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thistle's Avatar thistle 03:15 AM 07-17-2003
I am in a panic. DH & I had unprotected sex for the ONLY time since DD was born 15 months ago (not the only time for sex, but the only time unprotected ). AF has not returned since the pregnancy.

What are the chances of pregnancy? I really thought I was in the clear, now I'm not so sure.


Jish's Avatar Jish 11:30 PM 07-17-2003
What has your mucous been like lately. A couple months before AF returned with both my boys, I started to notice more cervical mucous at certain times of the month. It was like my body was getting ready to ovulate. If you have been noticing more mucous your fertility could be returning soon. If you are still really dry, it's probably not as likely.
thistle's Avatar thistle 02:00 PM 07-22-2003
I didn't really notice any change in my CM. We used NFP to get pg teh first time, so I know what mione looks like for ovulation. I am just super paranoid. Every gas bubble feels like a kick.

I went out and bought 2 pregnancy tests today but I have to wait until Sunday to take it.

nomadmom's Avatar nomadmom 02:38 PM 07-22-2003
Not to freak you out, but a friend w/ a 22 mo. old nursling got pregnant even though AF hadn't returned. Funny, I just posted that on a different thread earlier today. Good luck w/ your test!
lunar forest's Avatar lunar forest 10:42 PM 07-27-2003
I got pregnant without AF. Ds was around 18 months. I was really surprised! I knew that it could happen, and quite likely to me because my mother had gotten pregnant without AF, but that was at 24+ months; I thought I had time.

Having said that, I think the likelyhood of it happening is not high.

Good luck with whatever it turns out to be!

Edited to add: I was nursing ds, co-sleeping and nursing through the night, nursing at for naps, and throughout the day -- though I had noticed a bit off a cut back just before conception.
thistle's Avatar thistle 01:34 AM 07-28-2003
Well I tested at 14 days past "incident" and was negative and happy about that. I used a test that detects at 25 whatevers. I'm pretty sure I am in the clear, but I obviously can't handle the stress of unprotected sex.