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I have been charting on and off for 3 years, and both my pre and post-O temps are lower than average--at least for what I read and see in other charts.

Before ovulation, my temps are high 96's to very low 97's. I used to think it was because I took my temps pretty early (like 4 or 5 AM, as my DS was an early riser at the time), but now I am taking them closer to 6AM, and this last cycle my post-O temps are lowest ever. The highest was a 97.7. Today, at 6dpo, my temp was 97.6.

I am starting to worry about thyroid issues again. I say again, because when I was charting and taking my temps when TTC my DD 2 years ago, I was wondering about the low temps, delayed ovulations and erratic cycles, and since my mother did have a hypothyroid, I suspected it could be a factor. But after I received the typical thyroid testing, everything came back "perfect". Then I got pregnant and forgot about it. But just a few days ago I took out my thermometer again (because I am finding it harder to pinpoint O when not taking temps) and it all came back to me. Not to mention I have been feeling moe sluggish and depressed than usual the last few months -- but then again I have 2 young children, one of them high-spirited, that are going through sleep issues right now.

Here is my chart:


There are a lot of temps missing, because I just started taking temps again this cycle. Most of my other charts are similar to this one, but by 6dpo my temps are usually much higher than this.

I did have 2 very healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies, no miscarriages. I have heard that thyroid problems (especially hypo) could cause complications. I also read somewhere (forgot where exactly) that blood tests may not be the best way to detect thyroid problems anyway, but taking your BBT is? Has anyone heard of that? Anyone have any info or experience on this?

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I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and I can certainly tell from my charts if my meds need to be adjusted. That said, if I were you, I would call the dr that ran the original thyroid panel and ask what the actual numbers were. I know that for me, I need my TSH level to be around 1. But the acceptable range for one of the labs that my dr uses is .34-3.4. If I was 3.0, I would be a wreck personally. But if someone was just reading the numbers, they would say "she's fine". Make sense? Oh and some labs have even higher numbers. I went to a new dr. and the lab they use has the acceptable range set at .45-4.5. Yikes! If I was 4.0, I would be practically comatose!

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Your temps don't seem that low to me. It looks like a pretty significant rise from the first temp on your chart (when you had your period). I think you should take your temp every morning and see what the pattern is that way.

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