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loving-my-babies's Avatar loving-my-babies 01:04 AM 05-29-2004
which is better? Our ds is 3 months old and we are considering not going on BC after all. I feel though that by doing this, we're going to be wondering if we're pg all the time... what's best... to plan a pg or just wait'n see if it happens? btw, I'm nursing 24/7 and PPAF hasn't arrived yet. with dd it arrived at 2 months PP (bf'ing too)

and.. can you get pg before AF arrives?

punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 11:48 PM 05-29-2004
Hi Carmen - I only have a minute but wanted to say that yes you can definetley get pregnant before your first AF -

if you ovulate and then get pregnant before your period

on the other hand you can also have your period, but not have ovulated.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining this clearly, sorry. I'm in a rush. Anyhow, an excellent book I would recomend for knowing more about how all this works (the reproductive cycle) I recomend Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wescheler.

Gotta Run - HTH!
mamaofthreeboys's Avatar mamaofthreeboys 01:54 AM 05-30-2004
I personally would think it would be better to plan for a pregnancy & take a test each month but that's just my opinion.

If you decide you don't want to plan another right now I recommend using some type of birth control~speaking from experience here

My two older kiddos are just 17.5 months apart (no return of AF then) & not planned by us (but a total blessing).....
loving-my-babies's Avatar loving-my-babies 02:31 AM 05-30-2004
thanks for your answers... and another question... when is the soonest you can get pg after baby is born? I ebf and I didn't know you could get pg before PPAF arrived so I just want to make sure we plan everything out before we run into little surprises. I love surprises, though!
babyluvr's Avatar babyluvr 09:47 PM 05-30-2004
i have a friend whose girls are10 mos apart!
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 11:04 PM 05-30-2004
The general thinking is that if you exclusively breastfeed and your breast fullfills all sucking needs (no pacifiers) and you also breastfeed through the night, then you are safe for the first six months. No need for other birth control, as long as you meet all of those requirements. I believe that the exact wording is something like "every four hours during the day and every six at night" I will see if I can find something official on this topic!

This is just food for thought, I can see on your siggy line that your son is very young - sometimes (often times?) pregnancy can make your milk dry up, and also make your breasts very sensitive. I know you are not asking for advice about this, but I just wanted to throw it out there. Hope you don't mind

P.S. I love your children's names
Palmetto210's Avatar Palmetto210 12:29 PM 05-31-2004
Should you plan or not plan...what do you and your DH want? Are you-all open to the idea of another child? Do you want to postpone pregnancy for a short while? It is such a personal decision.

As for breastfeeding and its effects on fertility, here is "a resource center for those who are experiencing lactational amenorrhea and/or wish to use lactational amenorrhea to postpone pregnancy."

Also, I have read Sheil Kippley's book on natural child spacing, and it provides a wealth of info on the subject. An interesting and a quick read.

best of luck with your decision,

cappuccinosmom's Avatar cappuccinosmom 09:53 PM 06-02-2004
Planning is a choice y'all have to make as a couple.

From the perspective of non-planners (and I mean, we are doing *nothing* to prevent, but not not ttc with charts/mucus/etc.)

Since we don't use birth control, I do find myself wondering often if I'm pregnant. I also had a "phantom pregnancy" going from about 4 mo pp to 9 mo pp. However, since I am content right now to either be pregnant or not be pregnant (ie: I see pros and cons to each state, and neither seems better to me at the moment), it's not an obsession.

You can ovulate before you get your first period, and get pregnant. However, if you follow the Lactation Amenorrhea Method (see, you have a very minimal chance of ovulating during the first 6 mo pp.

Do you want another baby soon? Does it matter? Could you be happy either way? I think those are the questions you need to ask. Everybody has different (and strong!) opinions on the issue of whether children should be "planned" or not.