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Going from 2 to 3 children?

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#3 was easy here! (well, relatively : )

0-1 was hard, 1-2 was hard (they are almost exactly 2 years apart - I had trouble with having only a newborn and a spirited toddler). Dh was also getting his MBA at night during all this, which made him scarce.

#3 is 3.5 years younger than #2, and she just slipped into family life so much easier. It was great having someone to fetch a diaper or something so everything wasn't *totally* on me.

#4 was pretty much the same although she is close in age to #3 so it was back to having a newborn and toddler - this time the difference was I had a 7 and 5 year old to help a little, and they could be somewhat self sufficient in playing, etc. #3 and 4 are both horrible sleepers though (getting better...slooooowly) so that has been hard. I am "nasty mommy" when I don't get any sleep, esp. when pg.

#5 is due soon, I am hoping for an easy baby! A sleeper!

I think it really all depends on the age differences and personalities of the kids. That and what other things are going on in your life - like dh going back to school, family crises, etc.
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I wanted to add that I was on the fence, but we have decided against #3. DH is about to deploy for 9 months, and has another deployment 12 months later, so if we TTC when he got home next year, that would leave me w/a 3 mo old, and I've done that already (had a tiny baby and a long deployment) so I know I don't want that again. That's one thing that stinks about the military, I feel that sometimes they dictate when we can plan children.

Add in that I'm in the 35 yr range, I think we are a no. I'm sad but not sad enough to want to TTC, KWIM? DH says no but would be on board if I *really* wanted a baby, since most of the childcare falls on me. (with him being gone so much).

I am very happy w/the two I have now, they are so much fun and we are able to do nearly everything with them at this point.
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We have 3. The first and second are 17 months apart. Then 23 months later no.#3.

0 to one is by far the hardest. Trying to figure everything out. But still keeping one foot in "adult w/o kid life"!

1 to 2~ you're much more relaxed and trust your own judgment. Its putting both feet completely into motherhood.

2 to 3~ outings are tough and the laundry is out of control. But its amazing to watch your little team play together. Its a self-made playgroup. I don't ever have to entertain just referee sometimes (ok, all the time).
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2-3 has been a b$&*h.

1 & 2 are 26 months apart, and I think it's the 3.5 year gap that really threw me this time. It's not him, he's such an easy baby - it's the other two. They are wonderful spirited children, but they are a handful. Neither one naps anymore, and I seriously think that would be the key to my sucess. But the errands, the laundry... it's all really overwhelming right now. Granted baby is only 3.5 months old, but I wonder if it will get easier.

Everyone says that having four is nothing in comparison, but at this point I'm just too afraid to even think about any more.

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