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I am almost done my 2nd pack of the pill. I was told by my doc that it would not regulate a menstrual cycle but I didnt expect to bleed sooo often. I have been bleeding every 2 weeks (for 3 days @ a time). i am getting soo frustrated.
Anyone else have this? Will it eventually just come once in a month? I enjoyed not having to worry about AF when I was pregnant...
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This might get moved... but I'll give you my two cents

I'm on the generic micronor (Errin), and have been for 11 months now. I can't wait to get off this thing. I want to be back on regular bc pills. But that won't happen until ds2 is weaned... sooooo.

Yes, I get a lot of "break-through bleeding" as well. AF has never showed up when it was supposed to by the week number on the pill, so nope, no regulation there. I tend to get the bleeding around day 19 or so. Then my period shows up around day 30 or so, meaning it moves around all the time, and doesn't stay within the 28 parameter of the pill.

Of course, I tend to get AF back within 6 weeks of giving birth, so the breastfeeding has not slowed that down any.

I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone! It might get a little better once you're on it for longer, but then again...
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I had breakthrough bleeding for the first couple of months I was on it. I went off of it because it made me the royal biach from h e double hockey sticks. I hope that it gets you regulated though.

My doctor said I might not even have a period at all while taking it, so I don't think I would consider the bleeding normal.

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Sorry, I can't help. I didn't have much trouble with MICRONOR. I got pregnant two months after I went off it. However, I did have problems with my breast milk supply. I tried everything to increase my supply, but ultimately, dried up before I was ready to stop with my first child. I read later that some pills can decrease your BM. I'm not on it now with child number two and my flow has been fine. If you run into this problem, check with your doctor before it's too late.
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I was recently on Micronor and the same thing happened to me....
I was bleeding every 2 weeks for 2 months and then my next period was so late. Late enough that I took an HPT. Luckily, my DH's vas. was successful and I was able to go off of the pill again after only 3 months. My periods returned right away to my normal 30 day cycle.

Interestinggggg point about the pill lowering BM supply....I did have some issues with my supply at a point in time while on the pill. I never thought to consider the pill the cause of it. Hmmm

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I got pregnant on this pill, when my daughter was 2. Had a m/c, don't know if that was related. I was still nursing, too, so it might just be my crazy fertility. Still, I wouldn't take it again.
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I have lots of mini-pill experience

I started taking Micronor after DS#2 was born back in 2002. I stayed on it until 2005 when we decided to TTC again. I had regularly spaced bleeding, approximately every 3 weeks, but it was heavy. This started when my DS was 7 mos old. It was regular period-like bleeding, with no breakthrough.

My DD is now 7 mos old and I've been on Errin since she was 8 weeks old. So far, so good. I definitely have a better supply this time, but that could just be coincidence plus the fact that she is not as voracious as DS was.

I truly hate taking the pill but I am so fertile and have few options. My insurance does not cover IUD, DH is adamantly against NFP and condoms, and he has not agreed to go for vas yet.
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it's been a while since i took it, but have a vague recollection that i was told to take it at the exact same time every day, or i would get breakthrough bleeding and possibly returned fertility--okay, i just did a quick google and found this:

"Take a tablet every 24 hours each day of the year. Taking the medicine at the same time each day helps to reduce the possibility of side effects and makes it work as expected. Taking your tablet 3 hours late is the same as missing a dose and can cause the medicine to not work properly. "

so i guess, not more than 27 hours after the last one.

i'm not familiar enough with the estrogen pills (it's been over 10 years since i took them--did someone mention becoming a big biotch?? and can i add that they obliterated the need for birth control in my life anyway... ) to know if the directions are the same, but i also have a vague recollection that there was a little more wiggle room re: missing those pills.

i was using micronor to see if i would have a problem with progesterone (b/c who wants to feel like a bloated raging bull for 3 months before you can not take your next dose...) and when i didn't switched to depo so i wouldn't have to worry about being so precise with my timing every day...not that depo was great either (though i was not a raging bull), but, that is not the subject of this thread

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Sounds like an awful experience you are having.

I went on micronor when ds was about 6 mos old, maybe older and I got my first period at about 13 mos, what a shock, I was like, what is this?!! lol, but anyway...

I hated the minipill since I was so scared of taking it at the wrong time, but I did not have the bleeding problems you experienced. I only got one period while on it for about 4-5 days which is normal for me, I was expecting it to last longer since it was my first since logan was born. This probably doesn't help you much, but that was my experience. I have since switched to the patch which has been terrible, but that's an entirely different thread. I will be switching to something else next cycle, my hormones are crazy on the patch!! (my midwife has since informed me that the patch has the highest estrogen levels and many have side effects while on it, yuck!)

If I had all of the bleeding issues you have been having I would use natural family planning or some barrier method, instead of the mini pill.

Good luck to you!
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I'm so glad to find this thread. I've been on the minipill for a few months now. I am on it partly to balance my hormone levels and not take any estrogen, and also to avoid the regular pill's consequence of drying up my breastmilk. So far, my milk supply is fine, my hormones are still out of wask. But back to the topic:
In the second month, I did have 'breakthrough' bleeding. Now I am in the third month and my period is quite late (today's Thursday, and I've been getting it on Sunday or Monday of the 4th week). We are using condoms as well (because I was a couple hours late with a few doses) so we are really not trying to get pregnant. But I may buy a HPT today because it seems so odd, and my cycles have been like clockwork, both off the pill and on, since I was 13.

Glad to read that maybe it's the pill although now that I think I might be pregnant I am really warming up to the idea of a new baby (that last one started walking recently and my, they get big fast). I'll probably cry either way.
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