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BambooOrchid's Avatar BambooOrchid 02:41 PM 04-16-2013

I finally had Paragard (PG) removed today after 3 months suffered from many side effects of PG.  I'm a healthy person, no history of any health complication.  I'm also a mother of 3.  I hope my post will  help other women from making the decision getting this form of birth control.  I called my Dr 2 weeks ago and reported my nausea, headache, low energy, lower-backpain, bloating, acne but the advisor said give it some more time since it has only been few months so I listened to her. 


Then I start noticing my waist got bigger (puffy look but no weight gain)  then my hands and feet got swollen- water retention maybe?.  So I called the Dr. again and had PG removed no matter what.  After the removal, I felt some cramping so I used heating-pad to help with the cramping.  I passed so much gas during the first 5 hours after removing PG.  It was just unbelievable so I look at my food diary for yesterday and today so far, I didn't eat anything special.  This just somewhat  answered my puffiness for my waist I hope.  I did lots of research before I had PG inserted but I could only find more negative experiences so I thought i would just give it a try.  Not only that, during the past 3 months, I didn't even take any medication (even during my crazy heavy cramping menstrual period) and really watched my eating habit and weight as well.  


The only thing that really puzzles me is that the Dr keeps saying PG doesn't have any hormone so it shouldn't cause anything to the body.  Yes it sure did because 3 months ago, I didn't have any of the symptoms.  It's a fact that PG doesn't have hormone but how a person's body reacts to the IUD is completly diferent.  Nobody knows your body better than yourself.  When your body is rejecting a foreign object, it will signal you (in many ways).  So pay attention to what it tells you about the copper IUD.  Don't wait too long and ACT NOW to prevent further damage to your body. 


I will comeback and post a follow up post later on.


Now, I also have a friend who is currently has PG for 6 years and she is very happy with it.  She used to be overweighted but with the PG, it helped her lost all the weights and she only needed to tone up her body.  She is in a really amazing shape now.


So I guess I am not the LUCKY one then!

BambooOrchid's Avatar BambooOrchid 12:29 PM 04-18-2013 I am, again posting about my 2nd day after Paragard removal.  My hands and feet are not swollen anymore.  The cramping is completely gone now.  No more bloating.  Even my co-worker asked me why I look different than last week.  I guess the bloated look was all over me before.  So far so good. 

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Here is the latest update.  I can not tell everybody how happy I am after removing the IUD.  I feel much better today.  All the crazy symptoms are gone.  So now I know for sure it got to be the IUD. 

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