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Family Planning > Breastfeeding mama's of 2 plus.... when did fertility return after subsequent babies?
Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 04:45 PM 03-31-2011

I got my period back at 14 months PP with DD1 (ovulation did not return until 16 months) and I am wondering what it will be like this time.  I am tandem nursing now and DD2 is not on any solids and does not sleep through the night (similar to DD1 who started solids at 9 months and didn't night wean until after I was pregnant with DD2).



annie2186's Avatar annie2186 06:45 PM 03-31-2011

My first I stopped exclusively breastfeeding at about 5ish months and only breastfed through the night (had to return to work - NO money for a pump and didn't know what I know now)


Completely stopped breastfeeding and didn't get my period back for another month and a half! (of course - my periods can be super long or normal - just depends on their mood)


I got my period back at 10 months almost exactly


With my second I exclusively breastfed and she wasn't interested in solids at all until about a year my period back within a few DAYS of when I got it back with DD1 (about 10 months)




So yeah, I'm not sure if I am just a 10 month-er or what.


I wonder what will happen this time..............

RTT's Avatar RTT 07:48 PM 03-31-2011

I got it back at 14 months with both and was still BFing 6-8 times in 24 hours.

Peony's Avatar Peony 09:15 AM 04-01-2011

Mine has come back a year sooner every time. DD1 was 2.5y when I induced AF back to get pg. DD1 was 18m, and DS was 8 months. This is quite odd though! 

Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 09:42 AM 04-01-2011

I've had four babies, and each time (even when tandem nursing) it returned about a one year post-partum.  It wasn't exactly regular at that point (I recall having 84 day cycles, and such), but that is when AF came back and I assume I was fertile.  Subsequent babies were conceived between 15-17 months PP each time, so that sounds about right. 

mommy2two babes's Avatar mommy2two babes 12:01 PM 04-01-2011
With DD I got my first pp cycle at 8 mos.
I got pregnant with Ds1 when DD was 15 mos
I tandem nursed both of them for 22 mos and only got af after a mostly weaned DD.
Had about 4 cycles with a short lf and then things regulated. Shortly after I got pregnant with ds2
Tandem nursed until I weaned ds1 around November. Got af back at chritmas.
Have had 4 cycles with a short lf so far.
Beppie's Avatar Beppie 12:23 PM 04-03-2011

After dd1 was born AF returned at 7 months.  However, it wasn't consistent until about 12 months after her birth.


After dd2 and dd3, AF didn't return until about 12 months (that's the first time I had AF), but right away after that, AF consistently came every 28 days or so.  With all three babes, I breastfed all the time, day and night, "on demand."  Even though solids were introduced, all my girls still nursed lots into their second year.

gabeyho's Avatar gabeyho 01:31 AM 04-12-2011

My ds5 is almost 15 months now and still bf's a few times a day, and despite having BF all my babies the same, I have always had AF return by their first birthdays but this time not even a peep! I am using the marquette model with the clearblue monitor and can see that the monitor is picking up more frequent rises in estrogen, which apparently means my body is trying to o, but something seems to be keeping me from crossing over that magical threshold to resume regular cycles. it is SO annoying since we NFP and I am ready to get on with it already!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 03:43 PM 04-13-2011

What's interesting about this question is that AF returned later with #2, but fertility returned earlier.  After my first baby I got AF back around 8 months, but my cycles were infertile for almost a year after that b/c my LP was too short.  With baby #2 AF didn't return until 12 months, but I was apparently fertile within one cycle as I got a surprise BFP just a few weeks ago.  Sigh...