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Copper IUD side effects after removal

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I had a copper IUD in for about 2 and half years. About a year before I had it out I started having frequent urination issues. They would get better and then worse and better and then worse. I went to a number of doctors. All of them told me it couldn't be my IUD. One actually basically diagnosed me with hysteria. I had a cystoscopy (very painful) and the doctors still couldn't figure anything out. They said it wasn't IC or overactive bladder. After getting the IUD out I noticed my frequency got much better. I felt generally okay, but any time I drink any alcohol at all I still get horrible urgency to the point where I feel like I have a UTI for days after.


I'm a pretty sensitive person physically, but I got the IUD out almost 2 months ago now. Is this the copper still balancing out in my system? How long has it taken other people to recover from the side effects?

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How are you doing now? 

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