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Mama2grls1boy's Avatar Mama2grls1boy 02:45 PM 08-17-2012

So my boyfriend and I have been using the Withdraw method for a few months now (i know...not very smart lol) and I am about 5 dpo. I ovulated on 8/12 and am having symptoms....Nausea and aversion of drinks/foods started yesterday and have been on and off since, I had an increase in discharge the day before yesterday and I am moody, my boobs don't hurt but they normally do before my period. Now I kind of want to be preggo but wouldnt be too upset if I wasn't as i already have three kids from a previous relationship and and my bf really doesnt want anymore kids yet as he has his own daughter. Is it possible to get preggo off the withdraw method and have any of you ladies ever had that happen??? Can I hang out on this site til i find out?

physics girl's Avatar physics girl 06:11 PM 08-17-2012

According to Planned Parenthood statistics, out of 100 couples who practice withdrawal with absolute perfect use for a year, four women will become pregnant. For 100 couples with "typical use" which includes the possibility of an occasional slip-up, 27 will become pregnant. So yes, even though withdrawal is pretty effective for couples who use it perfectly, it is entirely possible to become pregnant using it.

Mama2grls1boy's Avatar Mama2grls1boy 07:26 AM 08-18-2012

Well, I woke up this morning to extreme nausea...I am not saying I am for sue but I have this feeling that it is a big possibility now. Yesterday I got really emotional over something my BF had said, which I dont think he realized how much it effected me, something that may not effect me so much most of the time. I had mild period like cramps yesterday and the day before but nothing so far today, just nausea.

organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 09:22 AM 08-19-2012

That's how I ended up pregnant with number 3. That and DH has super sperm that can survive exceptionally long periods before ovulation apparently! I would take a test soon and keep us posted! Hopefully whatever you desire will be. :-)

Mama2grls1boy's Avatar Mama2grls1boy 12:22 PM 08-19-2012
Yeah I will definitely let you know. Right now I am havin slight cramps, yesterday i had back pain that radiated to my legs, and nausea slightly still and Extreme fatigue...and i know its TMI but since that discharge that i had 3-4 days after O, I am completely dry...I am NEVER dry after O...I actually always have excessive CM after DeAR Child #3 so being dry is abnormal for me...
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