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thegreenbeagle's Avatar thegreenbeagle 05:24 AM 08-17-2011

Is it normal for cycles to be extra long (and possibly irregular) after having a baby?  I had DS in July 10 and had what I thought was my first period July 11.  Now it is 43 days later and no sign of my period - I used have cycles 26-31 days long pre baby.  I took a pregnancy test and got a negative result.  I'm still breastfeeding and quite a bit actually... all of my books are still packed because we just moved.  I guess, I'm just wondering if this happened to anyone else.  I kind  of thought that once I got a period, I would cycle "normally" again.  

jodi5's Avatar jodi5 08:12 AM 08-17-2011

It is normal to have delayed ovulation postpartum, especially the first cycle.  That cycle can be quite long for some women.  It can take around 6 cycles or more to regulate.  I am on my 3rd cycle since I got my postpartum AF and noticed a changed in each cycle since it has returned, each one getting closer to my normal.