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I had my 3-month, post-Essure HSG (xray of uterus and tubes) this morning. It hurt quite a bit like a very sharp poke in my cevix when they were opening it, but that didnmt last long. I watched the moniter to see if any dye was spilling out. They ran a urine hpt right before to make sure it was negative. She showed me that everything was blocked and the implants hadn't migrated.

There was no bleeding right after but about 2 hours later, I felt some gushes which i figured was the clear xray dye, but it was actually mostly blood and betadine (the brown stuff to sterilize the cervix). so i'm glad i brought TWO pads with me, as it soaked through the first pretty quickly.

I feel fine. Nothing out of the ordinaty interms of functioning. I took motrin 2 hours before as they said. Doubt i'll need any later.
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Very cool. I am interested in the BC myself. Any side effects? How was the insertion?
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The procedure itself was more involved than the HSG. Took longer, had to have anesthesia, and took the whole next day to "lay low". However, after that, it was just a matter of cramping in my tubes every so often- like sharp "ouchies", but not as bad as what I felt in the HSG (in my cervix, not tubes). The nurse that I called about it said "Its the implants working". So if you get it done, don't be surprised if your "tubes ache".

I will go find you my posts from the day I had it done....
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10:08 a.m.
Going in for my tubal pre-op this morning. I feel weird about sterilizing myself, even though I"m 36 and my pregnancies are VERY hard on me. So much so that my ex had a vasectomy 3 months after our youngest was born. I'm tired of worrying I'm pregnant. Still, its weird to think I'll be completely done!

3:35 p.m.

It went well. I signed the forms, etc. as well as had a talk abouit how it all will work. She said it is sedation- somewhere between what you get when your wisdom teeth are pulled and being fully out. My BF is going to take me and pick me up. However, now I keep seeing babies everywhere! *Sigh*

I do understand that this isn't reversable. I've had this IUD for 5 years and don't want to be pregnant again. My 2nd and 3rd kids were full of miscarriage and PTL scares- nearly the entire time both times- plus months of bedrest. I feel lucky to have them- and FT.

Also, as a side, note, I think I will feel better with my Mirena out; I often feel pregnant and it is strange not having a period! I just started one today, actually, after MONTHS without. I like the natural cycle of things- just not the getting pregnant part. This is about my only option besides diaphragm, condoms or the two IUDs- all of which my dr. talked with me about.

Nurse called. Surgery is set for 10 a.m. Thursday. I have to check in at 9. Should take until about 1:30 before I'm out the door: Hour and a half for the surgery - at 10-ish- then about as long in recovery. Then the drive back to BF's place. So by 2 I should be relaxing at his place, unless we need to pick up a script. So sometime Thursday afternoon I should be able to update the thread.

8/21/08 2:35 p.m.
had my surgery this morning. it went very well. I'm so achey amd sleepy now. Bleeding quite a bit. have scripts for pain. I had a general as they couldn't get the spinal placed fter several tries. I'm having toast and juice and then taking a nap. More later. :-) btw, I woke up very happy with my choice. no regrets!

9:16 p.m.
Right now, I'm at DBF's ecovering from my surgery. I had it this morning around 10. It went very well. I had elected to have a spinal for anesthetic, but they tried several times in the OR to get it in and it just wasn't going to happen. So they put me completely out. I didn't feel bad at any time, but "early-labor-type" cramps right after- distracting and pretty painful. I got some type of Vicodin for that. They did the procedure trans-vaginally, and I woke up with bleeding similar to a heavy period, but this was a relief and DIFFERENT as I haven't had a real period in YEARS due to the Mirena I had taken out during the procedure. Maybe part of that is the procedure, but maybe the shock of surgery made my body start my period; that happened after another surgery I had.

I've been having juice, cookies and toast so far. No regrets. I woke up in recovery feeling happy and relieved. I have a follow-up appointment scheduled for September. My discharge directions were straight-forward, but I don't know what the lo-down is on when I can resume sex. I am just going to assume "not yet" until I hear otherwise- not to mention that right after they go into your insides opening your cervix and you're still bleeding, is NOT a good time, re: infection, etc. Not that I feel like having sex! hahaha.... I just feel like cuddling and snuggling. In addition to the pain meds, I have script-strength Mortrin and Colace to take while taking the narcotic to prevent constipation.

I must've told DBF's how happy I am that he's gone with me and taken me home, etc five times if I've told him once, today. He bought me pads and some juice and went and picked up my prescriptions for me. Plus, he took the day off work to support me for this. I've pretty much been taking a nap for an hour or two, getting up for an hour, eating, watching tv, or reading, or getting online, then back asleep. DBF is driving me home in the morning as my 24 hours post-op won't be over yet. I'm gonna lay low and watch my new digital cable and hope all goes well with the kids. I talked to them tonight and told them how I was feeling and how it was going.

8/22/08 9:24 a.m.
At least the bleeding is making me FEEL like I'm having a regular period- kind of. Not like the VERY light spotting I had with the IUD. That's just a physicaln relief. Plus, now my body will get back on track with my cycles. I already ovulated and had fertile mucous, but this will be more normal. Can't DTD for a bit though- not sure how long at ALL, but then once I am allowed, I'll have to use condoms (and/or a diaphragm) until my hsg comes back "good to go".

Yesterday, after I got back I just hung out at DBF's place. Slept, ate, slept, ate.... like a baby. I couldn't keep my eyes open near bedtime so I gave up. THEN I was up every hour to pee! I had to pee then I was thirsty from the pain meds so I had more water.... At least I think I've flushed out whatever was in my IV like they said! I plan on watching tv today, cramping, bleeding, reading and taking my meds. hehe. I hope anybody else considering this has a good experience, too. The only part that didn't go to plan was the spinal, but even so, now I'm glad they put me completely out: No effects from that and just glad I wasn't "awake"- remember it or not!

Oh- plus, I know I got Versed as the anti-anxiety/-run-away stuff before I went into the OR, but I wasn't feeling anxious in the first place. As to what they put me to sleep with exactly, it was the usual combo of gas in a mask and then something in my IV to paralyze me, they said. My throat was a tiny bit hoarse after, but not bad at all. Not too much bleeding, very few clots. Don't even feel the springs in there! As I said, I just want to lay back.

8:09 p.m.
Just an update... I am feeling okay if I don't do much, but have been having some bouts of feeling like I might faint. So I drink more water and take it easy. Kids and I went out to eat and we were going to go do something else "out" but what with the heat and everything that faint feeling came over me again... its 3 times now. My appetite is back to nearly normal I'd say or at least I ate to make up for the last few days it seems... and I'm drinking plenty of water so I don't think its those two things. I tried going without the narcotic pain pills in favor of the prescription-strength motrin they gave me, but I hurt more and started bleeding again a bit. Since I took more Vicodin, no issues except tired and can't think very straight.

Strangely enough, my tubes don't feel any differently since the surgery. My uterus definitely feels like you said- less crampy. It was never bad- and I had the Mirena for 5 years, but now I definitely can tell its gone.

DBF wouldn't go near me yesterday in terms of sex- He doesn't trust condoms alone. I felt like I was back in college worrying about "if you even touch it you'll get pregnant!" Even so, I noticed no pain associated with sex. However, I got fitted with a diaphram today and picked it up so we're going to be using BOTH until my HSG comes back "good-to-go".

So far, I haven't paid anything for my procedure or b/c or follow-up appointment. I expect to get the bill or information my insurance paid for within a month or so, so I can update you with that info, if you want.


BTW, the procedure ended up costing (my insurance) nearly $10,000. (Not sure on the cost of the HSG yet of course.) And DBF DID end up using condoms for the 3 mos, after all.
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Man that procedure freaks me out! I'm interested to hear how it has worked for women. Thanks for the interesting post!
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