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helloeverybody's Avatar helloeverybody 06:41 PM 09-25-2011

Well, looks like I am rehashing this thread.  I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but it started with lower back pain and gas... also abdomen soreness, some pain here and there from my ovarian area. what the hell.  So I go to the clinic and without insurance now, the costs are too high for labs, so I decide to take antibiotics.  Feel good off and on, but still the gas & soreness is not really going all away.  Thought for sure I was pregnant as well because the gas levels are alike, but no.  I had my period only 2 weeks ago and took a test anyway which is negative.  Feeling depressed & very negative like when pregnant too (for the past 2 months) and very tired.  What the hell is going on here.  I had my IUD placed in over a year ago and was referred to visit an ob/gyn regarding my problem as the PAC seemed to think it was uterine related as that's where the major soreness lies.  Over the past two weeks, I've felt like I have been out of my mind.  Some months I feel I've had miscarriages from this device as well when the clots are so large and my period is late= not a good feeling mentally.

DesertFlower's Avatar DesertFlower 04:07 PM 09-27-2011

Do you currently have have an IUD then? If so, I'd suggest removing it. Then you will know if that's the cause of some problems.

Originally Posted by helloeverybody View Post

Well, looks like I am rehashing this thread.  I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but it started with lower back pain and gas... also abdomen soreness, some pain here and there from my ovarian area. what the hell.  So I go to the clinic and without insurance now, the costs are too high for labs, so I decide to take antibiotics.  Feel good off and on, but still the gas & soreness is not really going all away.  Thought for sure I was pregnant as well because the gas levels are alike, but no.  I had my period only 2 weeks ago and took a test anyway which is negative.  Feeling depressed & very negative like when pregnant too (for the past 2 months) and very tired.  What the hell is going on here.  I had my IUD placed in over a year ago and was referred to visit an ob/gyn regarding my problem as the PAC seemed to think it was uterine related as that's where the major soreness lies.  Over the past two weeks, I've felt like I have been out of my mind.  Some months I feel I've had miscarriages from this device as well when the clots are so large and my period is late= not a good feeling mentally.


onlyonce 07:58 PM 09-28-2011

I would suggest donating blood.  It will clear a lot of the copper out and if you feel better after you might have a better idea of what is going on. 

nattery's Avatar nattery 08:23 PM 10-01-2011

Hi Everyone!


I came across this thread over a month ago... and I'm glad I did! 


I have had a copper IUD for 2+ years. Initially I thought it was a god send. I had used a mirena device for 2-3 years but eventually wanted to take it out as I felt the hormones were starting to get to me and I actually like having my period. The mirena eventually made me feel like I was on the verge of pms all the time with no period or follow through to give relief to the mental build up. 




I got the copper IUD and notice a little bit of extra cramping and a little bit of a longer period but that was to be expected... no big deal. 


But over the past two years the periods became more irregular, cramping would start 3-4 days before bleeding, start, stop, drag on. It started to take a week and a half from the beginning of cramps to the last day of bleeding and even then spotting would happen on and off. I also started to complain to my partner last year that I was loosing a lot of hair. We chalked it up to stress but after reading this thread I see that other women experienced that same effect. I've also noticed my anxiety going up quite a bit (but I've also been on the anxious side my whole life... but in this case my situation and living situation has become very relaxed while my anxiety kept rising). 


Me and my partner are going to TTC in the spring and I was paranoid about charting since my period became unpredictable. I wasn't even sure when to decide my period started... the day of the severe cramps? bleeding? if I start and stop which day to I count? 


So after reading this thread I decided to remove my IUD and char to avoid until the spring. Last week I took out my IUD and it's been almost two weeks now and the difference is already very noticeable. I removed it before I expected my period and a few days later my period started. There was a definite start day (none of this start / stop crap) AND it only lasted 3 days (like the good old days!) Minimal cramping (I was cramping up more before I took out the IUD then during my actual period with the IUD). 


I look forward to seeing what else may change over this month... I have been experiencing low energy and high anxiety but I've also started a bit of a stressful job in China so it will be interesting to see if some of those symptoms decrease (yes please!). 


Thank you for everyone posting their experiences here! It was a huge influence in making the right decision for me and I am not sure if I would have made this same decision had I not found this forum. 



jlynng's Avatar jlynng 12:25 PM 10-02-2011

So I've had my IUD out for two weeks now and finally getting back on track to feeling normal again. I wanted to share some of my findings with everyone else...


After a lot of reading and research I've come to a conclusion that the extra copper in your system from the IUD seems to cause a lot of stress on your adrenal glands, and if your adrenal glands aren't working properly then your whole endocrine system won't be working properly (thyroid and sex hormones). This explains the extreme fatigue and anxiety many people experience in addition to many of the other symptoms described by others on here. Search for "adrenal fatigue" to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.


I'm still having problems with bouts of extreme fatigue and foggy thinking but I've found it helps immensely to take a daily vitamin. I've also started taking some licorice root for my adrenals as well as some other adrenal supportive herbs. I'm hoping that plus eating a good diet while minimizing copper rich foods will help with time.


Some things I highly recommend...


I know it's been mentioned here before but, "Why am I always so Tired" by Ann Louise Gittleman, its a quick read and used ones go for pretty cheap so worth picking up to help you understand the effects of copper overload, she also touches on the subject of copper overload and its effect on adrenal glands


"Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled" by Richard and Karilee Shames. This one doesn't touch on the issue of copper but deals with restoring hormone balance in your body. Very helpful for understanding how the endocrine system affects you and good tips for getting everything back in balance.


I found this copper-free multi vitamin on Amazon:

It helps me feel much better during the day. No copper, daily value of zinc plus it has a lot of minerals that help the body eliminate excess copper like molybdenum. It also has high amounts of many B vitamins, which is very helpful for restoring adrenals.


I also got the book "Taking charge of your Fertility" and purchased a used Lady-Comp off of ebay, no more hormones or uterine devises for me! Very excited for that.


I hope I could be of help to anyone who's come across this thread. Best of luck on your road to feeling better.


Sunshine12345's Avatar Sunshine12345 02:02 AM 10-09-2011

Thank you so much to everyone who has posted so far. 


I too had very similar problems within about 4 weeks of insertion of Copper IUD - anxiety, racing mind, inability to relax, emotional vulnerability, spaciness, all of which has started to lead to some depression because I just have no idea why I am feeling like this. It is scary! I have never had ANY of these problems before, and it seemed very coincidental that with a month of the IUD, everything changed. 


It's now been two and half weeks since I had my IUD removed, I've seen a naturopath and have started taking zinc supplements, but I'm still petrified I'm never going to be my old self again. I have good moments but I continue to experience completely irrational anxiety and depression, and honestly, for absolutely no reason. I truly feel like I am losing my mind and I'm worried because many of you started to feel better within a few days.


Did anyone else feel like this?


Have any of you got advice on how long it took you to recover?


I would love some indication of how long this may take me so I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Any help/encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I just want to be calm and happy again! Xo

herbmom's Avatar herbmom 01:37 AM 10-15-2011

I just got the paraguard put in at my 6 week post check which was 4 weeks ago. I'm starting to get headaches and feeling extremely tired. My baby is sleeping pretty good at night so I'm getting more sleep now than before the IUD but am more tired. Also I've noticed that I have more gas.It's so embarrassing and seems to smell worse than normal. I don't want to go anywhere. Anyone else notice having more gas after having the copper IUD? I have an appointment on the 24th of Oct to have it checked and a pap smear. Not feeling bad enough to have it removed but debating. I'm also feeling really stiff especially in joints. 


Got a really weird pain in my back several weeks ago that was so painful, turned into spams that I had to have my husband stay home from work to take me to the Chiropractor. I was loosing weight quite rapidly after the birth of my baby. 45lbs in 4 weeks and now haven't been able to get the scale to budge in over a month. Tummy is starting to bloat. I'm trying to be more careful of what I eat and drink more water to see if that helps. My friend has had her copper IUD for over a year with no problems. I was hoping this would work for us. My baby is 2 months old and EBF so I haven't had a period yet. No pain with insertion. Didn't even know he put it in until he said he was done. Didn't really even cramp. Did have a wet sensation later and checked and found blood so had to get a pad out. I've spotted off and on but not enough to fill my diva cup after a day of use. 


Today I thought I was starting to have period cramps but they were very faint and went away. 


We thought this was a better option than getting my tubes tied. Thinking the diaphragm might be a better option but I still have quite a bit of weight to loose and it says you need to be refitted every 10lbs of weight loss/weight gain. 




flippa's Avatar flippa 03:30 PM 11-02-2011

I am having my IUD removed in a few days after reading all these blogs. I thought that I was in perimenopause for the last 4 years - had that tested and I'm not. Read an article today in a magazine regarding copper poisoning and started to Google. So last 4 years: hot flashes, weight gain, FATIGUE (can I say that again), panic attacks, mood swings and absolutely no libido, the list can just go on. No matter how much I sleep it's not enough, no matter how well life is going everything is a big deal - is this really fair on the family? I'm really hopeful that it will solve some of my symptons

grlnxtr's Avatar grlnxtr 04:13 PM 11-05-2011

I just joined this site for the specific purpose of commenting on this thread.


I had my copper IUD put in the end of June. I was still tired/hormonal from the birth of my (awesome) daughter, who was about 2 months old at the time. A week or so after I had it inserted, I tried the South Beach diet for the first time - and immediately noticed that I felt like less crap. I thought it was food allergies/intolerances - probably to gluten, at the very least. So I tried eating gluten-free. That worked for a little while, but my body kept reacting to different food/food groups - like cinnamon, peanuts, and finally dairy (on top of gluten). I was pretty sure I was completely losing my mind. In the midst of all of this, I kept bleeding - and bleeding, and bleeding. For 28 days (straight) the first month, then for 7 days straight, and finally for SIX WEEKS straight. I just had it removed yesterday and I immediately noticed that I could eat normal food again without getting the debilitating side effects. O.o I'm still having a little bit of allergy issues when I eat gluten, but it's gone from "I'm a zombie" to "I have a stuffy nose."


I want to cry, I'm so relieved. I thought I had some kind of autoimmune issue, because those were the kinds of symptoms I was getting. I have a history of depression, so I was pretty sure my (idiot) doctor was going to say that was the problem and give me a prescription for antidepressants. Anyway, I wanted to post because a) I'm so happy to find other people this has happened to and b) in case anyone else has the same symptoms I had and is debating having theirs removed.


This is what I experienced (starting out after I ate something, but lately it's been pretty constant):



muscle aches

extreme fatigue

brain fog/being "out of it"



And I've been eating the food that triggered all of this stuff yesterday and today, and I've been COMPLETELY FINE.

nattery's Avatar nattery 04:14 PM 11-07-2011

Thought I would update: 


I had my IUD removed 6 weeks ago. I went from having drag on week long periods (and heavy cramping 3-4 days before that started) to 4 day long mild periods with minimal cramping and bleeding. Now I know the doctors tell you that you can have increased cramping and increased period blood so no surprise there. What surprised me about the IUD is that it would cause my periods to start / stop / start / stop. I couldn't even tell you when cycle day 1 was for the last year. In the period of one cycle all of that is gone, back to regular, average, mildly crampy, on time and definite start time periods. I also have noticed that I have less headaches. I still feel a little low energy. I am tempted to dry to donate blood to help clear out the copper but I live in China and am not sure if / how to go about that. :P 


thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread. It proved to be very educational for me and helped me make a decision I was flip flopping on. I am really grateful I had this wealth of knowledge to make the right decision for myself. 



Bronwyn Murphy's Avatar Bronwyn Murphy 03:53 PM 11-08-2011
Hello Ladies, There are so many posts on this thread that I just don't have enough time to read them all so I do apologize if what I am saying and asking about has already been discussed. I got the copper IUD inserted after my baby was about 3 months old. I was breastfeeding so my period didn't return until she was about 11 months old. My first period back was as heavy and painful as I heard it would be. However, all my subsequent periods have gotten worse, in some ways. The duration and the heaviness of the bleeding have slowly gotten better and my cramps aren't even all that bad. What I started experiencing after that first period until present is very painful, debilitating gas and bloating. I am only feeling this during my period. I have tried taking OTC medicines to relieve and decrease gas and bloating but so far no amount of that stuff has done a thing to alleviate this pain and bloating. Along with this horrible gas and bloating, I get sharp pains in my lower abdomen that shoot down through my groin. Again, this only happens during my period. I have never experienced this before during my periods. I actually had the copper IUD before my husband and I decided to have a baby and I had no problems. My bleeding wasn't all that much heavier than it normally was and my cramps weren't terrible either. And I definitely did not have this gas and bloating that I have now. So here are my questions: * Is painful gas and bloating one of the side effects of a copper IUD? * Could my having had a C-section to deliver my baby have anything to do with how terrible my periods now are with the copper IUD? * Could my ever-increasing insomnia also be caused by the IUD? * I have had almost no libido since having my baby. I only feel like having sex when I'm ovulating, and even then sometimes it just seems like too much trouble. I know some of this is because I am taking care of a baby (now toddler) all day, but could the copper IUD also be decreasing my libido? My husband and I have decided that I should get my IUD removed and see if that helps decrease this painful gas I am getting during my periods. I have an appointment with my doctor next week to discuss all of this but I would love to hear what anyone has to say on this. My IUD is the only thing I can think of that could be causing all of this. A very small part of me is afraid that with whatever changes having a baby has done to my body has caused this and I am stuck with this until I hit menopause. But I'm really hoping it's my IUD.
Deedee4's Avatar Deedee4 01:21 PM 11-11-2011
Hi - I had my second child in June this year and 6 wks after I got the copper IUD (350 euros) insertion was fine just a little blood and cramping but nothing major. After a few days my legs began aching and troubling me at night. To wake in the morning and get out of bed the aches were there. Like an old woman getting out of bed. I'm 35, in good health and not fat. It was like my legs were not working as they should. The aches continued and I just got used to them. I noticed my legs were gaining weight from below my buttock and down to my calf with my knees looking puffy. Like water retention only it wasn't retention. I had that whilst pregnant and this is different. Additionally I became anxious, losing confidence and became nervous around people. I wanted to cry and curl up in bed and not leave my bed. What the hell was wrong with me. The only change was the insertion of the iud. I researched this and found info on copper toxicity. But nothing is mentioned about leg pain. Today I got the iud removed (80 euros). Now I wait to see if my health improves. I am going to post back to update. We'll see if the coil caused my ailments. Also I bled each month for 6 days of which 3 days I could not manage the blood loss with superplus tampons it was so heavy. Pmt was awful and I've no sex drive.
mamira's Avatar mamira 06:30 AM 11-17-2011

Hi, I'm so happy to have found this thread!


I've had my copper IUD inserted a couple of months after the birth of my second child (second C-section in 2 years). That was 6,5 years ago!!

I was misinformed by the gyno's assistent on the phone that it could stay in for 10 years and was still waiting for my husband to have his 'tubes' taken care of,  but I could wait forever.. I'm having it out next monday!


I've had spotting for a couple of months, that went away and for a year or two I was fairly happy with the IUD. But I started to get tired and sick a lot. I got an extremely heavy case of the whooping cough and broke 5 ribs coughing, suddenly appeared to have asthma, which cleared up after 6 months (was lung damage from the whooping cough) and from then on, that was winter '08-'09, have never been my full self again. Everything in my body just seems to be out of whack.

My health has been horrible for years. And my libido has never come back after my kids were born. My hair started to fall out in may '08. It turned out I had iron defiency: low ferritine but not even low HB. Have been supplementing with iron pills for 2 years, 6 months with a 6 month break. This caused chronic diarrea, so after my iron was finally up again I had been absorbing way too little nutrients to feel good. I'm underweight, have trouble gaining an ounce while I'm eating loads, have constant stomach pains, that worsen during ovulation and periods, like Bronwyn, above. No uterus cramps, but painful colon cramps and sharp pains in my LRQ. I'm now with a very kind internal specialist that just had me on my second iron infusion in 3 months. She thinks I have Crohns, having an MRI next week to check. Also, I had a severe vit. D deficiency that had been going on for years, even though I'd consulted my doc with stiffness and muscle and joint pain, repeatedly for years, also.


I also have had the heart palpitations, anxiety, feelings of depression, although I'm not sure it's just the copper. What I hope is that getting rid of the thing will help with the iron and the libido. I'm not sure about the copper for me. We always have had copper pipes and drank tap water, but just had everything replaced by pvc in a huge renovation 4 months ago, so after the iud gets out I hope to recover from possible access copper quickly.. I'm sure it's been way too much altogether. I read that fast oxidisers, which I am without a doubt, a higher copper intake is a good thing, though the body would have to be able to use it of course, on the biounavailability. Not sure if I might be getting defficient then? I hope the people from a while ago are still reading along here and would like to share some experiences and advise.


Oh yeah, I have had PCOS, so I never had a real regular cycle before my kids. It used to be 6 weeks or longer, sometimes 6 months. It's only started to be regular the last 3 years or so, so much of my iron problems may just be coming from the periods. But they aren't insanely heavy though..


The best of luck to all you girls, I will keep you updated on how it goes, plse do the same.



gr82bme's Avatar gr82bme 11:33 AM 11-23-2011

I am so glad I found this forum...  I am 37 and have had the IUD for way too long.. I first got the copper IUD after my daughter was born in 1995.  I had it for 4 years and decided to get off it and try the Nuva Ring.  Loved it but it was too pricey and so I got back on the IUD..  I just called my dr. to see how long I have had it in since I knew it had to be close to 10 years and OMG I had it put in in April 1999.  I have had it 2.5 years too long.  Having it taken out next week and I pray that all my symptoms are linked to it.  Never really put that my Thyroid problems could be linked to my IUD.  For the last 15 years I have had problems with my thyroid and nothing has helped.  I cannot wait to see if taking it out will help.  I have had no other problems with it other then possible thyroid.  But I am so tired of being tired and my thyroid hurts all the time, facial hair, lack of motivation, constant headaches, body and joint pain, acne sleeplessness, adrenal problems, hypoglycemia, omg I could go on and on...  Now that I look back it all makes sense.    I will keep you posted on the changes that I hope take place after the removal.. 

herbmom's Avatar herbmom 04:53 PM 11-24-2011

I'm so glad I found this site. After reading and than keeping track of how I've been feeling I decided to have my chiropractor muscle test me. It tested that it needed to come out.

Changes since having IUD:

constant headache ,  physically exhausted all the time, no motivation, snappy and yelling at family. Uptight and upset easily. Can't sleep but exhuasted. clogged/foggy head feeling. Aches and pains especially joints, no libido,lack of memory-spacy feeling, Started feeling moody and sad. I got the copper iud about 10 weeks ago. Within a week my upper abdomen started to look swollen and pregnant. 



After reading about one gal taking hers out herself I started checking for the strings. I only felt them after my cycle so yesterday when I felt like my cycle was about to start I put in my diva cup to see if that would help lower the strings. Later when I checked my diva cup I could tell my cycle was about to start so I decided to see if I could feel the strings. I found them and gently pulled them and out popped the copper IUD. wasn't painful at all. 



Last night I barely got any sleep with all the Thanksgiving preperations and a nursing baby but I got lots done. I feel more motivated to get things done even though I hardly got any sleep.


I took pictures of my bloated stomach and weighed myself. I will check next week an see how it compares. Headache and foggy head seem to be less today and it hasn't been 24 hours yet.


I'll post back and let you know how I'm doing. 



Weird thing is, the IUD looks bigger than what they showed me they were putting in. Even my husband thought so. 




Dede4's Avatar Dede4 12:15 PM 11-27-2011
It has been almost 3 weeks since I got the iud removed and I can honestly say that my life has improved and I'm feeling good. Many have posted their symptoms but there are few posts detailing what happened after the removal of the copper IUD. No anxiety, no more painful joints especially my legs. Libido is back (it was non existent), hair is looking healthy and feeling thicker ( my hair was falling out), nails are growing, skin is clear with few breakouts, I have energy, I wake up and can get out of bed, I have more confidence, I feel sexy, I have lost the bloatedness especially my stomach area which was getting me down. I lost 2 kg and was peeing a lot (probable water retention). What I must stress is that I feel alive and have energy even working full time with a 3 yr old and a 5 month old baby. No lOnger fatigued.
My advice - remove it - clearly it is not healthy.
Anyone else had the copper iud removed and notice positive immediate change? Please post!!
herbmom's Avatar herbmom 08:27 PM 11-27-2011

Dede how long did it take for the bloating in your stomach to go away? That was the first thing I noticed when I got the IUD I started to look pregnant. I've only had mine out since Wednesday and the bloating is still there. I'm feeling more alive though and don't have that fatigue. I can actually get things done. Headaches are going away. Libido is coming back. 



rmoles18's Avatar rmoles18 02:19 PM 11-30-2011

I am so glad I found this thread!


I have been with my husband for 5 years and got pregnant with our son shortly after meeting.  When our son was 4 months old I got a copper IUD and was so excited about it and no one told me anything about the side-effects.  Well, after getting the copper IUD, I because anxious, depressed, and my sex drive was non-existent (all of these are still present in my life right now).  I thought it was because of my son who was always very ill - colic, reflux, thrush - and working and going to school full-time.  I have just now (over 4 years later) found out about the side effects of this device!!! I called my gyno today and am going to get it out in the morning and I can't wait!! This thread has backed up everything I have ever felt and am so glad that I have found someone who feels the same way I do, because everyone is treating me like im crazy!


I will let you all know how I feel in the coming months!

gr82bme's Avatar gr82bme 05:30 PM 12-07-2011

Ok so I got my IUD out (had it 12.5 years) last Tues.  So it has been 7 days.  The first couple days I felt kinda of euphoric?  Now I feel like crap.  Am I detoxing??  What detox symptoms did anyone else have??  They did give me The plan B pill to be sure I didn't get pregnant and not sure if it was that that made me have cramps, back aches, head aches, nausea, and frequent urination.  Now today I ache everywhere and am shaky. 

emon's Avatar emon 04:33 PM 12-12-2011

this is so amazing to me. I know this post is old but i have to comment. i have had a copper IUD for about a year. About 2-months after i got it i was diagnosed with Hypothyroid. I will be having it removed in the next few months and I'm very curious to see if there is any change. I DO remember feeling really blue and ill after getting it but almost more frustrating was the dismissive way my doc talked about it.

Bronwyn Murphy's Avatar Bronwyn Murphy 03:37 PM 12-13-2011

This is an update for my previous post.


I got my copper IUD removed shortly after my post last month.  I told my doctor all that I had been feeling since getting the IUD and she agreed that it would be worth it to remove it and see if I have any lessening of the symptoms I described to her, mainly the extremely painful bloating that would last for several days while on my period.


My first period since having it removed was already a bit better.  I had a pretty miserable 24 hours right at the start of my period;  the painful bloating was in full effect and my flow was a bit on the heavy side.  Within 24 hours of it starting, however, the bloating pain and feeling started to diminish and my flow got very light.  The pain continued to diminish so that by day 4 of my period I no longer had any pain or bloating and my period was over.  I am so relieved that it wasn't all in my head!  I am hoping that over the next few months as my body adjusts to no longer having the IUD, the pain and bloating will go away completely and my flows will go back to the very light ones they used to be before I got pregnant.


So far I haven't noticed any lessening of my insomnia, but I thought that was probably not due to the IUD anyway.  My libido does seem to be getting a bit better though, so I think the IUD was the culprit for my non-existent libido.  Hooray!


I will post another update in a month or two to let you know if I have had even more improvement.

teratorn's Avatar teratorn 01:49 PM 12-19-2011

This is my first post and probably not the best place for a first post, but I had to comment here.  I read this entire thread a few weeks ago and today I self-removed my copper IUD.  If it hadn't been for this thread I would never have known this was something I could easily do myself.  So thanks to those of you who mentioned that.


I've had my IUD for 8 years and for me it was wonderful--no cramping or heavy bleeding and it did what it was supposed to do.  In the past 6 months or so my hair has been shedding heavily, so I did some research on zinc deficiency and that eventually led me to this thread.  I'm not sure I'm truly zinc deficient, since I don't have any other symptoms, but the fact that I have this copper IUD made me wonder.  The main reason I removed the IUD is that my partner and I want to have a baby.  We won't be getting married until spring and I can't get on his insurance until we're married, yet I wanted the IUD out now to give my uterus a chance to rest and heal if necessary.  So, it's wonderful to have accomplished that without having any out-of-pocket medical expenses. Plus, I'm 42 and definitely perimenopausal, so I'd hate to delay things any longer than necessary.


I'm very curious to see if I'll feel differently/better in the coming weeks, if my hair will stop shedding, if I'll have more energy, etc.  It always seemed to be a miraculous and good device for me, but the toxicity could have built up so slowly I might not have noticed.  If there are any interesting changes to report in the coming weeks, I'll post them here.


One last thing, when I said removal was easy that's not exactly true.  The fact is, it's a very slippery environment to try to catch hold of what is essentially two strands of fishing line.  I felt like a contortionist and it took me a good half hour or forty-five minutes to get a good grip on the strings.  I kept losing them. Luckily I never had the strings trimmed when the IUD was inserted.  If you've had them trimmed, trust me, there's no way you'll ever be able to grab onto them.  If they're long enough you'll be able to do it.

caraleed's Avatar caraleed 07:36 PM 12-25-2011

So glad I found this! A couple of weeks ago I had the copper IUD removed after having it since my 2nd son was born 3 years ago. During the time I had it, I had practically no sex drive, low energy (even after getting a full night's sleep), heart palpitations, shortness of breath, I was constantly bleeding (sometimes for over a month with maybe a week break, then right back into it), was very moody/snappy, and always felt under the weather. I suspected an iron deficiency for the longest time, but started looking for other reasons when that was ruled out. I decided to have the IUD removed, and just use condoms, so I could see how my body/mind were with not being on any BC. I am so glad I found these posts about other similar reactions. I finally feel like there is an answer to all the questions and worry I had. I have noticed I am slowly getting back to my old self, so I am looking forward to a couple of months from now to see how things are going then :)

momateff's Avatar momateff 01:18 AM 12-26-2011

I just read this entire thread and I am totally amazed!  I had my paraguard placed in March 2004.  For the first year everything was fine, but it has been down hill since then.  Alot of the symptoms I have experienced I didnt realize could have been the IUD.  When I became pregnant I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the same time.  The OB GYN said he felt this was pregnancy induced since I had never had any problems before.  Six weeks after having my daughter my thyroid levels were checked (I had been off meds since her birth) and all were normal so I stayed off the meds.  Around this same time I had the IUD placed.  In August 2008 I had a knot come up on my right thyroid.  I had my thryoid removed in April 2009 and it was diagnosed with Papillary Carcinoma.  I had another surgery this past July to remove more cancerous lymph nodes and I am finally cancer free!  I have chalked all of my fatigue, weight gain, depression, and decreased libido up to the cancer and hypothyroid but now realize the IUD could have been causing these symptoms also.  I have had horrible periods for the last couple of years and they keep getting worse.  I have a very heavy flow, with huge clots that last for 6-7 days and horrible cramps.  I knew this was a side effect of the IUD and have just dealt with it, but I have decided it is time for it to come out, especially after the things I have read tonight on this forum and on the internet.  I am now wondering if this IUD could have caused my thyroid cancer because of the copper toxicity!!  I know that some of you have experienced thryoid problems, but does anyone know of anyone who has developed thryoid cancer?  I am going to continue to research this because I am the first in my family to have this.

rologirl's Avatar rologirl 06:08 AM 01-06-2012

Hello there :)


I am so glad i have found this site :)


I had coil fitter 3 months ago and ever since having it I have been suffering high anxirty and panic attacks along with bloating and not being able to sleep at night.


I have decided that I am going to have it taken out, its too much of a  conquincidence as i was feeling great before having this inserted :/


I am thinking that I may be sterlised as I am happy with my 2 young sons and before having this i was a happy go lucky person now im feeling on edge and sick all the time :(


Mandy xxxx



flippa's Avatar flippa 12:21 PM 01-10-2012

jst a quick folllow up, I had my IUD taken out about 2  months ago and it has made a huge difference in my life. I no longer have fatigue, no falling asleep at work, going to bed and staying asleep. Staying up past 9.30pm. The mood swings have diminished. The anger has diminished. I feel like a normal sane person. The libido is slowly coming back. My hair texture has changed, no longer brittle but full and soft again. I really believe that the copper IUD ruined my quality of life for 4 years.

jlanda's Avatar jlanda 11:04 PM 01-10-2012

I know I haven't posted on this thread in a long time (busy busy busy!) but I wanted to give it a looking over to see what others have experienced. I eventually had gone to my DO and presented him with all that had happened as I was still feeling off, better then bad, better then bad. First he admitted that the medical community is not up to par in matters of adrenals and mineral imbalances and said I would be best going to a naturopath if they can't find anything. In all the testing all they could find is abnormally high cortisol. I was taking a lot of a zinc a day to control the symptoms from the high cortisol as well as balance out copper. In fact, I had been taking a very high amount for probably 6 months before I saw him (trying to balance out from the copper and then developed that insomnia, not mind racing but BODY racing that would wake me up which is caused by high cortisol). The tests came back with copper in the higher levels of the normal range and zinc in the normal range. That's after being on the low copper diet and taking all that zinc for that length of time. I mention this because for those who may be feeling better but aren't at 100%, it may take a while to fully get out of your system. Now mind you, I probably had high copper to begin with, then started taking prenatals with copper, then the stress like crazy and high copper foods, then the IUD. So I'm not surprised it has been taking that long to balance out at least for me.


But I can tell you a year and a half after getting the IUD out and taking the zinc and going on the low copper diet, I no longer crave the coppery foods like I used to, which is an amazing sign for me. I was the kind that would need a chocolate I.V., now I can have a piece or two and enjoy it and move on with my life. I could stand to get those blood tests again to see where I'm at with the copper and zinc levels. I'm also interested to hear about the giving blood part. Wish I had known about that way back then, but it's good to know (and benefits others, win win!) But in comparison to when I had the IUD, it is the difference between feeling alive and being disconnected from life. I may not be perfect now yet but at least I feel alive. With the IUD, there was barely any liveliness in me at all, and any that was there was a mess!

KRhea's Avatar KRhea 12:04 PM 01-13-2012

Wow....all of these testimonials are similar to my own! I had the copper IUD put in 5 months after my first child was born (4/24/08).I never didl well with birth control pills prior to my son and actually used condoms for two years prior to conceiving. I always got violently I'll if I took two in one day ( after forgetting to take one the day before like a loser)...and even if I took them at different times from one day to the next it effected me, even after trying all the low hormonal pills! When I had my son I decided to have the para guard so I was not going to have the side effects from the hormones. The first year was tough I had a cramping  severe cramping and a friend got PID from hers....I kept mine in, since Dr. Told me it would regulate. Also, my mood swings are severe and I find myself yelling at my 3 year old like a crazy patience with anything....this is all making sense to me! I never connected the cramping and long periods with sporadic spotting to be in any way connected to my mood swings and anger issues!! i


i have been planning to have a second child and am scheduling the extraction in a couple weeks, I can't wait to see if I feel better...I am hopeful!!! It will change my life!!!!!!

ChandlerKate's Avatar ChandlerKate 01:29 PM 01-31-2012

Hi Murphy: I posted here several months ago with the intent to remove my IUD.  I still have it, mainly because like you, I also question whether the symptoms I think/hope are due to my copper IUD, are actually symptoms of an exhausted  37-year-old working mother of two boys, one barely 3 and another who turned 2 today, whose husband works long hours and week-ends making barely any money, with no family in this state for support or to help out.  I'm also afraid to discover that it's just a symptom of my lifestyle, not the IUD.  Nevertheless, I am still considering to have it removed in April at my next annual appointment.  I want my husband to get a vasectomy instead.  It's so much safer and reliable and in the end, still reversible if really needed.

Abimi's Avatar Abimi 01:37 PM 02-04-2012

I got my Paraguard taken out a few weeks ago, and unlike most on this thread, my experience was pretty positive.  However, knowing about copper toxicity, I wanted to do a good heavy metals cleanse prior to getting pregnant.  However, I think that I may have gotten pregnant when the practitioner removed the IUD!!  I was warned that this was a possibility because sperm can survive in the vagina for five days, but I thought that where I was in my cycle was okay.  Anyone have thoughts on this?  I'm concerned about excessive copper in my body at the onset of pregnancy.


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