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Anyone successfully avoid pregnancy for 3+ yrs with FAM?

AlaaJ's Avatar AlaaJ (TS)
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06-15-2011 | Posts: 57
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I need some success stories. I need to know it can be done. I avoided for only 17 cycles before making a mistake.


I cannot risk that again.




PS: less than 3 years success stories also welcome!! :)

southernmommie's Avatar southernmommie
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I will be following this one to see the stories myself.

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If you count ecological breastfeeding, I have avoided successfully for over 3 years.  I was only cycling for almost 1.5 years of that, though.  My parents used NFP all through my mom's fertile years both to plan and prevent pregnancies.  I think my youngest sister was at least 15 when my mom went through menopause, so it worked pretty well for them.

mamagranola28's Avatar mamagranola28
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I've been using FAM for 6 yrs and have been successful in avoiding when wanted.  My youngest turns three next week (she was "planned").  She is currently nursing.  My period returned with her at 17 mo.  We are careful and follow the rules.  Which for me means if I have any doubts about my fertility we abstain or use a condom.


Hope that helps.

Danielle283's Avatar Danielle283
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I had my Mirena removed and started with FAM successfully for 33 cycles. I got pregnant on the first cycle we decided to TTC.

RaraAvis's Avatar RaraAvis
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My DS will be 3 in October -- so we're just about there!  We temp every day and abstain until we're sure of O, and it's worked BEAUTIFULLY.  NFP totally works if you work it! But cheat in even one teeny way and BOOM!

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I've used NFP for the past 13+ years (4 kids; 3 miscarriages) and all of my pregnancies have been 'planned' or with full knowlege that we were bending the rules and that we were open to the possibility of a baby.  My cycles tend to resume at about 6- 7 months post-partum (even with ecological breastfeeding) so I've charted quite a few cycles.  What I've learned is that if you really need to avoid pregnancy - it's best to be extrememly conservative in the pre-o period of your cycle. (Personally, my cut-off is day 5)   My cycles have also changed quite a lot over time (from 33/35 days to 26/28 days) with my "o" day moving up almost a full week earlier in my cycle than where it was typically 10 years ago. 

mom2a4Rashelle's Avatar mom2a4Rashelle
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07-25-2011 | Posts: 227
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My daughter will be 3 in August and we just started "trying" this month. I got my period back 2 months after her birth even with breastfeeding so we have had to use the family planning method for the entire time, worked for us!

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