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We had insurance when I had my son through my job, so when I quit we lost the insurance. My son is on Molina, but my DH and I are uninsured. My son is 2 this summer, and I'm 28. I'm getting sick of waiting for my DH to find a job with insurance (he works 2 jobs that equal 50 hrs a week), and I'm working 2 part-time jobs (12 hrs a week) I like, but they don't offer insurance. Has anyone gone off bc knowing you'd be using Medicaid?


I know I pay into the system that allows for this, but I still feel guilty for some reason. I was talking to a pregnant friend about my cycles and questions I have, and she asked why I don't just see my midwife about it. I felt totally awkward telling her I didn't have insurance, and she's one of my best friends. If I could convince my husband, we'd plan to have and pay for a home birth, but have the Medicaid for prenatal up to 20 weeks and then there just in case I have to transfer care for some reason, but I know he won't want to do that.


Anyways, anybody else deal with this type of situation? How did you work past it?

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I would go for it. Speaking as someone who dealt with baby loss and then secondary infertility for 2 years, you really NEVER know what the future will bring when it comes to fertility. If you want to try for another now, I would not let being on medicaid stand in your way, especially since you guys are working and paying into that system!


Good luck!!

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We're on Medicaid and TTC. I don't feel like we're doing anything wrong, since we both work and pay into it as well.


Sure, we probably could be in a better situation, but like the PP said, we're not taking chances and letting little things stand in our way. smile.gif

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I know our HB midwife accepted Medicaid, so you might be able to do both!  DH & I got pregnant accidentally while we were in college & were on Medicaid.  It was nice that that system was there for us, as neither of us could make enough to cover a birth.  We were both able to go back to school and get Master's Degrees, and we pay plenty into the system now, so I don't feel at all bad about utilizing it back then.  I say go for it.  You never know what will come.  If you husband got a job tomorrow with great insurance, it could be gone halfway through your pregnancy.  Whatever you decide, Good luck!

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I think you will be fine.  When we had our first 2 we had no medical so we had state for back up coverage.  Worked out fine tho- with my second we had a home birth and did not have any "medical" cost associated with her.  I think you need to be aware of what you agree to- as to not "use the system", but if you are educated and aware of if you need X test or not- then you are good!


Good luck- never wait to have kids for the right time- it will never happen!

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I had Medicaid for my first pregnancy. It was not planned and we were students (read: no income), and had just gotten booted off our parents insurance since we got married (pre-Obamacare). So I had no insurance when I found out I was pregnant and got Medicaid. It paid for everything and I even delivered with midwives. Honestly, I wish I had medicaid again because it saves money. I didn't feel guilty about it and I don't think you should either --- it's there for those who need it, it's paid for with your taxes. Go for it.



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Id do it. I wasnt exactly TTC with this one, but I sure wasnt trying to hard NOT to conceive smile.gif
I was on Medicaid with DD, and Im on it again. We work hard, and we both work for ourselves. This country doesnt support people who do that by having available healthcare that isnt ridiculously expensive, and we qualify for Medicaid. Im not going to just not have a kid because of how expensive insurance is.

But, if it really bothers you, you could get on Medicaid and then pay for a midwife and have a homebirth, that way medicaid wouldnt be paying unless something went wrong.

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I don't see anything wrong with it.  I had state insurance for two of my pregnancies, we both worked full time, just didn't have insurance!

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