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Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 03:23 PM 08-19-2003
OK I am reading TCOYF and studying. It says that your chart is NOT reliable the first frew months off pill. I have been on Pill since 91. CM is not reliable, and temp is high. soooo I do not want to count on the chart as BC for a while. And being on Pill that long; I'm guessing I am looking at 3 or 4 months till I can trust chrating; maybe longer.

My mom, a nurse, suggested FOAM. It is what she and dad have alwasy used; except when getting me. It seems more appealing tham rubbers, or jelly stuff or so on........

From what I have read on-line is it totally non-hormonal; and doesn't "soak in" and has no effects past when you finish having sex and clean up. "looks good on paper". Cheap too; at Walmart there is a 1.4 oz thing for 7 bucks. But I have no idea how long that lasts.

Anyone have "real loife expereince" and have any thoughts or opinions to offer me?