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mamato2boys's Avatar mamato2boys 04:32 PM 07-12-2005
Hi all-
Hoping someone has info.---this is only my second cycle charting to avoid PG but I've charted in the past to achive PG. This cycle in particular my pre-o temps are lower (96.58-97.22) than when I charted to achive. Does anyone know if these temps are low enough to indicate a possible low thryoid function? Will a doctor test for low thryoid based strictly on temps? I do possibly have other symptoms: weight gain/ fatigue etc. but they could also be related to medication I am on for another immune system disorder.

Any info anyone has would be great!


Dmitrizmom's Avatar Dmitrizmom 08:49 PM 07-13-2005
Hi. Not sure, but it could. Even so, with taking the other meds, I would talk to my doc. But for the record - my pre-O temps are in the same range and I don't have a thyroid problem (had mine tested as a part of a physical a couple years back).
Crunchier's Avatar Crunchier 05:09 AM 07-16-2005
I have low temps too. As I understand it, it's not hypothyroidism, it;s the ablitly of the liver to metabolize the thyroid hormone that can cause low temps. a thyroid panel will not indicate this kind of problem.
mamato2boys's Avatar mamato2boys 04:29 PM 07-16-2005
Crunchier--do you know if the liver problem can lead to any other health issues or is it simply a matter of temps being low? Looking over my old charts from 3 years ago my temps now average about a full degree lower than before. Just wondering if this is significant?
onlyboys's Avatar onlyboys 05:02 PM 07-16-2005
Are you still breastfeeding a lot? If so, then it makes your temps all wonky. It did mine until about a year PP. I never got a pre-o temp above 97, I don't think...
Kharen's Avatar Kharen 12:58 PM 07-20-2005
Nicole, I'd recommend getting your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level tested, just to rule out a possible hypothyroid condition. Let you healthcare provider know about your low temps (which are low enough to indicate that you might have a hypo issue) and any other symptoms you might be having. Here's a good site to check out: http://thyroid.about.com/

I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease that's the most common cause of hypothyroidism), and I've found that site to be very helpful.

Thyroid conditions are much more common than you might imagine. Ideally, you'd want to ask you provider to run some other thryoid tests for you (testing for T3 and T4 levels, in particular), but the standard practice is to start with a TSH test.

You mention your temps used to be higher -- perhaps before your most recent pregnancy? Hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy and especially postpartum can activate/cause thyroid issues. Many hypothryoid women I know were actually diagnosed after giving birth. So, it's something to look into.

I'm going to check out that liver connection, too. Thanks for the information. Despite being medicated for my thryoid conditions, my basal temps are still low (96.5-97 pre-O; 97.1-97.8 post-O).

My best to you!
mamato2boys's Avatar mamato2boys 06:37 PM 07-22-2005
Thanks all!

Kharen-I checked out that website; it had a lot of useful information. I do seem to have several of the symptoms, but I'm also on a medication for an autoimmune disease that lists most of the symptoms of hypothroidsim as possible side effects. I suppose I be heading in to the doctor soon!

Thanks again!