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Rebekah139's Avatar Rebekah139 09:45 AM 07-22-2012

Hi, I have been interested in using FAM while breastfeeding for a while, but wasn't sure how that would work since I don't get my period at all until my babies are weaned.  With my first child, I got my period back when he was 18 months and immediately got pregnant (on purpose).  I got my period back with second child when she was two yrs and 3 months and once again intentionally got pregnant right away.  Now I am nursing my 2 month old and am wondering if it would be safe to try FAM.  I guess that my concern is that since I've never used FAM, it might be tricky for me to recognize the signs that my fertility is returning.  


Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions, maybe experience that they can share?



eirual's Avatar eirual 07:11 AM 07-28-2012

FAM doesn't really work if you don't have your period back. There is LAM though ( here and here is some more info).

mt_gooseberry's Avatar mt_gooseberry 10:30 AM 07-30-2012

There are lots of us using FAM postpartum over on the CTA thread.  Several women have even caught their first ovulation using FAM PP.  Instead of charting your cycles, you just chart whatever your symptoms are and watch for patterns and signs of fertility returning.  In fact, if those of us who don't use artificial birth control DIDN'T use FAM/NFP before our periods returned, we'd be getting pregnant left and right!  I know, because I got pregnant without getting my period back last time.  You CAN use FAM postpartum before getting your period back.  Come see us on the TTA thread if you want company!

WinterPrego's Avatar WinterPrego 02:30 PM 08-03-2012

You can definitely use FAM while breastfeeding before your periods return. But you will need to start tracking your Basal temperature, and/or cervical fluid at some point. For instance, once my son turned 9 months (around the time he really started eating solids) I began taking my basal temperature, so I would know if/when I ovulated. I didn't pay any attention to my cervical fluid, because my BIP has always been EGCM! So I knew CF wouldn't be a reliable fertility sign to watch. I did check my cervix every evening though. Anyway, my period just returned yesterday(DS is 14 1/2 months), so I can finally track a true cycle.  I hope this might help you a bit. Good luck!

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