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mrsmommyface's Avatar mrsmommyface 10:16 AM 04-20-2012

Hi all! 

I just wanted to hear your experiences and maybe put my mind at ease...redface.gif


On March 8 DH and I fudged the rules on the standard days method that we use (would have been cycle day 16 in a typical 28 day cycle.)


My boobs were feeling sore all through my period that month and even afterwards. At the time there was no doubt in my mind that I was pregnant. Then the symptoms stopped a week after that "period" so I tried to put it all behind me (I even had a negative test.)

But you know, you always hear about women who had decidual/break through bleeding and so they don't find out they are pregnant for a while and all this time I can't help but wonder if this will happen to me! 


It's April now and I'm on day three of what looks like a normal period, but I still think back to the March incident. The only weird thing about this period was I spotted two whole days to where it would not even graze a pad before my period started. 


I'm probably overreacting, but I don't trust HPT's and I've heard so many stories of people having heavy period type bleeding and still being pregnant.


How common is this? If anything please help me get it through my head that I should let this go! Only weird thing is I've never had tingly breasts as a PMS symptom before and now I keep having them. Oh and my jeans are getting tight.shrug.gif

organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 10:59 AM 04-20-2012

You can always go to the DR for a blood test to rule it out. My body has been whacky this month as well - you can read all about it on the my body is whacky help thread ;-) 

mrsmommyface's Avatar mrsmommyface 02:41 PM 04-20-2012

Thanks for the reply, organicviolin. I also wanted to add that my "period" this month had absolutely no cramping at all. Is that normal? Are there other women who have no cramping?

organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 07:51 AM 04-22-2012

You can definitely have a period with no cramping. All depends on the cycle. Are you hoping for a BFP? I hope you get whatever you wish!

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