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Paraguard reviews - Mirena vs. Paragard IUD

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Question for Paraguard users...  Is your cycle length longer with the IUD?  I have had mine for 6 months now and my cycle time is around 34 days.  Wondering if anyone else has long cycle times.

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Hi, Ive had the Paraguard since March...the insertion wasn't too bad...but THE PERIODS!!!  I used to have a 4-5 day light it lasts 7-9 days and 3-4 of those i am flooding like im having a miscarriage!!  And i might be!!  Just went to the dr. yesterday and he explained to me that the Paraguard keeps your uterus in a constant state of you CAN get pregnant...but the lining of the uterus is so irritated the fertilized egg has no where to implant in the wall.   I am highly upset i wasn't told this when i asked details before insertion. 

I thought the mirena was dangerous for me since i smoked because of the hormones...but actually my dr said because there is no estrogen, only progesterone, it doesnt have the same side effects as the pill or other birth control methods with containing estrogen...

Im getting the mirena in 2 weeks:-)

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Originally Posted by gina1369 View Post

Question for Paraguard users...  Is your cycle length longer with the IUD?  I have had mine for 6 months now and my cycle time is around 34 days.  Wondering if anyone else has long cycle times.


Mine got shorter actually. And the periods got longer for the first year or so, then leveled off, a day or so longer than they were before the IUD.

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i also have endo. and my doc. also advised me to take Mirena. He said it would stop my periods and the endo would not be as bad since to only grows when you have your period... basically all summed up. Ive read the forum and I'm absolutely horrified to take an IUD now. the hair loss and weight gain, mood swings, acne,anxiety.  I tried BC but the hormones in all of them i couldn't handle and i dont know this would be any different. I'm scheduled to have it put in this Tuesday....

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Originally Posted by dee_03 View Post

I have not had any experience with the Paragard but I have had the Mirena.

I had my first mirena inserted in 2003 (I was in my early 20s) and am onto my second (got this in mid-2008). I have never had children and am not sure I could due to severe recurrent endometriosis which was discovered about 8 years ago. A mirena was recommended as a 'treatment' by my specialists to improve my symptoms (heavy bleeding, cramping etc, and hopefully to keep it 'at bay'). I was not on the pill or any other form birth control.

I had the first mirena inserted during my second laparotomy to remove the endo (so I was under general anaesthetic) and had scarier things to worry about LOL!

For the second mirena my doctor recommended I go under a general anaesthetic (for my comfort) to have it inserted which I did. I had a little spotting afterwards but since then I've been fine.

Some women complain about weight gain - well I had my first mirena experience was when I was recovering from major surgery and I expected to put weight on anyway as I couldn't move around very much (added about 10 pounds). It took about a year for me to start feeling good enough to exercise again and feel 'normal' and eventually I lost about half the weight I'd put on. My periods got lighter within about 4 to 6 months (they were very heavy previously) and eventually I got to the point where I had no bleeding for like 2 to 3 months! (Apparently this is not unusual, and it's nice not to have periods).

Other women mention mood swings after getting a mirena. Initially I'd say for the first 2 months after insertion I was quite touchy/sensitive and moody and overemotional - I def. did not feel my normal self. But that has passed now and I actually feel more stable than what I was before having the mirena.

Towards the end of my first mirena I found my periods getting somewhat heavier and cramping starting to return (about 4 months short of the 5 year anniversary) again.

Several months after having my second mirena I put on about 8 pounds. In the last 3 months I have increased my exercise from pilates once or twice a week to include cardio, walking and light weights and have managed to shift that weight and then some The only challenge now will be to keep it off.

The only thing I don't like is my hair feels much greasier than it ever was (I didn't have this problem on the first mirena so it seems odd to me) but it's only a minor annoyance compared to all the benefits.

As for my endometriosis, well, I just keep going for annual scans and keep getting the same "it's still there" or "it's growing" but they don't want to do more surgery if they can help it as it just reduces what fertility I may have (which means resectioning my ovary tissue where the endo is the worst), but at the same time doing nothing can also damage my fertility anyway as the endo grows and 'pushes out' my healthy tissue. Hmmm... oh well

Sorry to ramble on a little off topic, but if anyone has had similar reasons for getting the mirena please feel free to PM me as I would be interested to learn about others' experiences.


i also have endo. and my doc. also advised me to take Mirena. He said it would stop my periods and the endo would not be as bad since to only grows when you have your period... basically all summed up. Ive read the forum and I'm absolutely horrified to take an IUD now. the hair loss and weight gain, mood swings, acne,anxiety.  I tried BC but the hormones in all of them i couldn't handle and i dont know this would be any different. I'm scheduled to have it put in this Tuesday....

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Hi All, first of all - this forum was SOOOOOOO helpful to me as I wondered which IUD to choose - almost 40 and this was the first time I had to do something with respect to birth control.  (infertility for over a decade, hellacious pregnancy with first so never tried/thought about preventing a second due to the previous infertility only to be blessed with a second little miracle baby). BUT I didn't want to get pregnant so late in life that baby and I'd both be in diapers at the same time! So, hence the long term birth control decision. 


I was all freaked out about getting the paraguard despite that that was the one the doctor recommended due to reviews on here talking about how horried the cycles were and how painful the insertion was and the bleeding/cramping were.


Well, let me just give you all a ray of hope - I have had PAP smears more painful than the insertion was - no joke and hand to God.  Also, as for people who said that the bled like crazy afterwards, I have not, this was the last or second to last day of my cycle and I am tapering off like normal, no extra bleeding at all.  Cramps - not so much either.  I took 2 ibuprofen in the morning about 2 hours before my appt and then 2 more when I got back in the car just in case and was fine for almost the rest of the day.  This evening I felt sore - more like a dull slight ache vs. cramp so I took two more Ibuprofen and that was 5 hours ago and I am perfectly fine. I am very pleasantly surprised :)


Now, if I have a first period like I am going to kill myself in a month I will post but this gives me extreme hope as I have had no issues like many have stated.

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After I had my son 6 years ago I got the peragard IUD (10year) and had no particular issues. I didn't have to worry about pregnancy, headaches, cramps, or anyhting like that. I also did not have irregualr bleeding, it work excellent for me. After the removal I got pregnant with my daughter soon after. On my 6 week check-up my doc recommend the mirena (5year) instead of the paragard. After I got the mirena I started to get headaches, urinate alot, cramping, at time I get periods and other times I don't, I also gain 15 lbs since my insertion in December 2011. I am going back to the doctors after the holiday to get the mirena removed and hopefully get the para guard in.

It all depends on preference and your body. Think about whetehr you have irregular periods, a lot of cramps, heavy bleeding, weight issues, how long you want it and so forth.

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I currently have the mirena in and want it out. Since I started using it I have no sex drive, headaches, dizziness, vaginal dryness, gained about 15 pounds in 3 month after dieting hard. Breast soreness and tenderness and also nausea.

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i had the paragard placed last sept after i had my daughter in aug and my periods are heavier and alot longer but they were always regular every month around the same time but this month has been horrible my period was only 3 days instead of 7 and a week after i quit i started spotting then stopped and started bleeding again ugh iv been very irratable,headaches,stomach cramping alot of prego signs im freaking out idk has anyone else had these syptoms and its just me freaking out or what......please email me if you have any comments thank you [email protected]

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I have has a Paraguard IUD for 4 yrs now. I have heavy bad periods every month and bleed for 2 weeks most of the time. Also every time I start I get an infection of some sort before/ after almost every time. Has anyone else had this problem? I also have some bleeding and burning after intercourse. Doctor is not sure if it's the IUD or not but I'm thinking of having it taken out. I think the copper has something to do with my problems. I think the Mirena my work better.
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I had both i had the Paraguard for 9 yrs the extended menstrsl cycles were horrid. I had issues with reaching my peak. But the smell of metal at the end encouraged me to let it go as well as the menstral cycle life.
The Mirena is the same but the hormone and i didnt get alone 40 lbs heavier, diagnosed with migranes, acne, moody, sweaty, depressed and edema. The IUD is wonderful but the side effects of the progestrone is hell. My doctor took it out and wants me to let my uterus rest now i have homework on whats next. But it may not be an IUD smh so convenient.
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Hey did you end up getting the Paragard?  I'm similar to you (had tried the nuvaring, have heavy periods already but no cramping) and was wondering what your experience getting it in and what the first 3 months were like for you??



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For the past few days I've been reading about Paragard vs Mirena, but more so Paragard because I'm not interested in hormonal contraceptive. With Paragard I've read that the procedure tends to not be pleasant and that the periods usually are longer are more crampy. Time will tell, but I wanted to share with you my experience of getting the IUD and how I feel currently.


Just a little about me first:


I'm 24, healthy and physically active. I've not given birth. Since the age of 14 I've not used birth control other than condoms except for a month when I tried YAZ during my sophomore year of college ('07). To say the least YAZ scared me away from ever wanting to put hormones into my body ever again. 

Essentially I've been hormone contraceptive free. 

As for my periods they naturally arrive each month at about the same time and tend to run at about 6 days on average. Day 2 and 3 are usually pretty heavy. I get cramps and sometimes they rock my world (in a not so good kind of way. Ibuprofen is my cure). Actually let me take back the horrible cramps part. They used to be horrible when I was using tampons and when I switched to the silicone cup, they subsided substantially. With the silicone cup my bowl movements are much less a pain as well, if you know what I mean.


Anyway, back on topic! 


I went in just a few hours ago to get Paragard and expected the worst but ended up being VERY pleasantly surprised. 

It was quick (5 minutes) and pretty much painless. The doctor didn't soften my cervix or numb the area. When the doctor was measuring my uterus there was a very brief crampy feeling. He only measured it once. Felt like a regular cramp. The same 5 second crampy feeling when the doc put the Paragard in. I was immediately able to sit up, stand up, and walk. I've also not had a single cramp, yet, since the procedure. I've also not bled more than usual either. Amazing. I feel great.


I wonder if my periods will be affected at all since I'm not coming off of hormones?

A month from now I will re-post and share my experience. 

I hope this post helps ---- for me this was a GREAT experience. I'm so happy I went in and got the procedure for Paragard done. 

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Thanks so much for your input. The only one who I see that has had paragard for a length of time. Your info is very helpful. I will give it a try.
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Update, I've had my Paragard for 9 months now. I still haven't had a period since I had my baby a year ago (breastfeeding a ton). I've had no cramps, funky discharge or any other side effect, and best of all, I continue to not get pregnant :)

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Well I'm a young mother of 2, and since my son tuned exactly 6 months I got the Paraguard,, I must say even though I'm completely happy with not getting pregnant, I sometimes regret getting it. Sometimes my periods change date, and when I do get my menstrual period, I feel like I just delivered, my period are heavy and may last up to 2 weeks,, there's times when 4 or 5 ibuprofen pills must be taken,, I've always had normal cramp free periods but since I got the Paraguard, I'm a complete mess,, I get cramps and I'm always getting stained, but I've heard its wayy better than Mirena..
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Hi I've had the paragard for 5 months now and before I ever got it I had a regular period and light cramps. I bleed for almost 3 weeks straight and my cramps are so serious that i bend in pain. I also have this foul smell disch.. that i've even gone to the doctors for it multiple times insisting that I have an infection but cultures always come back normal. Im not responsible enough to remember to take the pill everyday or renew my prescription so I decided to get the paragard. I was excited it was an unhormonal bc and lasted 10 years. Who wonders why it's a 10 yr bc because you never have anytime to be sexy when you bleed all the time!  Im going to get the mirena this friday but I'm really iffy because I don't want to gain weight, crave sweets, or break out..... BUT i would take those over this any day! Update in about a month.

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Hi I  have the copper IUD I got it put in December of 2011. I have an appointment this Friday to get it removed. For the last 3 weeks I have been dealing with depression, constant headaches, no motivation, constant empty stomach feeling, I'm really tired and weak, no energy and I'm just not my self. I made this decision after googling "Cooper IUD and side affects" Their is a thread on mothering .com under Family Planning with tons of women that experience these same side affects and other side affects with the IUD.  Some even went on anti-depressants not knowing it was the IUD causing their side affects.  I have decided to use the lady comp instead. I've been on hormonal birth control for 12 years and really wanted to get of the hormones so decided to try the copper IUD but my body is not happy with it.


If any of you guys have any of these symptoms or others know that you are NOT CRAZY it's very possible it's your IUD.

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I chose the paraguard bc i cannot tolerate any hormones.  I have had my since 7 weeks PP which was 5 years ago!! I love it, I would never take it out if possible.  During placement it was only a small pinch like a cramp, a small amount of spotting on the first day.  Periods last 5 to 7 days with  2 or 3 very heavy days, a couple of kind of heavy days. No problems what so ever.  

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I had Paragard 5 plus years ago.  My daughter in 5  1/2 now.  We love it.  My period last 6-7 days.  It is heavy only one day.  10 years it last.  no worries.  I was on the pill 12 years ago.  I had to remember taking it, ifff With  the IUD.  It worth it.  I have two beautful girls.  it cost 500 dollars.  FYI

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I just wanted to share my experience. To start of I am 19 with no kids but decided to get mirena because I was very forgetful with the pill. I have had it for about 10 months, and I am not happy. Insertion didn't hurt too bad, but my Dr gave me pills to stick up my vagina the night before to open it up for easy insertion. I was fine right after and didn't bleed much. I have had my period every month but it only last about 2 days and is extremely light. But a week before my period I get cramps that make me bend over in pain and cry, its awful. I have also had problems with acne and weight. I have been trying to lose weight and just can't no matter What I do. I have tried diet pills, exercise plans, and counting calories. Nothing has worked. Although I haven't gained weight, I have gotten bigger and always look swollen and bloated. Another problem that i have had is a complete loss of sex drive, which is not like me at all. It has effected mine and my boyfriends relationship. I do not recommend it and plan on getting mine out VERY soon.
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Hi, I have had the Mirena for 3 years. Initially, I had a lot of pain and spotting but no period for years now. The convinence is wonderful but the weight gain I can't stand anymore. My partner and I noticed it immediately. I am thinking of replacing it with the paraguard but I am nervous about the bleeding issue. After reading everyones responses, I am thinking other methods might be the way to go for me.

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I have had both, the mirena and the paragard. I had th mirena for approx. 18 months and gained so much weight (30lbs) and had the worst mood swings. They say that it only has a small amount of hormones but when you are eating the same and working out on a constant i knew it had to be the iud. After removing the mirena within the first week I'd lost 10 lbs after doing minimal exercise. I had the paragard inserted a few months later. Well like they say you do have a much heavier period, which to me was the only upside of the mirena that I loved. Well there are months that my cycle lasts as long as a week and a half, but I'm now starting to have a heavy discharge that a cousin of mine is saying that she is having also. I went to get a check up and nothing was found abnormal so i can only assume it's the iud. I say you have to make the choice that's best for you. Not everyone has the same side effects or symptoms at all. Other than the heavy cycle, which I can leave with I love the paragard but iuds or birth control for all that matter isn't for everyone.

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Originally Posted by kdiggs12 View Post

The great thing about this thread is that there are so many different opinions and views.  The not so great is that many conclusions are based on faulty logic.

Weight gain is largely  psychosomatic  in birth control users, regardless of type.  In a small percentage of women, there is an increase in fluid retention which technically can cause weight gain.  But we're talking 1-3lbs.  And even in those few women, the weight goes away after a few months.  Women simply do not gain weight "because" of birth control or the hormones in it.  There was a review of over 44 studies that show birth control does not cause weight gain.  So disregard posts swearing their IUD is to blame for weight gain issues. Convenient, but the IUD is no more responsible than a condom would be.  


Also, nearly all women who haven't gone through menopause have ovarian cysts.  Cysts continue with the placement of an IUD.  Whether they rupture or require attention (most cysts are benign and not treated) has not been linked to any birth control.


Less than 8 in 1,000 women get pregnant while using Mirena.  that is less than 1%


I have a wonderful OBGYN and do my own research and I would just hate for women to make a decision based on incomplete information.  Hearing from anonymous women is one thing but also talk to professionals, read scientific studies, and compare info from the ACTUAL manufacturers.

I have the mirena...late 20s and have never been pregnant.  My doc had me take a cervix softener before hand.  It was uncomfortable and painful but not as bad as it sounds by some accounts.  I had cramping for a few hours afterwards, similar to what I have on periods.  So far so good.


I had the IUD for nearly 2 years after my second birth and I had painful cysts nearly every month.  Yes, they occur in most pre-menopausal women, but not to that extent. The makers of Mirena claim that cysts are a side effect.  I also suffered several chemical pregnancies, which means that I would get pregnant and miscarry within one cycle.  (And yes, Mirena acknowledges that chemical pregnancies are another side effect). Can you imagine what that does to someone's hormones?!?  In addition to all of that, I had terrible migraines, although hormone bc usually does that to me.  The day I had my Mirena removed I felt like me again, it was amazing.  That was about 2 years ago, and I have since had a third child.  I know the downsides of Paragard, but I really don't want a 4th kid now and I'm so paranoid about getting pregnant, I don't feel comfortable relying on condoms.   

I know that everyone is different and reacts to medications differently, but to anyone considering the Mirena, I'd say, prepare yourselves for hormone hell. 

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I like your response. I'm thinking of getting the paraguard and you made a lot of points that relate to myself. I'm alittle excited to be trying a birthcontrol that won't give me mood swings or headaches. I have been trying different hormonal birthcontrols for almost 8 years now and i feel that i know my body well, so i don't think that the bleeding with this device would effect me too much. I am a normal/average healthy woman. Feels very empowering to discover that i can be more in control of my body and baby choices. I have two children and this IUC device gives me plenty of time(up to 10 years) to think if there is a third of more in my future! :)

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I havent posted in a while so figured I would update... I have had my Paraguard for 8 months.  My periods are a steady 6 days long from start to finish, nothing too heavy, no cramping, regular light PMS symptoms.  I stay away from sex during my fertile days, just in case, but havent had any adverse affects from the Paraguard to date.  My cycle length is approximately 31 days.  I use a handy android app to track my period start and end, fertile days and PMS signs so that I don't have to worry about it throughout the month.  My cycle length is still a bit long at 31 - 34 days in total length, but thats ok with me!  I am thinking about getting my strings cut back a bit since they are really low when my cervix drops each month.  We'll see what the OBGYN says during my annual exam at the end of the month.

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Hi there-


I am curious to hear about your experience.

I am looking to change to a copper IUD because I am having side effects from Ortho-Cyclen Birth Control Pills. 


Since most of these reviews are negative, I just want to be sure I am making the right decision.


I have not had children, am 21, and most likely won't be ready to have children until I am in my 30's.  So, the IUD sounds like a good idea.  I have been having recurrent UTI's and Yeast infections, so am hoping to get my body balanced again without using hormones.\


Thank you so much for your feedback!

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I want to share my story with you ladies - hopefully you will find it useful!


Before getting the Paragard, I read through most of the reviews on here.  I was scared silly to do it because of some of the horror stories I read, but I ended up doing it anyway, because I really couldn't find a better option.  Plus, I figured, if it didn't work out - I could always have it removed.  I am *hopefully* done having children and I was planning on getting the Adiana, but they stopped manufacturing it before I could get one.  There were too many negative reviews of the Essure for my comfort and I am nervous about the possibility of early menopause sometimes associated with tubal ligation.  I do NOT respond well to hormones at that left me with very few options.  Condoms were getting old, fast!  And frankly I am not disciplined enough to not have sex when I'm ovulating so that eliminated NFP.  My husband did not care to get a vasectomy, but if this doesn't work out, that is the next step.  :) 


My experience is as follows:


Insertion: (Note: I took 4 Ibuprofen an hour before the procedure and this was 8 weeks post-partum).  Some women said it was very was not painful for me at all.  I have had paper cuts that hurt worse, and I'm not kidding.  Granted, I have done childbirth naturally three times, so my pain tolerance may be higher but it genuinely was not painful for me.  Slightly uncomfortable, but only because I find those clamp things the OB GYNs use annoying.  I'm not minimizing other women's pain...just saying that my experience was relatively pain free.


Bleeding: I began bleeding immediately upon insertion and it continued on for 4.5 days, with the last .5 day being more spotty than anything.  However, that said, on Day 2 the bleeding was so heavy that I felt weak and almost unable to care for my three kids.  I have never bled that heavily during a period.  It has been a month, I have had no more bleeding since then (but I am breastfeeding, so I normally wouldn't have a period right now). 


Cramping: I had some minimally uncomfortable cramping for about a day post-insertion.  Nothing since. 


Sex: Sex is comfortable, no pain or cramping at orgasm (as some have experienced).  Genuinely appreciating the freeing feeling of not having to worry about pregnancy again! 


Moods: I have not noticed any change in my mood at all, which is a huge bonus.  I was miserable on hormonal birth control - this has been very nice. 


Efficacy: I cannot yet attest to how well it's working.  Firstly, it's only been about a month.  Secondly, I am only 3 months post-partum and am breastfeeding, so odds are decent that I wouldn't get pregnant anyway.  Hopefully their 99.8% record doesn't leave me in the .2% of failures!  :P


The Strings: My husband has not complained about them yet. 


Convenience: This is amazingly convenient.  If it works I will be SO pleased.  I am not uncomfortable, I don't have to think about it, I don't have to stop and get a's  dream come true so far! 


I hope this helps some of you!  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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Checking in, it's been a year since I got my Paragard and I still have had no adverse effects. I'm still breastfeeding frequently enough to keep AF away (which is just fine with me!) but no crampies, anyway. Sex without worry of pregnancy is AWESOME.

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No disrespect intended, but are you a spokesperson for Mirena? Clearly, hormones will effect every woman differently. NO, weight gain and several other side effects that hormonal imbalances cause are not listed on Mirena's side effects (i.e. depression, migraines,etc). However, if you look up the hormone that is in Mirena, levenorgestrel, strangely enough you will see all those side effects listed. I have had Mirena for a little over a year, right after I had my third son. I have never had a problem losing weight and despite working out (hard) 4-5 times a week and writing down all my food intake, I will lose a pound, then gain it right back. I also never had headaches. Suddenly I have daily migraines that I have to take medication for. I became depressed to the point of being suicidal. The Mirena may work for some whose body chemistry will tolerate it. But to simply dismiss the symptoms that women are having from this thing because some drug company or doctor says it's "not possible" is ludicrous. Those people are in the business of selling drugs, your interests come second. It is very naive to blindly trust pharmacutical companies.   

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