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I just removed my iud out after getting some courage at first it stung a Lil but I think that was because of trying grip my strings after a couple attempts I almost gave up n then as I was trying to get a grip of the strings I slowly pulled n I thought its not going to work then it was in my hand I ddnt feel it come out. I was surprised I thought I would never get it out.
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I am so happy I found this thread... I had my iud for 5 years. In that time I didn't have to much trouble, phantom kicks (I thought I was losing it or expecting) weight gain (usual with birth control) and depression. After five years it served it's purpose time for removal... Called to set up an appointment my insurance was not active. greensad.gif Now yes I could wait but that would take months & I already had a worry about what the iud could be doing to my body all these years. I web searched & found this thread not even an hour ago. After your many post I went for it... No luck!!! I asked my husband he laughs but agreed after a couple of beers. I talked him through it 10 minutes later it was over. There was a small burning & some cramping but I have to say it hurt more going in. I'm iud free & happy. Good Luck to those who decide to go for it. wink1.gif
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I'm glad I'm not alone with the systoms of my mirena I love not having a period although I do spot every month at any time, but I can't handle the side effects of weight gain acne mood swings and I feel pregnant all the time fatigued tender breast I just feel that I need it out ASAP my doctor wants to try and change my antidepressants first but I didn't do so well with that I've had my mirena for about 15 mnths and I've gained almost 20 Pds since I had it put in and I had maintained my weight after the birth of my son who is now 6 until I received this thing and I'm a pretty healthy eater so I know its not that I'm not eating right!!!! I'm thinking of having it removed or do it myself
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Hi everyone I was in a frenzy thinking my ParaGard copper IUD that I have had in since 2010 was embedded in my uterus. I loved it for about 3 years no pregnancy no infections but I would have random sever (just as bad at contraction pain) I have always had ovarian cysts but they seemed to have been rupturing more often since having my iud... Also a week before my period began I would be so sad and everything would annoy me. I was on edge I had anxiety which I never had it this badly before. I still loved my iud till last week i finished my period and 4 days later... I felt like I had a tampon inside of my vagina (I don't use tampons) I felt inside n the strings felt longer then I have ever felt before, it scared me! Then the back ache started n has been bad. I got it in my head that I was going to either get sicker from this iud or I was going to get it removed I do not have health insurance n my Obgyn told me it was going to be over 200 to get it removed I found this post and made an account. I was so scared this iud was in my wall of my uterus but I reached up n pulled it out! The strings were very slippery but it was so simple n I did not bleed at all only have a small amount of cramping now. I am happy I saved myself $200+ good luck everyone!!!! I can't speak for everyone, I can only say it worked for me.
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Just removed my paraguard myself. I will admit, i was VERY nervous, but the amount of pain i had been experiencing each month (and most recently during sex itself) had steadily increased and i couldn't take it any more. Today was final straw, i couldn't stand up straight all day because if i did it felt like a knife tip scrapping the inside of my left hip socket. That was always where the pain was: left hip, buttock and lower back, each and every period.
I had read others posts and, like most of us, am extremely short on funding. So i figured, i can handle a little pain and blood. No way it could be worse than my periods had become. I grabbed a latex glove from my job and once home, gripped the strings, steady pull and ten seconds later it was out smile.gif i felt it give, and slide through but no actual pain from that part. A little crampy but no worse than my period. Plus, I can stand up again too. Now to get my hubby in to have him snipped and condoms in the meantime. Looking forward to getting my old self back again!
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I'm on here to let other ladies know that taking your IUD out at home yourself !!
YES it can be done , with ease and totally pain free !!!
I , after years of having the copper iud , well nearly 8 , felt I was having a little pain in my abdomen daily , and totally heavy periods , felt it was time to have it removed , well that was the hard part of it !
I live in England and they have many free family planning clinics , I had my iud fitted at one , 8 years ago , then the same clinic I went back too only to be told that I was to old to have it taken out there as it was an 18-30 year old family planning !
Wow , too old greensad.gif
3 other clinics I sat and waited in for hours on end , too be told , no doctor was present to remove it , too old for clinic again and I needed to go back to the clinic that fitted it. !!!!
Do they think I'm stupid ? That was my first port of call !!!
Now I have a date for removal at a local health centre - wait for it
14th July !!!
Wtf !
Well after months of pain , painful heavy periods and then on top of that - Bv , horrendous smelly discharge greensad.gif
I have just completed the course of antibiotics for the BV but it would only come back after my period , the iud was to blame for the BV!
So I got brave , read the comments on her and thought , I can do it myself !
After all they only pull it out like you can do !!
I ran a hot bath , relax then found the strings , grab it tight with my finger tips and very slowly and gently pulled , felt a small twinge and bloody hell it was out !!
Can't believe it to be honest. ! It was easy , painless and 4 hours later , no bleeding , no cramps just over the moon smile.gif
Well hope this helps anyone who may do the same thing , I was scared at first thinking I may cause myself damage but I only did what the doctor would have done and in the comfort of the bath smile.gif
No more iud for me , so happy and can't stop looking at what made my insides poorly , little buggar ! So small and flexible so don't worry that you may scratch or rip inside you on the way out , they can bend or fold !
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Thumbs up

Hi ladies, I just removed my Mirena IUD myself! If anyone is thinking of doing it, it's not hard. I decided to do it myself after calling to make an appointment for my obgyn to do it and nothing was available for three months! I also asked about the price and was surprised to find out it costs $150! We've been thinking we want to try for a baby in the next few months and want to be free to go ahead with that when we feel it's the right time.

All I did was reach up with index and middle fingers and was able to get a hold of one of the wires. I pulled down just like when removing a tampon. It came right out and I was amazed at how easy it was. I'm glad I didn't pay all that money for the doctor to do it!

Good luck!
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for the girls who don't have it as easy, here is my IUD self removal story!

How I took my IUD out myself……well, how my husband and I did it.
Details for the gals who have more trouble than just pulling it out with your fingers… Its still worth it. I feel that I had an interesting experience and it may help some one out there to share it.

This is a bit of a long story but I just wanted to put it out there for all the other girls who don't have the easiest time doing this themselves and are discouraged. Im not a doctor, but you don't need a doctor for this. In fact, before I got my IUD I asked the OBGYN what the procedure was for removing it…… Just in case it was going to be a serious deal getting it out in the future. The Dr said, "oh it's nothing, all we do is use a speculum and forceps and pull it out." I have had Dr.s underplay symptoms and how painful their procedures can be, and I always keep that in mind, but it seemed pretty strait forward. No special tools or tricks. That was three years ago and I didn't have the idea of having kids on the horizon at the time, so I had the Paraguard IUD put in. I was very excited, no hormones, no more worries, yes!

Ok here is where my story starts to get a bit interesting. I have Vasovagal Syncope, which is a blood pressure condition that causes me to faint at the sight of most medical procedures or when I am anemic and stand up too quickly. It was really a problem when I was a teen but after the Dr. told me to eat meat and plenty of salt I was able to turn it around. I would still faint during any medical procedures, blood draws and stuff like that. It's not that I am a sissy, but there's just something in my body that those things trigger. Anyway, I just like to tell doctors I am a fainter so they are prepared when I hit the floor. Most of the time I can sit down on the floor before I fall but sometimes it catches me too quickly. If you faint at things read about it on wikipedia/ vasovagal response.

When I had my IUD administered 3 years ago I was told it wasn't going to hurt. To be honest, it did hurt. I have had a D&C without anesthesia and I would say it was comparable. The OBGYN did not prepare me or acknowledge that it hurt after and so I laid on the table until I felt I was ok to go home, stumbled out to the car and barely made it. I laid across the driver and passenger seats of my car, green and called my husband who came and picked me up. I felt like someone hit me with the ugly stick. I was having a vasovagal response.
I went right to bed and nearly passed out several times over the next couple of days. I was cramped up and in pain and I even considered getting it removed but I wanted to give it time because 1) I am a cheap bitch and just paid $850 for a 12 year IUD that was supposed to set me and my husband free! and 2) I was going to feel better eventually right?

So things did get better and life went on, my periods had always been rough and I just had some additional cramping that I could survive. Then I got struck by what my mother calls "baby lightning". You start seeing them everywhere. Pregnant women with these magical domes stuffed under their shirts, their rosy fat arms pushing strollers down every isle. My world became a baby funhouse and I wanted to be pregnant in the worst way. I even had dreams about giving birth and I look forward to it today. Yeah its weird, at least for me it was, it felt like a major shift and my body was taking over my mind. I kind of loved it too though, it felt so womanly.

Talked about it with my husband for a few months and he says he thinks its a great idea. We knew we wanted a few kids so he said "lets get started!" So I call around to see which clinic (I don't have insurance because it won't cover the care I need anyway, chiropractic, message, physical therapy, and doctors treat me like a drug addict because I have a bad back), and no one has time this month. Everyone is booked and they won't even put appointments in till next month. Both of the women's clinics in the area and their other locations within 2 hours drive are booked up this month and want $200 + to remove it. The soonest appointment I could get was for a place 2 hours away and still was $200 bucks. I called a private practice and they wanted $586 to take it out, I laughed and hung up.

It wasn't so funny that I wanted this thing out like today. I knew that if I made the appointment to go for a 4 hour round trip drive I would be faint on the way back and get stuck where ever I was. Actually if it wasn't 112 degrees in Phoenix ( I live in Tucson) I would have done it, but I knew I wouldn't be able to find a cool place in the shade to recover in that heat.

And so it began. I started reading about women who have taken their own out. They made it all sound so easy. "Just fish around up there and get the sting and pull". LOL "OK" I thought! Well guess what? apparently my cervix is way up there compared to most of these gals, either that or I just have tiny fingers and a very narrow vagina opening. I could get only my middle and index finger in there deep enough to just slightly feel the plastic strings, I struggled over several days while my husband was at work. I tried until my wrist was sore from being bent.

My cervix was really up there! I waited till the time of your cycle where it come down a bit but not dice. I did however find that the best way to get a good reach was to straddle the tub, one foot braced to the wall while I half sat with my thigh on the other side of the tub. In all the things I read no one online mentioned having a deep vagina, so I knew I was going to have to experiment a little to find any success.

So I ordered a speculum and some very large forceps online. I recommend the plastic speculums as the metal ones are harder to use and pinched me a little. I purchased the extra large forceps as they had a sort of blunt tip and had a long reach. I piled up all my pillows against the wall and positioned myself on the bed similar to how you are the the OBGYN office. I had hard time finding my cervix at first and getting used to the feeling of the speculum. It made my dizzy and flush, but I kept tying. With a compact mirror set on the bed and a small flashlight I was able to wiggle the speculum to get my cervix into view. Finally, there were those pesky little strings, sticking right out of the mouth of my cervix as if to mock me, "here I am the chuckled at me" , ok well they didn't talk but they did mock me.

I gently nosed the forceps all the way to cervix and teased the strings a little, they were curled round my cervix and maybe even held into place by the speculum and I couldn't tease them into a position to get ahold of them. I also didn't have the kind of grip on the forceps that allowed me the control I wanted because of the awkward reach. I decided that I would have to get a hand in this job.

I coolly confronted my husband that night over dessert and he accepted my offer. He would clasp the forceps on the string and I would do the pulling. He worked on several farms in the past and was used to doctoring momma animals so this wasn't strange to him at all. If he wasn't the kind of guy who was comfortable without the slime and mucous of life I wouldn't have asked him to help me, and probably married him altogether.

I did a little more research as I wanted to have an easy go if it, because my husband would be there after all and I didn't want to get all faintly. I read a couple of places the the opening to your cervix is at its most open and soft during your ovulation/fertile phase and during your period. Since I was past my fertile phase (I chart) I was going to plan this for the first day of my period. I also read that your cervix softens too after orgasm.

So I had all my gear: The lube for the speculum, the speculum it's self, the forceps, a compact mirror, a little bright flashlight and two towels. One to put one under my bum to keep from dripping anything on the sheets, which was also helpful in position my compact mirror, and smaller towel to wipe my lubed up hands with. And last but not least, my willing helper.

So sunday morning rolls around and we had a fabulous romp before getting out of bed, and I noticed a little bit of pink signifying that my period had just started. "Good" I thought to myself, "perfect timing". After we rested I suggested this would be a good time to take out the IUD. He was agreeable and we went off to the bathroom to scrub our fingernails and I used a douche to tidy up a bit. Douching with cool water is just enough for me as I have very tender skin.

We went into the bedroom and I set up the pillows and towel with the mirror resting where I needed it. It turns out if you try to get your helper to hold the mirror at the right angle they just can't keep it still so its easier to sit all the way at the top of the bed, and set everything up just like if you were alone. That way he was able to lay on the bed and prop himself up on a pillow at my feet. He watched until his help was needed and he found it very interesting to see what was in there. I found my cervix and showed him the strings, everything was very tidy thanks to the douche. I did not hand him the forceps until it was time to help. He got all get excited and a bit nervous, and so I breathed calmly and gave clear calm directions. I told him to go very slowly and keep the forceps locked in the closed position to tease the strings into a position where they could be grasped by the forceps, away from the tissue of the cervix, and not to open the forceps until the strings were right where he needed them. I did not want any of my tissue to get nipped. I told him there was no rush, just to go slowly and take his time and if he couldn't get it it would be alright. This part was a challenge for me because up until that point I had been doing everything myself in my pelvic exams, and he was the first persons in 3 years to be in there with an instrument.

I should note, he works with his hands and plays instruments, and this took a steady hand. I don't think I would have let him in there if he did not have very good motor skills and delft fingers.

I just relaxed and breathed and really in just about 20 seconds he said he had got the strings. "Really?" I said, "really." he said. I reached down and transferred the forceps to my hand gently. I asked him if he thought I should take the speculum out and we decided together that we should just leave it be. After all the doctor would leave the speculum in, and we didn't want my cervix of the IUD to suspect that we weren't doctors

So I very gently started to pull the forceps towards my feet. "ooo" I said "I can feel tugging and a little cramp!" I paused for a moment, now knowing what it might feel like. I prepared myself in case it was going to be a little painful. I took a 2 deep breaths and decided to gently pull at an even speed until it was free. My only caveat was if I felt an extreme pulling back with the inclusion of pain, that, I thought would mean it was embedded in my uterus. I started pulling gently down, feeling a little cramping and tugging which I needed to make a little growl though, kept breathing and kept pulling evenly and in about 5 seconds it was totally free. My helper took the forceps and speculum too the bathroom and I stayed on the bed for a few minutes expecting to faint. "We did it!" we cheered! After a few moments I really had to pee and I got up to go to the bathroom, and he kinda stayed by me as we continued to celebrate. I peed and he went to the kitchen to get some water, which he brought back to me and handed me the glass as I stood up from the toilet, tossing the toilet paper roll on my way up, generally I don't throw the roll of TP around the bath room, but I saw myself do it. I watched my hand reach and miss the glass and "uh ooh", I was getting dizzy so I lurched towards the bedroom.

Another good reason to have a helper nearby is if you decide to pass out. I felt fuzzy and limp and tingly as I came too. We were sitting in the hallway and I was wrapped in his arms and legs. I just stared at our legs all tangled and he asked if "I was alright". How did I get on the floor I wonder. I asked if I fainted and he said "you just dropped right where you stood". I thank him for catching me and we start to fumble to the bed. I sit on the bed for a few minus and gather myself and we sit together, somewhat in awe of how we do things.

After a few minutes I got to the bathroom and rinse off the speculum and the forceps and investigate my IUD. I was not in very good shape and I have no idea if it would have even survived 12 years. Firstly it's arms were bent, one up and one down, as if it had been pushed all the way up into one corner of my uterus. The copper wire was uncoiling its self at the top tiny little needle sharp links came off on my fingers with very gentle handling. The string was caked with some kind of fossilized mineral that came off in little bits. It's hard to imagine that this little thing, made of poor quality materials and very flimsy was worth $850.

I recovered fully and I took my husband out to a sumptuous breakfast as a thank you.

I do wonder if this little IUD was jammed sideways and malpositioned as I feel a lot better now and have had no menstrual cramps since I took it out. It feels good to take control over my body and to be able to do something gently at my own pace because I have had a few rough insensitive doctors. I feel that I had the change to do even less possible damage than a doctor because I could feel everything during the process.
I checked my cervix the day after just to make sure I didn't scratch anything and everything looks 100% healthy in there.
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