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Ahappymel's Avatar Ahappymel 10:45 PM 07-12-2004
Hi all,
I just put my 1st Nuva Ring in about one hour ago.
Here are my questions:

1) I can't really feel the ring but if I insert a finger vaginally, I can feel the ring about one inch up into my vagina. Is the ring supposed to sit that low? I tried to push it up further but it doesn't seem to go up any further.

2) Does your partner say that they can feel the ring?

And um....

3) Does have a Nuva Ring in place create a difference in the taste secretions?


magemom's Avatar magemom 12:07 AM 07-13-2004
1) yes that is about where mine was.
2) dh felt it with his hand but not with anything else
3) never commented

HOWEVER- be very careful if things get, um, very slick. I found my ring in the walk in closet a day after I noticed it wasn't there. (I checked every few showers for it) It was time for it to come out anyway, but that was a very tense day.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 12:11 AM 07-13-2004
dh rarely felt it but it wasn't uncomfortable.
It can sit anywhere as long as its touching you, its absorbed transdermally or whatever the term would be for the mucous membrane of your vagina.