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ILoveSweetpea's Avatar ILoveSweetpea 06:46 AM 06-05-2012
ok.... So we have been temping and avoiding fertile times and using condoms in non fertile times. I had a big screwup this cycle. We had sex on cd 8, which is well before my typical o day of cd14. In 2 years of charting, I have only once ovulated before cd14 and that was on cd13. We decided to try a sponge, which seemed great at first... It felt nice to not use a condom! But when I went to take it out, it had flipped on it's side. I had trouble retrieving it. I finally got it out after a lot of effort and interesting positions.

Later, I learned I was supposed to leave it in for several hours after sex. D'oh! Well, despite the flipping and early removal, we thought we were still ok because of the timing. Last night, on cd 10, I swear I was having ovulation pains. This morning my temp was up to early post o levels. So it looks like I did ovulate very early this cycle on cd 10.

So we dtd 2 days before ovulation. It was with the sponge that flipped and was removed too early. Do you think we were offered any protection from the sponge given the circumstances.

If I am pregnant, we will celebrate. We would prefer to be one having kids, but if fate steps in we will be happy and blessed to welcome another child into our family.

I think we might stick with condoms in future cycles!

Thank you in advance for any insights. I am very nervous! Sorry for any strange typos as I am writing this on an iPad.

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organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 11:07 AM 06-06-2012

Well it's hard to say but you could've gotten prego then. I would wait a couple weeks and then test. Hope you get the results that you'd like!

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