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MotherEden's Avatar MotherEden 03:46 PM 03-27-2005
I know this is going to sound like dh and I are crazy but through poor communication dh was under the impression that I wanted to get pg now! And thus wasn't safe last night and I thought he was. I don't want to get pg till this fall. Yesterday was my first day of my period so what are the odds that I could get pregnant?

Erin+babyAndrew's Avatar Erin+babyAndrew 04:55 PM 03-27-2005
i would say it's not very likely.
good luck!
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 10:32 PM 03-27-2005
It can happen but not likely. I've asked some crazy questions on here so I don't think yous was too off the wall :LOL
bri276's Avatar bri276 10:42 PM 03-27-2005
unlikely but possible- stranger things have happened! but definitely don't stress over it.
TiredX2's Avatar TiredX2 10:32 PM 04-04-2005
Do you generally have 19 day (or less) cycles? If no, you're very safe on day one, lol.
MotherEden's Avatar MotherEden 01:18 AM 04-22-2005
Well my menses is due tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. I have been having some pg symptoms-indigestion, extreme tiredness, hunger surges.

But those symptoms could mean a number of things.
its_our_family's Avatar its_our_family 02:57 AM 04-22-2005
Keep us updated
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 01:17 PM 04-25-2005
Any word? I would say you basically have no chance and w/ just starting af the spermies would have to swim pretty hard, sorry. Usually once you start tapering off you can look for cm and judge fertility then.
MotherEden's Avatar MotherEden 01:40 PM 04-25-2005
Not pregnant. AF is here. Im glad though. Dh is a teacher so I didnt want to get pg till fall so I would deliver in summer when he has off and can help.