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Rosehip's Avatar Rosehip 07:11 PM 04-28-2014

So, attempted an mirena insertion today, dice.  After a good bit of poking & prodding, the NP declared my cervix simply too tight to get the IUD in:(  I'd gone to Planned Parenthood b/c it seemed SO much more expedient than the 2 month long process at my regular GYN because of university bureaucracy...

After nearly two hours in the most depressing/disturbing waiting room ever (a 15 yer old with her 2 year old child, another woman talking about her baby daddy choking her, and on and on), no dice!

The NP suggested that I could try again with misoprostol.


Has anyone else experience this and then had a successful insertion?  I'd really, really like an IUD...

alicenwonderlan's Avatar alicenwonderlan 01:03 PM 04-29-2014
Is it possible to schedule it around a fertile time or during AF? It almost seems silly to try to pry someone's cervix open when it will open on it's own later. (If only doctors could work on our schedule....
jtapc90's Avatar jtapc90 05:41 AM 05-06-2014

Wow. I wouldn't give up hope, maybe try searching for another doctor. Don't feel bad though, I couldn't get the cervical cap because, after tons of poking and prodding, sometimes even painful, by a gentle midwife, I found out my cervix is angled weirdly and the cap isn't possible. I have yet to seek another opinion but since then I have found and studied "natural family planning". Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a GREAT  and informative read. 

Rosehip's Avatar Rosehip 06:02 PM 05-13-2014

It's in!!  I went to my regular gyn - I said I'm not leaving without it and he said he'd never not gotten one in!

And...success!  I spotted for a few days, and now nothing.  I'm so happy, and optimistic that this will help with my 7-day long super heavy period.

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