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mommy2be's Avatar mommy2be 02:59 AM 04-02-2004
hello, i was just reading in the charting and bf thread. everyone is mentioning whether their cervix is open or closed, etc. how do you know? do you feel your cervix with your fingers or what? i am currently pregnant, but plan to chart as a birth control method after our baby boy is born. i have absolutely no experience charting, and i do plan on breastfeeding, but after reading all of the threads on charting, it sounds so complicated. are their any websites i can visit to explain exactly how to chart? i am totally ignorant on this subject. any other birth control methods youve found effective? im not wanting the shot or an iud. thanks so much!

velveeta's Avatar velveeta 09:52 AM 04-17-2004
Hi there!

Generally, when you are charting, you become accustomed to probing around your cervix and so you will "just know" when it feels different. You will be able to observe the changes if you do a quick check every day. Remember, that with charting, you won't need to check every day. It does become very easy, though, and you won't mind, and you might even check often just out of curiosity.

And now, on to your question... For me, my cervix being open feels like a dimple-sized depression. When I charted previously (I am not at the moment - I am nursing with no signs of ovulation), I had never been pregnant. After you have a child (vaginally), your cervix never closes again completely thereafter. So, maybe someone else can shed some light on the differences after giving birth.

Good luck! It sounds like you have lots of time, though. My child is nearly a year old and I am still not charting yet! :LOL