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eilonwy's Avatar eilonwy 04:32 PM 08-02-2004
Where do you keep your thermometer?! I've been trying to keep it next to my bed, but my toddler invariably finds it and plays with it. Last night, I stuck it into my pillowcase after he fell asleep, but this morning he found it and pulled it out to play with. So what do you do with yours?

beaner&tiegs's Avatar beaner&tiegs 10:24 PM 08-10-2004
What about in a case that he can play with, but not get access to the actual thermometer? Or in a drawer beside the bed? Or use a digital so it doesn't really matter if he uses it? Or keep showing him how to gently/properly use it, and over time he'll learn - and more than like lose interest? Just a few thoughts.....also, tuck under mattress? On high shelf above the bed?
HRC121799's Avatar HRC121799 03:37 AM 08-11-2004
I have a small wicker basket that I got at the craft store that hangs flat against the wall, we put it on dh's side, on the wall, and in the am dh hands the thermo. to me and then after it beeps I hand it back to him and he writes down the temp and puts it all back in the wicker basket. So far Braden can't reach it! If we didn't do it that way, I'd just keep it on my nightstand.