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I'm nearly 12w into a surprise pg. I have very difficult pg.

dh and I are in agreement that I cant do this again. no matter what.

I told him on Sun that I'd decided that if by some reason I had to have a c-section, I wanted a tubal.

He told me he was thinking about a vasectomy. I told him I wished he'd gotten one when I'd asked 2 years ago but apparently he's ready.

Should we just schedule the vas before baby arrives? wait to see if I end up w/a c-section for some reason and then just do the tubal?

what to read to learn more about risks/benefits and comparing the 2 (which is totally apples to oranges of course)

I'm due end of Nov and want whichever procedure we have to be this year due to co pay issues.

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Well, I can tell you our choice. I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a surprise 3rd pregnancy, and I also have somewhat difficult pregnancies, PLUS we have a special needs child and although this baby appears to be uneffected, we don't want to risk having another special needs child.

Hubby is getting a vasectomy this summer. If I end up with a c-section (unplanned) then I'll also get my tubes tied, we'll just be doubly protected that way. I didn't want to wait to see if I have a c-section for several reasons:

1. It's easier for hubby during the summer because he's a student and has a somewhat lighter load during the summer.

2. I want his procedure done and fully healed by the time the baby comes so he can help me. I can't imagine having a baby only a few weeks old AND having my husband laid up with a lifting restriction!

3. Like you, we'll meet our deductible this year, so it has to be this calendar year, and I didn't want to try to cram it in rushed, I wanted the time to ask the dr lots of questions and schedule the procedure for when it's convenient for us.

SO...that was the reasoning for us to do the vas before the baby is born, but we both agree that on the off chance that I do have a c-section, I'll still have a tubal.

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thanks! how long is the lifting restriction? dh's busy time at work is summer ...
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Well for me the decision is pretty easy, I am having a c/s due to a T-incision on my uterus making labor pretty dangerous for me and the baby due to an increased chance of rupture. I will be getting a tubal during it. My decision has been made, but if it were different we'd probably have a discussion to see which would be better for our situation. This is how it is and that is what will be done.

My SIL was offered a tubal after her 4 child during her c/s with him. She and her DH refused because they were worried about complications. Funny thing is my BIL was so unhappy about baby #4 that I still wonder why they didn't do it, but it's none of my business. Dh and I both agree for us 2 kids is our maximum capacity for sanity, so since I am already having my c/s we decided that I'd get a tubal. I am totally fine with the finality of it, I'm 34 and I have no desire to have anymore children.

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My dh and I decided for him to get a V when ds was born....he was going to go after dd2 was born but I told him even though I know we are *pretty* sure we are done I wasn't ready for us to do anything permanently about it....well i wish he would have (don't get me wrong I LOVE ds to death!!) because I we apparently get preggo WAY to when ds was only 2 weeks old he went for a No Scalpel V....

He came home and rested for the rest of the evening....went to work the next day and just took Advil or Motrin for a couple days and that was that! There was only a lifting restriction for the first day and then after that he could lift whatever as long as it wasn't over 25lbs.(I believe.. maybe 35lbs.) the only thing he couldn't do was lift our dd's for a few days.

So I would say that as long as your dh got it done at least a week before the baby he would be good to go when the baby came.

We decided to let him go because we knew we were done and didn't want any surprises, so for me since I had a homebirth I had told him I would want to wait till ds was at least a year old because I didn't want to risk messing up nursing him...incase something happened to my milk supply.

Plus the down time and recovery is MUCH less with a V. I really believe there are risks with matter what you look into there are going to be bad experiences from people. Dh did the research and he decided that there were actually MORE risks to me having a tubal than there were to him getting a V.

It has been almost 10mos. since he had it done and so far so good!
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im in kinda the same boat my DH had aggred to get a vas but I want to wait till After our baby is born just incase god forbid something happens he wants it done now so we dont have to Wait for no sperm count

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I had a c-section and had my tubes tied at the same time, since the doctor's hands were already going to be all in there and everything. For us it was a planned c-section, so we were able to be prepared in advance.

On top of the c-section, we were told (and was true in our case) that adding tubes tied wouldn't cause any more pain, scarring, healing time, or anything. On its own a tubal might be more difficult than a vasectomy, but with a c-section the tubal was super-easy. It added maybe six extra minutes to the c-section procedure, and healing for me was simple--much better than healing from my previous vaginal delivery.

If it were up to DH to do the permanent sterilization, he never would have gotten a vasectomy--he passed out on the floor of the hospital the day I had my c-section just thinking about my surgery. He never would have survived delicate surgery of his own.
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I had my tubal when my son was 9 weeks old. I had a bladder sling put in and thermal ablasion done at the same time. The tubal was laser surgery. Recovering from the bladder sling was the worst I think because I couldn't lift for 6 weeks. But, all in all, having it afterwards was not bad. If you plan on a hospital delivery I've heard of people having it done while they were still in the hospital. Just another option. I think now that they can to it with lasers it's not big deal.

For me, I really needed my bladder fixed and wanted thermal ablasion in the worst way but my Doc wanted me to have no-fail birth control if he did the ta. So, I did it all. My body, my decision. My freedom now.
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thanks everyone for your advise. I think we'll plan for early Nov or late Oct V - before the new baby is here.

no matter what we are DONE so it'd be nice to get the window where the sperm counts decreases in the same time where I'm recovering from birth and covered by exclusively nursing so we dont have another 'oops'

I'm 38 w/some chronic health issues, HG - just cant be pg again.
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