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I didn't see a stickie about this on this forum, so I was wondering if someone knows a Web site that outlines all of the different systems? I am new to this, but would like to try it. I need to do a lot of research first due to a couple of complicating factors I outline below. If you have any experience with these and NFP, I would be grateful for advice!

One is being very fertile - took 10 days after going off the Pill to get PG with DD1 and about 2 months of "not trying/not not trying" with DD2. I'm nervous about the effectiveness of NFP, although I know people who have used it successfully. Which methods are most effective, or does it depend on your vigilance in applying the methods?

Another is that I am still BF my 11 month old DD2, so am not taking the Pill, but I get extremely bad cramps (out of commission for at least 1-2 days per month) that have only been controlled in the past by the Pill and prescription pain medication. I am now loathe to take it again because last time I did, I felt completely psycho. I used to be OK with it, but after DD1 my hormonal balance must have changed because I didn't tolerate it well anymore. I worry that with NFP I will have to deal with this kind of pain again.

Any advice or information is appreciated!

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I haven't looked for a site comparing the methods, but I chose Billings after some research. I knew that I did not want to have to take my temperature daily or look for cervical mucus. Billings is 99.9% effective.
There are a few downsides, of couse, but they aren't specific to Billings. One is that there are about 12 days or so a month on which intercourse is not allowed. I travel for work so this has really cut into my sex life! Also, I am now experiencing some pretty rediculous adult acne. I stopped using BCPs about a year ago, I blame them!
Anyway, I think Billings is pretty darn easy (NFP can get really complicated) and, at least for me so far, it has been effective.

Good luck!

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Hi, I live in the Chicago area too.

You might be interested in this Catholic NFP discussion board:
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I learned about Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) by reading Toni Weschler's book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I highly recommend it! It includes charts in the back, and the appendix about what's going on in my chart makes it like two books in one! Sorry I don't have a website to refer you to...

As far as the "highly fertile" and breastfeeding issues, Toni discusses this in the book as well. Becoming familiar with what is normal for your body is what she advocates in the book, and she gives guidelines and signs to look for and which are most important to watch for when trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Also, to clarify, the difference between FAM and NFP is this: with NFP, you abstain from sex during fertile times if trying to avoid pregnancy, and with FAM, you have the option to abstain or utilize barrier methods during fertile times.

Hope this helps!

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