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rubelin's Avatar rubelin 06:43 AM 09-07-2004
I was wondering how many of you have used the Billings method (monitoring CM) to TTA while nursing a babe. Our only other choice for BC at this point is IUD, can't use barriers (flat cervix) or hormonal or condoms. I'm all for using Billings, it's mostly what we used to TTC along with my Ovacue fertility monitor, but I am all freaked out to let DH near me without being absolutely sure I won't get preggo. We're planning to try for #3 in about 3 years so need something long term. I was on Depo for about 2.5 yrs after DS1 so I have no idea what my natural tendency to regain fertility while nursing is. I can say that ecological BFing doesn't work well cause both my boys are good sleepers at night and tend to nurse infrequently (they just hang on forever when they do nurse). My Dr is putting in the papers to get an approval for a Mirena but I'm not completely sure about it yet. My biggest concerns with doing Billings are that I rinse with a Peri bottle almost every time I use the bathroom so it's hard to notice CM and I have a very tough time abstaining when I am fertile and I don't know if I really want to.

Any ideas, stories, etc??

cloak's Avatar cloak 08:32 PM 09-12-2004
I'm not sure how much help I'll be but thought I'd reply since no one else had yet. I don't use billings but I did use STM while nursing but mostly without taking my temp since I was up a zillion times a night with my ds. I basically relied on my CM. I think that if you do an internal CM check just before you actually use the restroom and do your rinse that it would be accurate enough. I doubt that the rinse really affects the mucus right at your cervix since you squeeze it out with your fingers to check. Sorry if that is too much info. :
rubelin's Avatar rubelin 02:22 AM 09-13-2004
Cloak, thanx for replying, I'd given up that anyone on this forum would talk to me I figured maybe nobody knew what Billings was, but thought at least someone would say hi and ask about it.

For now I am checking CM twice a day, morning and night, and think that should give me adequate info. Since I'm also using the Ovacue (, I'm pretty well covered, but I'm still nervous. I've had 3 episodes of EW mucus but they didn't correspond to any Ovacue readings, so I figure there just flukes.

Gosh, I've never wanted AF to return so badly except when we were wanting to TTC. I'd just be so much easier to have my cycles to go by, this annovulatory stage is so frustrating!