4 01:41 AM 11-18-2008
Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post
Soc- Thanks for the tip! You are of the elusive cervix club too? How many follies have you got?
I think I need to be in that club too with both you and Soc. My first IUI took 2 nurses and then finally the Dr to get it through and my 2nd IUI only took 2 nurses to finally get it. Not much fun that is for sure!!!!! :
DaisyMae08's Avatar DaisyMae08 10:15 AM 11-18-2008
The nurse who did my IUI last month said that I have a "tricky" cervix, whatever that means. She did a good job though.
DM630's Avatar DM630 05:42 PM 11-18-2008
I was convinced that we would be doing the IUI by Friday. I was feeling like my ovaries were pretty active. However my bloodwork yesterday indicated that my estrodial was only 58. We increased my dose of gonal-f and I go for more bloodwork tomorrow and depending on how it looks more on Friday and hopefully an u/s on Friday. We are looking at IUI around Thanksgiving. Should be a crazy week.
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 07:14 PM 11-18-2008
Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post
Poet- Did they draw estrodial?
They did, though I just got the result back as it didn't really matter given the u/s. The estradiol read was 1046. I've never had it done before and the nurse said that was good, but I don't really know what it means. Anyone? Hopefully it supports the fact that I was ready even though it was cd 7.

Blue, Yes, I did go early on Clomid too. So a heads up for a future cycle for you. Make sure they know your tendencies and ask to be monitored early.

Melissa, I'm so sorry you missed your surge. If you have to do this by opk again, I would use clearblue digital opks and do them 2ce/day, once betw, 11-2 and again 7-9pm.

Masel, So sorry for AF. Hope this cycle is it for you.

Soc, I'm so glad you are trying again. I hope this one is the one that sticks. GL for the next scan.

BFarmer, So sorry for the terrible roller coaster. Can you get a blood preg. test to help get off the prog.? How long does it normally take for the trigger shot to get out of your system?

NatrualMom, Great P #s! When you say you "interpret this to mean I had multipule follies rupture"...can you have a trigger shot and not release all the ready eggs? GL for you!

DM630, I hope this round of gonal-f gets you very ready. :
DM630's Avatar DM630 09:42 PM 11-18-2008
Poetgirl- At my Doctors they want estrodial to be 300-400 per mature follicle. So from your numbers it sounds like you were good to go.
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 11:09 PM 11-18-2008
Poet- I guess I meant that the P level is high because there are 3 corpous lutems secreting progesterone because I had 3 large follies. Like DM630 said, they calculate the estrodial to correlate with the amount of follicles. Yours sounds great!! My doc likes it between 200-400 per mature follicle, so I guess the numbers depend on your doc!

Barefoot- How are you doing?
Barefoot Farmer's Avatar Barefoot Farmer 11:48 PM 11-18-2008
Hanging in there. Started spotting today, despite the evil-progesterone. I go for a blood HCG level tomorrow morning. DH wants us to go for IVF in January, speed this along. It will be my 2nd IVF (1st one last year ended in m/c of twins). I'm a bit numb of this whole thing. I'm looking at our 4th Christmas of TTC w/o babe#2 showing up and I'm a bit disheartened. With all that said, I'm still feeling some optimism for you all. Here's hoping that some of us get knocked up this month!
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 08:11 PM 11-20-2008
Quiet here...too quiet

: Nothing new..have a cold, what a way to pass the TWW...Oh, Af feels like she is coming, and she is 5 days away
DM630's Avatar DM630 05:27 PM 11-21-2008
Looks like my IUI may be monday. My u/s this morning showed one follicle measuring 20mm. Just waiting to get my levels back.
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 06:48 PM 11-21-2008
Originally Posted by DM630 View Post
Looks like my IUI may be monday. My u/s this morning showed one follicle measuring 20mm. Just waiting to get my levels back.
Are you going to be triggered? Does your place do IUIs on Sunday? Let us know how your levels are. : DM630!

This is my first time with the trigger shot and I have been crampy, queasy and a real bread and butter gal for the past week. Maybe this is a preview of what it will be like for me to be pregnant? Bbs also very sore but I attribute this to the shot and all the progesterone. Temp shot up today too but I think that's cause I'm nearing my nat. prog. peak.
One heck of a long 2ww though. After too much obsessing (as Natrual Mom can attest to I have been enlisting my guided meditations for a medicated cycle. There's a pre-O and post-O. Really helps to have that healthy measure of thought in my brain.

How is everyone else?
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 06:59 PM 11-21-2008
Poet- Crazy like usual...just calculating my numbers....hahaha

DM630- Good luck! Let us know how it goes. :
DaisyMae08's Avatar DaisyMae08 07:49 PM 11-21-2008
This morning's u/s showed 6 follicles, so I will be having my IUIs tomorrow morning and Sunday morning.

DM630, I'll be thinking about you on Monday!
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 08:33 PM 11-21-2008
DaisyMae- Oh good luck!!!!! Let us know how it went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DM630's Avatar DM630 12:59 AM 11-22-2008
Levels came back and the estradial was 216, LH looked good, and progesterone was low which is good. So they had me take another dose of gonal-f tonight and the trigger shot will be tomorrow night at midnight. The IUI is scheduled for Monday at 12:30. I am fortunate that if I needed to be triggered tonight, they would be able to do the IUI Sunday. Since my levels didn't indicate that I was about to ovulate they wanted me to go one more night to get my levels higher. I was hoping that there would be at least 2 follicles, but it only takes one right.
DM630's Avatar DM630 01:03 AM 11-22-2008
DaisyMae Good luck tomorrow
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 02:04 PM 11-22-2008
DM360- Good luck! What # of injectible cycles are you? (goofy wording, hope it makes sense) My first cycle of injectibles were like yours, and this one was better.
soc's Avatar soc 07:26 PM 11-22-2008
Hey Girls.

Well, I had my IUI yesterday afternoon, and was glad when the nurse managed to locate my cervix.... half-full bladder paid off again (thank goodness!) :

When I went for my scan on Wed, I was told that I had 3 good-sized follies... so I had to trigger on Thurs and go for IUI on Fri. The thing I'm worried about at the moment, is my temps are not at all 'normal' for me... and don't seem to clearly indicate that I've O (normally the day after IUI my temp shoots up). So I'm a tad worried on this front. Is it possible to trigger and not O within 36hrs?
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 07:56 PM 11-22-2008
Soc- Maybe the numbers are all muddled up because of the drugs? Wha are your post wash numbers? Best of luck to you!!!
DaisyMae08's Avatar DaisyMae08 10:12 AM 11-23-2008
Hi ladies,
I'm getting ready to head in for the second IUI. Yesterday's went well. I'm a little bit concerned, because last month at this time I had severe ovulation pain and this month I don't feel anything. Anybody have this experience? With 6 big follicles, I was expecting to feel something... I did the trigger at 8:30pm on Friday, so shouldn't I be ovulating soon?
DM630's Avatar DM630 11:37 PM 11-24-2008
Had our IUI this afternoon. Everything seemed to go well. I went for acupuncture before the appointment. The whole experience was very relaxed (as relaxed as you can be with your feet in stirrups) The nurse that did the procedure is the person at the doctors office that I feel the most comfortable with, it really helped to calm my anxiety. The IUI was pain free. She said everything looked great. I have been having some slight cramping since but nothing intolerable.
poetgirl's Avatar poetgirl 11:42 PM 11-24-2008
Dm630, It is great when you feel it went as good as it could.: Hope it results in your bfp in 2 wks! GL!

Soc, Sorry I can't remember...are you on Clomid? Asking because Clomid made my temperatures irrelevant and my acup. confirmed that, as a drug, it causes "excess heat" in the body (tcm terms) and it can really mess around w. your temps. Did you check cp?

GL to all those just post-IUI :

And those of us further ahead in the 2ww, well I know I could use one, so

I said this on the One Thread but I have dreamt I was preg. for the past 3 nights and it's driving me nutty. 9 dpo today.
DaisyMae08's Avatar DaisyMae08 12:35 AM 11-25-2008
Oh Poetgirl, the 2ww is so hard. It was right about the time you're at that I started getting completely mental last month.

I just had my first go with the Crinone gel and am hoping for minimal side effects.

Fingers crossed for everyone in the 2ww!!!
by-the-lake's Avatar by-the-lake 06:22 AM 11-25-2008
DM630- Good luck in this 2WW. What were your spem numbers?

AFM- AF came EARLY So we have donor sperm set up with the clinic. Like I said in the Nov. thread, these are choices I never wanted to make.
DaisyMae08's Avatar DaisyMae08 10:03 AM 11-25-2008
Oh Naturalmom, I am so sorry. They are certainly awful decisions to make. So many take their fertility for granted.
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