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Sabbath 05-15-2012 09:52 PM

Hey there, I got my Mirena IUD in about a month ago, since then everytime we have sex it hurts a little depending upon the amount of penetration. I went for my check up and the strings were not as long as they used to be so i have an ULT scheduled. Tonight During sex I felt a burning sharp pain in my lower right inguinal area and it is still there. Sometimes it gets sharp and then fades back to dull burning. Is this ER worthy or should I wait the 9 days for my ultrasound? I do want to have another baby in a few years do many peoploe have babies after IUD's?

Sabbath 05-15-2012 10:25 PM

I don't mean to sound paranoid I just knew the risks getting into the iud but figured they were so unlikely that I wasn't worried. Maybe I'm worrying too much now. I read a bunch on imbedment and puncturing of the uterus and i figure if that was what was going on I'd know. I guess I'm just a little scared because this is new and its uncomfortable. Does it eventually become comfotable during sex? If it is placed wrong can that be fixed? If it's imbedded is that going to cause lasting problems for me if I want to have a baby again a few years down the road? I don't want to sound crazy I'm just really sketched out by some other sites I looked at.

MammanP 05-17-2012 01:12 PM

I don't know that anyone can advise you on whether to seek emergency treatment or wait 9 days... that has to be your decision based on your level of pain and concern.

However, I will tell you from my experience that the Mirena has hurt me every single time I have sex since I had it put in over two years ago (I kept hoping it would get better... it doesn't... I've just learned to live with it and have found that if I go *really* slow and allow my body to adjust slowly my cervix raises enough that I don't get the stabbing pains, just the dull aching and some spotting after).

I have also experienced what I can only describe as twisting pain -- it literally feels like the implant twists, and the arms dig into my uterus. This is a sharp, stabbing pain and can last anywhere from five minutes to a couple hours each time it occurs. I haven't noticed it directly related to anything else, seems pretty random.

However, I've not experienced the strings being shorter. I would be concerned about that. It could be that the person checking the IUD thought they should be longer, or it could be that the IUD is actually moving... definitely do go to that ultrasound and make sure it's not migrating!

I think most women who want to have children do go on to get pregnant after removing the IUD (as long as there aren't complications with it).

I do NOT think, however, that the occurrence and severity of side effects/complications are well reported or publicized. I'm removing mine shortly... for me, the constant pain, worry and aggravation is not worth it.

Good luck! Hope all is well for you at your checkup!

blueruth22 05-17-2012 08:56 PM

I had the Paragard IUD for 2 years and for the past few months have been having the same pain as you described - dull lower right quadrant pain that came and went and hurt worse during and after sex. I had an ultrasound today and it turns out the IUD was lower in my uterus than it should be and one of the arms was digging into the wall of my uterus, but not perforating or anything. My CNM wasn't concerned about any long term consequences of that but suggested I get it removed, which I did. I didn't ask her about whether she could readjust it because I kind of just wanted it out at that point and to not have to worry about it. I definitely feel a lot better mentally now that it's out.


So my situation didn't turn out to be serious, but the pain wasn't that bad either - consistent enough to concern me but not debilitating. I do have a high pain tolerance though, pain is so subjective it's hard to know what to do in your situation! Good luck, I hope everything turns out ok :)

tinyblackdot 05-17-2012 09:53 PM

I have an IUD, and it perforated my uterus. Of course i knew it immediately after it was put in. It was just floating around in my lower abdomen. Luckily it didnt perforate my stomach, which apparently they can do sometimes. I would get it checked, ask for an XRAY, they did a sono and said over and over again it was in was not.

MammanP 05-18-2012 02:02 PM

Yikes! Good to have this perspective. I had no idea a sono wouldn't necessarily show properly!

staceeey 08-22-2012 07:38 AM

Although I'm pretty late on your post, I too am starting to have some complications with the IUD.  I've experienced the sudden sharp, burning pains and now pain during and after sex.  I have the copper T Paraguard.  Had it for approx 5 yrs now.. Having it removed today!!  Can't wait.  I also notice that since inserting this IUD I've gotten more yeast infections / vaginal discharge than I've ever had in my lifetime.  I'm 42, and married.  The vaginal infections were getting so frequent I kind of let my husband have it wondering if he was cheating! LOL...  However that was not the case, it was this IUD..  It really served it's purpose but I can't take the funny smell it creates, the burning, sharp pains and the infections...  I hope everything worked out ok with the issues you were experiencing..

bluebird17 12-17-2016 06:40 PM


Originally Posted by MammanP (Post 16984377)
<p>Yikes! Good to have this perspective. I had no idea a sono wouldn't necessarily show properly!</p>

Hi, I had a very similar experience in terms of pain, and my sonogram was supposedly totally normal — what did you do? Did it solve it?

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