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Alana's Avatar Alana 12:36 AM 07-27-2006
but my period hadnt started. I called beforehand to see if I should still come in. I was forwarded to a gyn nurse...who turned out to be male...and I had a hard time explaining in detail about my period to him. He said to come in anyway and see what the Dr says.

I go $200 for the stupid IUD, 20$ for my copay. Get into the office...nurse is doing all the vitals...I tell her I dont have my period...but i took 4 pregnancy tests and they were all negative...she suggested doing another. (btw...I could tell AF was coming...I was crampy and emotional) That test was negative. Dr came in and said she cant put the IUD in unless I havent had sex in 2 wks. She said she could do a same day appt when I get my period.

Wouldnt you guess it......

One hour after I left her office.......I got my period. I wasted 2 hours and 20$

I go back on Monday.

Boobs's Avatar Boobs 12:40 AM 07-27-2006
That sounds so much like something that would happen to me!
Best of luck next time!
starbound25's Avatar starbound25 06:59 PM 07-31-2006
son of a b
Alana's Avatar Alana 07:22 PM 07-31-2006
It gets better.....I went back today....and evidently on the 21st when I had my pap done, I had a yeast infection....and because THEY didnt give me the stuff to treat it, and wouldnt believe me that i did : ....they wouldnt give me the IUD. SO NOW I have to wait a whole 'nother month, till AF comes again. : This is craziness.
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 02:29 AM 08-01-2006
They charged you for a full office visit just to *not* ask you if your period had started?

Is there any other office in town that takes your insurance? You probably have to just deal with this one to get the IUD put in, but after that you should shop around if at all possible.
Shelsi's Avatar Shelsi 02:38 AM 08-01-2006
Do you have a birth center nearby? Lots of times they do well-woman visits as well and will do IUDs, pap smears, etc. I think you should switch docs...they aren't even listening to you and I can't believe they charged you the $20!

And next time, when you KNOW you're for sure not pregnant, lie about not having had sex in the last 2 weeks! lol.
Alana's Avatar Alana 09:57 AM 08-01-2006
We have Kaiser which is an HMO. Dh is self employed....and we have to pay full premium for our insurance. All the PPO's were at least 1500$ a month...Kaiser is slightly less than 700$ per month for our family of 5. This is the only time Ive received such insane care. The stupid company fired all the midwives 2yrs a "cost cutting measure"

My midwife always listened to me. I saw a regular GYN last week, and it was just so weird. She asked what we do for bc, I said we use NFP and condoms. "Oh, so you use the rythm method" Noooo...I use NFP, and pay attention to my body's fertile signals. "Oh...that is really not very effective...did you get pregnant all 3 times using that?" Nooo...I got pg with all 3 when we did NOTHING...and we have been using NFP for 2.5 yrs and have NOT gotten pg. : "Well....we really dont consider that bc" :

Fortunately they are refunding me the copay from yesterday. But, when I went down to get my check back...the lady who checked me in was gone. As we waited my friend who came along to watch the dc....said...out public...." can always keep using condoms and checking your cm until you get your period and then you can come back and get that put in." I just about died. There were a bunch of people waiting in line. :
photokivagirl's Avatar photokivagirl 10:24 AM 08-01-2006
That's nuts! I just got an IUD put in a week ago, and they just had me take a preg test at the lab a few hours before. Gotta say, the abstinence thing was no issue, though. (We're cosleeping, and haven't quite found a way to work the lovin' back in.)

I am bf my dd and hadn't gotten my period back yet, but since the IUD, it has arrived. Did the IUD cause it to return???

Sometimes I think gyns are small-minded. This new one I went to was very nice and I liked her manner. But when I said I gave birth at a birth center, and what a lovely experience it was, all she wanted to know was "Did they have drugs available?" (No, that was kind of the point!) and "Did they do continuous fetal monitoring?" (No, so you can labor untethered, and continuous monitoring does not change mother/baby outcomes.) I wanted to wax poetic about my beautiful birth, and she wanted to make sure she could write them off as unresponsible providers. Arggh! :

Good luck next time. The IUD is nice for peace of mind, since we can't afford another babe anytime soon. (One income sucks!) Glad to hear your method works so well, too, I should research more on that.
shelbean91's Avatar shelbean91 02:42 PM 08-01-2006
I'd ask them to waive your next copay instead of trying to refund the last one.

I had an IUD inserted and they just asked when my last period had been and had me do a pg test in the office. (My IUD ended up falling out, getting replaced, the 2nd one fell out- I gave up- not risking that again).