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Copper IUD and Side effects

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MY Testimony.. So, for the pass few months i been feeling a lil different. My emotions out of control, real sensitive, and just not my self. About 3 weeks ago i was in and out of the hospital for anxiety/panic attacks. I couldn't really explain it. All i could think was "im stress'n about something, lord let me know what it is".. At the same time i noticed my self changing and feeling different i noticed my body was in a lot of pain. Joints aching, head aches, dizziness, insomnia etc... About three days ago i woke up and the joints in both of my thumbs began to swell. I thought maybe it was from doing so much hair. Yesterday it hurt so bad i went to the E.R, the doc says it may be early arthritis and set an appointment to check it out. So right now i cant really move either wrist and my thumbs are swollen, the doc put a brace on both hands. Im typing with my fingertips. I can hardly do a thing. Last night i was in so much pain, the pain killers wasnt workin and all i could do was cry and pray. I asked god to heel me and give me answers. In my sleep i had a dream i was talking to a random lady and the lady told me, "you will be ok, sometimes we have to be aware of the things and medications we put in our body, its the birth control your taking"....I woke up confused, i didn't understand who the lady in my dream was and why she spoke to me..BUT, i got on my laptop and did some research, What i found almost had me in tears and i realized, God sent her in my dream to give me the answers i prayed for. I found Hundreds of forums, blogs, and sites about the dangerous side effects of the Birth Control Im on. Everything that i had been experiencing was caused by the BC. The way the women in the blogs said they were feeling, was exactly how I felt. I was immediately filled with relief and i began to thank god for answering my prayers. The BC will be removed and im sure i will be fine and heeled pretty soon. God is good and PRAYER really changes..... AND they CAN be answered overnight. =) I will NEVER underestimate my God. -and i will be back to taking hair appointments soon

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          Hi all! I have been following this post for a few months after looking for answers to all the strange symptoms I have been having mainly for the past 1-2 yrs that my PCP's can't seem to help me with.I wanted to share my personal experience... I am a 37 yr old nurse and have some medical knowledge, and have been with one partner for 5 yrs. My health history is unexceptional, and I take very good care of myself with a healthy diet and regular exercise. I've never been skinny, but at 5'2" I always weighed around 125-135 lbs which is normal. I have a had a copper IUD for almost 3 yrs and decided on it after having side effects related to bc with hormones. While taking bc I gained wt. (10lbs), got high blood pressure (which I've never had), and battled edema with each period (I would gain 7-10 lbs) at that time of the month with no changes in my diet or exercise routine. Also developed chronic BV (which I've never had and is soooo embarassing! makes it very hard to want to be intimate) and my GYN told me it's a chemical imbalance and treated me with metronidazole several time to no avail. She told me it's very unlikely related to the bc I was on...

           I decided I had enough and stopped the bc and switched to the copper IUD. The BV went away within a few days!!! The first yr. on the IUD was good. I was able to lose the 10+ lbs I had gained on bc, my energy levels were better and I didn't have constant edema... I thought everything was finally back in balance. Changes in my body started to happen slowly. My middle abd. became a little "thickened" as my GYN warned me about, but I could live with it and only put on a 3-4 lbs. My periods were very heavy and lasted a long time (7-10 days) with bad cramps but I was willing to live with that for not having to use bc with hormones.

          By the second yr. I was up about 7-10lbs so I kicked up my exercise and tried to be stricter about my diet (cutting carbs, sugar, and cut way back on alcohol). Nothing seemed to help : (  By 2 1/2 yrs I noticed a HUGE decrease in my libido, hair losson my hed and hair growth in other places, increase in body odor especially in the groin area, constipation,excessive tiredness, increase in PMS, strange rashes/allergies, increased sensitivity to caffeine and alcohol, insomnia, hypoglycemia, and periods became very irregular and I felt bloated all the time especially my tummy. Those are all classic hypothyroid symptoms as well as estrogen dominance, but all my previous TSH results have been normal...I went to my PCP and GYN several time to check on my symptoms with no answer. All blood tests were normal... as time went on I was having a full period every 10days with spotting in between.They've checked for uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and breast lumps. I've had EKG, heart monitor, pelvic ultrasound, transvaginal ultrsound, mammogram, and numerous blood tests which have all come back okay, thank God! I've suffered from extreme exhaustion no matter how much rest I got, and my muscle recovery time made it very difficult to exercise or run more than 2 miles... (last year I could run 7-10 miles). My wt. has gone up to 160 lbs!!! My breasts have gone from a B cup to a small D cup!! My pants size has gone from  an 8 to a 12!! I also had anxiety attack like symptoms...

        I went back to my PCP and it was found that I was mildly hypothyroid and they started me on thyroid meds about 2 1/2 months ago. I have had some slight relief in symptoms such as less edema and better energy levels which has helped me to increase my exercise ( I can run 5 miles) but still having heavy, irregular periods. My TSH is back to normal but I haven't lost a pound despite strict diet and exercise : ( I've tried supplementing with zinc, avoiding copper rich foods and thyroid suppressing foods, and using a topical progesterone cream to help balance my estrogen but it has only helped a little. I am really beginning to think I just need to take out the IUD : (. I did mountains of research and found many of the same articles about copper toxicity, it's relation to estrogen dominance, as well as read hundreds of posts by women just as frustrated as me... I was hoping that the copper IUD was the right bc for me as I have a latex allergy, but I am really considering taking it out : ( and hoping that my body can return to normal. According to all the research I have done, there seems to be a strong correlation between copper imbalance, estrogen imbalance, and thyroid imbalance. It would be nice to find a doctor that sees the connections..... If I have success after I remove the IUD I will update this post. Good luck to every one suffering, thank you for sharing, and hope things get better!

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WOW... Thank you google! and thank all of you for this post. I found this forum by making a search for copper iud emotional side effects. For a while I've been wanting to look up info on this because I just didn't feel like myself.  Latelly I've been out of control, crying over nothing and just feeling lost and like a horrible mom. I have a two and a half year old and a one year old, I got my iud about 3 weeks after she was born. I can't say much about my period cause I haven't had one for almost 6 months, probably cause I breastfeed. But ever since I got my iud in I've been so moody, almost non existent sex drive, fatigued, agressive, sad and just feeling depressed. I have never suffered from any of this before. I thought maybe I was just tired and kind of stressed out with dealing with a baby and a hyperactive toddler. I was starting to feel like a horrible mother, like I had no control, that I was loosing my mind. I snap at my two year old over stupid things and fight with my husband over nothing. Before I had my iud put in I would be so happy, I could lay with my toddler all day, walk to the park, dance, sing and just have fun with her. And I just feel so guilty of what I've become. I cant help crying while I talk about this because I cant stop thinking what my babies think of me... So grouchy and moody... yelling over nothing and on occations just crying and sobbing cause I feel like I cant take it anymore. Then after a while I cant believe why I reacted that way. My girls are yelling back at eachother now and i know it what they learn from me. I feel so guilty!!! I never wanted to be like this. The other day my husband was trying to soothe me, telling me that I was over reacting and that everything was ok, to take it easy. He tels me that I'm yelling all the time and getting upset over nothing. He even feels sorry for me and says that if motherhood wasnt what I expected that maybe I should work and he would stay home with the girls. That makes me feel even worse because I love my babies soooo much I couldnt even think of being away from them, but then again if I'm in a bad mood most of the time it's not good for them either. So the point is that I dont need to look any further. I want to feel as I felt before, happy, energetic, ALIVE. I mean my girls are named Peace and Love, I can't go on living this way. Tonight I'm gonna take it out!!! I'm done with this!!!  Thank you all for this... I'll definitly keep you posted.

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I need to share my story as well....mine is like many of the same side effect stories of the copper iud - i have had Paraguard for 4 years. The effects include heavy bleeding, pelvic pain during intercourse (iud placement was checked and OK'd), anxiety (increased w/ allergic reactions), no sex drive, fatigue, hair loss, acne like boils at times. But the most frightening is the Allergic Reaction to everyday use of cleaners/ chemicals and sporadic allergic reactions of food appearing on my face and arms. God has blessed me to know enough is enough - I have had 4 allergic reactions this week and taking benadryhl each time in liquid form to prevent whatever else could happen. I am posting in hopes this too shall help someone who is not reading type of reaction in these blogs/ posts. I am having it removed at 4pm tomorrow! Amen! Then tuesday i'll find some good zinc to help flush out the copper and look at a blood donation if researching it proves to help. May you each believe in your story...your self...your intution. God has blessed us with our own sacred knowledge trust your instincts. I wish you all peace and health I think we IUD survivers have earned it ;). God Bless!
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I suffered many months with panic attacks, anxiety attacks pre menstrual syndrome, muscle pain in my legs, and lately pain in both upper arms, heart burn, oedema, and the list is endless. Finally, these symptoms got to a peak, about 2 weeks ago, i Asked God to save me, cos many times, i did not think i would survive the day. Sunday, Feb. 5th I believe He came and whispered to me 'Copper..IUCD'. I jerked up from my doze and grabbed a phone and typed in those words...I never could have imagined! Summary, i had the IUCD removed two days ago. Woke up without heart burn the following morning, for the first time in 3 wks. I am confident that all other symptoms will disappear over time. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this thread. Thanks to Lactavia, for starting it. God bless you all.
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Hi All, thank you for sharing your experiences with the IUD. I just got my copper T three weeks ago and have been experiencing tiredness, pain in the lower abdomen as well as dull pain coming from the ovaries and anus coming down the inner thie all the way down to my foot. On both legs. Like a disturbed long nerv. Numbness as well. I called my gyno to tell him about these symptoms and he said it is normal and they will last for a few months... He never mentioned copper poisoning. When i asked about any side effects from the IUD he said just heavy periods and cramps.


Has anyone of you had a simmilar experience with pain and numbness in legs/arms?

I'm going to see a homeopath soon to find out what can be done.


Gynos swear by this loop crap. I'm pretty sure they are reccommending it so they can sell their stock quicker not even caring if they cause harm to women.


Anyways, i will appreciate if I can get a responce about my issue.


Thank you and keep well.

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UPDATE: On 2/13/12 my copper IUD was REMOVED! I bleed and cramped for about 5 hours. After IUD breakdown: copper colored stools daily, sweating much more especially at night (thinking of taking a sauna sesssion). The redness in my face started to deminish 4 days later and for 3 days no redness in face/ hands. Then 2 days ago hands and arms were mild burning in them..this happened too w/ IUD and my hands were burning again today. Then after i ate dinner w/ my children (soup) my face started to burn in patches as did both hands. I am eating broccoli and cilantro daily (organic as I don't need exttra stuf in my body) this is my poor girls version of Chelaton theropy I read about...I am not a medical person just trying to be easy on my self and keeping it simple. Today is has been 8 days and I am looking forward to more inprovements and my mensa!  God bless you all....PS my doctor laughed and told me to see a allergist..scheduling that this week and ttried 2 times to have me keep the IUD in!

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Hello. I'm new to the forum but came across it in my search about the copper coil and side effects!


My story - I had the copper Nova T380 inserted back in the middle of September last year as I have a history of cysts and slightly elevated BP so needed a non-hormonal form of BC. Insertion was great, a little discomfort and some cramps afterwards but that was it. I also started college as well in the September and returned to work in November.

I started suffering from a thrush like infection prior to the arrival of my AF but would disappear as soon as AF started, fatigue, eczema on my hands, feeling nauseous, joint aches and general lack of get up and go and I went to dr's in January because I was depressed and anxious and now suffering from insomnia!

I'm not sure what prompted me to look at the link but something occurred to me that perhaps all these symptoms were a little coincidental as I didn't have any of this prior to starting college or having the coil put in - even with running around after a toddler and a baby! The more I've looked into it the more I realise that I believe it is my coil that is causing these symptoms through copper toxicity and estrogen dominance to the point of I can predict the symptoms as they cyclic - depression and brain fogginess before or around ovulation with thrust like symptoms building up towards my AF. I am going to contact my dr to get it removed as I can't deal with it any longer and I need to see it it helps with the symptoms. I shall keep you updated!

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Today I am seeing an Allergist as the symptoms have decreased yet not gone away...i'll post more. I truly hipe this is helping someone else. I have to believe I am not alone or in the throws of an autoimmune disesase...crazy spelling my 5 years old is playing w/ our cats.

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I am relieved to have found you ladies! There is nothing worse than feeling helpless and worrying that maybe you are just going crazy. I posted my story on my blog. You can find it here: I am just happy to know it's not me and that things will change once this darn thing is gone! I have an appointment on Friday to have my paragard iud removed after 10 years. But since I quit smoking ten months ago, the symptoms have heightened and are constant and these past few months they have been unbearable to the point where I couldn't hold a job or take a class if my life depended on it! I'm so grateful to my husband who has been so supportive through all this. My "craziness" with my anxiety and panic attacks and vertigo and claustrophobia would've driven anyone away. But he's been wonderful and doesn't think I'm crazy. At first it started with thinking I inherited my mom's thyroid problems and that it may also be due to vitamin b12 deficiency. But it's all related to the iud. I am hopeful that once it is removed that things will go back to normal. I am reading up now to see how long it may take for me to get better since I've had it so long. Thank you for sharing your stories and please feel free to stop by my blog and comment!




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I am so happy to have found this site. I had a baby back in September. In November I put the copper IUD in. I am not sure if this is what's causing me to be dizzy, tired, spacy, emotional, bad headaches, hotflashes, anxiety, or keppra, but I just went to the doctor today and had it taken out. After I read a lot of the posts, it sounded like the IUD is the problem.  I look forward to feeling better as I have two kids to take care of at home. I will keep everyone posted. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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I got a copper IUD in March or April of 2011 and 3 months later in July began suffering a lot of mental health issues, most notably depression and anxiety. I felt like I was going crazy. I had it removed late August (that's how long it took me to connect the dots), and some minor issues went away and the depression and anxiety were relieved a lil bit, but I still am suffering from both and have not returned to my normal self since. I dont know if I ever will... =/ DO NOT GET A COPPER IUD IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY DEBATING IT!!

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What BC were you on?

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If you want to get your IUD removed because of side effects, especially mental health issues, beware that the doctors will most likely tell you that your IUD is not the source and that you should leave it in. Do not believe them!! They are not the one with it experiencing the problems, but rather the ones making the money from you getting it! I had to demand that mine be removed after over a month of severe depression, anxiety, moodiness, memory loss, along with some typical physical side effects as well. I felt better for a few weeks and then the anxiety and depression returned episodically, only to worsen again over time. I have had my IUD out since July 2011 but still suffer nearly every day from depression and from anxiety whenever I feel even an ounce of stress. This was not the case before getting the IUD. I was the most normal person and bad things would happen to me left and right and would never phase me. While having the IUD i began crying simply over losing my keys and other little things (experiencing anxiety) and I would get depressed for no reason and just sit on my couch after work and not move all day until it was time to go to bed. Then I would do the same thing the next day. I could not function and even had to quit the part-time job I had at that time because it became overwhelming. DO NOT GET THE COPPER IUD IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY CONSIDERING IT!! IT MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOU MAY NEVER BE ABLE TO GET IT BACK AND BE YOUR NORMAL SELF AGAIN!! IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT, THEN GET IT REMOVED ASAP!! THERE IS NOTHING TO DEBATE, IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SANITY GET IT OUT!!

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Hi everyone,

I had my paraguard inserted almost a month ago now. my period is due today and instead of bleeding, i have just been cramping and spotting on and off ever since the device was inserted. PMS hit me about a week ago, and the cramping got worse, so i have been anticipating a period and nothing is happening. the only thing that has changed is that i am feeling some particularly intense anxiety. however, i am confused and stressed out by this because i just made a major move/change in my life so I don't know if it is the IUD or the move that is causing this anxiety, but i am beginning to feel very depressed (even though i am really happy in my new home!!!). I have also been experiencing really intense nightmares. I don't like the feeling of needing to bleed and nothing happening. I really don't want to get pregnant and hormonal BC is simply not an option for me. but yesterday I had a serious breakdown, because my body is totally freaking entire back, neck, and shoulders are in extreme pain. i am more paranoid than usual and i can't tell if its the move or the copper. i don't want to be a hypochondriac or a paranoid hippie, but i am experiencing anxiety and depression that has been different than the anxiety and depression i have suffered in the past. this time its like a hormonal feeling. i got pregnant and had an abortion in december and the only other time i have felt so emotional was when i was pregnant. can anyone give me some advice? I am really , really confused about what i should do...since i have only had this thing in for less than a month, i don't want to be hasty about removing it already, but i also don't want to keep it in if copper is just going to be accumulating in my body and making things worse as time goes on.
any help or advice is appreciated,

---update, i just spoke with a dr, and like everyone in this thread says, she said there is no way the iud can be causing my problems. some support or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you so much for all of the posts on this thread.

I think you always know your own body as a woman to know when things aren't feeling right, and it has been so helpful to read exactly the same experiences as mine, know that I'm not going crazy and make me decide to get rid of my copper IUD.


I am 27yrs old, and after suffering glandular fever, and having a termination, I got a copper IUD fitted 4 months ago.  My own doctor didn't recommend a copper IUD after bad experiences herself, but I got talked into it at the termination clinic.

I thought I would give it a couple of months and see how it went.

My first period was extremely heavy and crampy, which I expected but had never experienced before, and the first month was OK, as I knew my body was trying to recover from everything else, so I expected to be really tired and emotional.

My next period was much the same, with continual spotting afterwards, but again I thought I would give it some time for my body to recover.  Having never had heavy periods, cramps or spotting before, it sucked but I figured that was the only thing to have to live with now I had an IUD.

Then I started getting extremely bad depression 2 weeks out from my periods.  I've never had PMS before, and am definitely not depressed, but I felt like I was about to cry for no reason all the time, get really moody and fatigued and just downright low on life!!  Completely not like me at all, and really kinda scary to be honest!  With this, I'd get bad cramps, my stomach would be so bloated and I felt like I was constipated all the time, and have pain in my lower tummy all the time. 

I have just started to get aches in my hips, back, lower abdomen and knees which kinda feels like growing pains I guess, and don't really have much of an appetite because my stomach always feels so full and bloated.

Because I didn't really know if these symptoms were following on from glandular fever or a termination, I haven't known whether to ride it out, see if my body settles in time, but having found so many others with the same experiences I'm definitely going to call my doctor and get it out now.

I have felt much worse recently than I ever have whilst on a birth control pill, but I really do think everyone is different, and for me this just doesn't work...

I think I knew instinctively that the IUD was the cause of the depression etc. that's why I found this link, so than you for sharing your experiences!!

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Well I just wanted to give an update. On Tuesday 13 March I had my coil removed. I could sense that my GP was sceptical about some of my reasons for its removal so I didn't bother telling her the rest. At one point she told me that they could treat my recurrent thrush and my response was "What EVERY month?!" She was fighting a losing battle so she removed it. I literally skipped/floated out of the surgery, now even I know its removal wouldn't have had an instance effect but I did feel different. The next morning I bounded out of bed with loads of energy and enthusiasm. It has now been just over 2 weeks since it has been removed and I have to say categorically I feel like me again, a new woman, and the best bit of all I have got my sex drive back and my husband keeps saying he has got his wife back. 


The brain fogginess/spaciness has gone, I haven't had any PMS symptoms this month, I haven't had had any of the post-ovulation depression that I suffered from and no thrush! My ezcema on my hands has cleared up and I don't ache as much and my energy levels and motivation and enthusiasm are amazing - I feel like the duracell bunny and I just can't get over the difference it has made. I have got a follow up booked with my GP and I will literally bounce in, hand her a load of reading matter, tell her how fab I feel and bounce straight back out (until I get pg!)

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I am 24 years old. I had my copper IUD for 2 years before having it removed. I always had heavy bleeding, horrible cramps, and yeast like symptoms. I can't handle hormonal birth control so I was trying to stick it out with the IUD to see if it would subside. Then one day out of no where came the unbearable anxiety and panic attacks. I also feel like im in a constant state of brain fog, and suffer from insomnia on and off. I had blood work and ultrasounds done to rule out any problems. When everything came back normal I started to do my own research and came upon several different forums about women experiencing the same side effects as me. I had the IUD removed a month ago, and some of the side effects have subsided, but the anxiety and heart palpitations are still lingering around. To me this is the worst part about it. I was also lossing hair and loss of sex drive, but both seem to have started to come back slowly. To anyone contemplating and IUD I have to say it sure as hell isn't worth it!!! Its a foreign object lodged into your body which obviously can not be good for you. Mine was also starting to become embedded into the uterus which could have meant surgery if it had been more severe! I have been trying to follow a diet to detox the body of heavy metals, and also now take zeolites and chlorella. Both of these things help pull heavy metals from the body. I can not wait for the day to wake up and feel normal with no anxiety or elevated heart rate. Any other tips would be appreciated. Im grateful for the women who have started these forums, and hope this helps others out. Good luck to you all, and I will keep ya updated.

And by the way, just like everyone said, the doctors dont believe the side effects are linked to the IUD. But you know your body and if something wierds going on thats never happened before, get it out!

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Whoa!  I am reading all these reports about the copper IUD, which I have had for 3 years, and am now looking to get removed, and I am now wondering if the symptoms I have been attributing to paraguard are just the tip of the iceberg.  I had 7 months of recurrent yeast infections when I had had paraguard in for 2 years, and then that went away, and everything seemed fine for about 4 months.  Then I noticed my discharge, which had been heavier and waterier ever since I got the IUD, had started to smell weird, and strong.  


I went to the Dr. yesterday to get a pap, and to ask them to remove the IUD, and I got my pap, but they refused to remove the IUD!  They are putting me off, and after giving me a prescription of metronidazole gel, for bacterial vaginosis (they didn't even have a chance to find out from the culture yet if that's actually the reason for the smelly discharge!), they want me to wait a month to see if I still want the thing out.  I am tempted to try removing it myself, since I can easily find and grab the strings.  


I am now wondering if the recent bouts of heart palpitations may be related to the copper IUD as well.  I have also had anxiety attacks for the past several years, which were uncharacteristic of me before the copper IUD.  Anyone here ever experience these things with the copper IUD, when they never did before?  Just curious what else may be out of whack for me now due to this piece of metal being in my womb...

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I finally got my copper IUD removed after 3 years of use!
I experienced a lot of anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, more yeast infections, as well as sharp uncomfortable pains at unexpected times. 
For me, all of the physical pain began right with insertion. It did get "better" within six months. By "better" I mean it didn't hurt when I bent over, when I ran, or during sex as much. 
The emotional symptoms did not start until I had it in for about 9 months to a year. At first I thought it was grieving symptoms from a 2nd trimester miscarriage I had right before putting the IUD in. I'm sure some of it was, and now I'm sure some of it was due to the copper. 

Prior to having the IUD I never had digestive issues. I have not changed my diet in any drastic way since getting the IUD, but now I have been experiencing digestive cramping. It's bad enough to keep me up at night. I've also had never experienced insomnia. For the past 2 years, I have been kept up by odd things that in the past would not have provoked so much anxiety. 
The list goes on and on: 
*Pre-IUD I never had my heart start racing for no apparent reason. Post-IUD It happened quit a bit.
*Pre-IUD I never had my limbs go numb. Post-IUD my arms would sometimes go numb. 
*Pre-IUD I hardly ever got a yeast or bacterial infection (as I eat no refined food and lots of garlic). Post-IUD I got 3 yeast infections and 2 bacterial infections. 
*Pre-IUD I had PMS symptoms, but they were manageable. Post-IUD my PMS symptoms became off the wall horrible. I began to loss my temper at everything. I became soooo teary. 
*Pre-IUD I didn't feel dizzy and nauseous. Post IUD I feel dizzy and nauseous almost everyday. I truly believe it somehow affected my blood sugar. 

I went to MD's, ND's, and my gynecologist. I had TONS of tests run on me. My thyroid came back healthy, all blood tests came back healthy, I am at a healthy weight and have healthy blood pressure. I had my heart tested because of the racing and the numbing and the MD said everything is perfect. 
If I am completely healthy, then where are all these symptoms coming from???
Although none of them thought it could be possibly caused by the IUD, I do. I'm really glad I got it removed now. smile.gif

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Didici09 -  I notice you mentioned Keppra.  That is an antiepileptic drug.  Are you by chance eplieptic?  I am and my seizure activity was set off by the copper IUD.  In fact, I hadn't had a seizure for 8 years and then I had my first copper IUD inserted.  In 2 months, I had a seizure.  I never put it together.  I had to have my first IUD taken out for a surgery. 


Then last November 2011 I had my second copper IUD inserted and then had another seizure this February, just 3 months after the new IUD.  I am now experiencing things like crying for NO reason and uncontrollable.  I keep saying to my body, "snap out of it why can't I stop"?  ugh.  It is so frustrating.  My husband wants to help but if I can't even explain it, there's nothing I can ask him to do.  My head feels like it has a really tight headband on ALL of the time.  It's not really a head ache though it doesn't hurt sharply. Concentration is terrible.  Prior to my seizure I felt like my entire world was spinning, I thought I had adult onset of ADD or something.  My kids actually started saying "we know mommy, you are just forgetful".  It was super cute and understanding of a 6, 4 and 2 year old.  But breaks my heart.


I just stumbled upon copper toxicity and it all is making sense now.  I'm getting a blood test tomorrow to check my copper level.  But I've also been reading that sometimes it isn't found in the blood test.  I might just get the copper IUD out regardless. 

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Didici09 -  I notice you mentioned Keppra.  That is an antiepileptic drug.  Are you by chance eplieptic?  I am and my seizure activity was set off by the copper IUD.  In fact, I hadn't had a seizure for 8 years and then I had my first copper IUD inserted.  In 2 months, I had a seizure.  I never put it together.  I had to have my first IUD taken out for a surgery. 


Then last November 2011 I had my second copper IUD inserted and then had another seizure this February, just 3 months after the new IUD.  I am now experiencing things like crying for NO reason and uncontrollable.  I keep saying to my body, "snap out of it why can't I stop"?  ugh.  It is so frustrating.  My husband wants to help but if I can't even explain it, there's nothing I can ask him to do.  My head feels like it has a really tight headband on ALL of the time.  It's not really a head ache though it doesn't hurt sharply. Concentration is terrible.  Prior to my seizure I felt like my entire world was spinning, I thought I had adult onset of ADD or something.  My kids actually started saying "we know mommy, you are just forgetful".  It was super cute and understanding of a 6, 4 and 2 year old.  But breaks my heart.


I just stumbled upon copper toxicity and it all is making sense now.  I'm getting a blood test tomorrow to check my copper level.  But I've also been reading that sometimes it isn't found in the blood test.  I might just get the copper IUD out regardless. 

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I had to write in response about the copper IUD, because I have had similar experiences to a lot of the writers on this blog.  I had my son in Aug. 2011.  I had a copper IUD inserted in Dec. 2011.  Since December, I have had panic attacks, depression, lack of focus and concentration.  My memory has been shot and I have been very irritable.  I blamed it on being a new Mommy; lack of sleep, working full time, taking care of two young children, and the list goes on.  I never once made the connection to the IUD, until my husband said something.  Once my husband mentioned the IUD, I realized that all my symptoms seemed to have started in December.  I then went online and found this blog, that started back in 2008, about the IUD causing a lot of similar problems for other women.  I then went on to do some more research, and found Dr. Lawrence Wilson.  Dr.  Wilson has done a tremendous amount of research on Copper toxicity and talks about the toxicity of Copper IUD's.  He uses a hair test analysis to determine the level of metals in your system, level of stress you are at, your immune system and how you metabolize sugar and carbs, and maybe some other stuff, too.  Anyway, I did end up getting the Copper IUD out, and I have to say that I haven't felt this good in a long time.  I started feeling ALOT better the next day.  I also have sent away to have my hair analyzed by Dr. Wilson.  I have already started his recommended nutritional balancing diet and some of the supplements he has recommended and I continue to feel better and better everyday.  My concentration, memory, focus, ability to multi-task, is all coming back.  I also had the tightness feeling in my head, which has also gone away.  I would recommend looking up Dr. Wilson and if anyone is having these symptoms with the copper IUD, I highly recommend having it removed.  I don't think everyone is as sensitive to the metal, but for some it can be mind altering and crazy making. 


Here is Dr. Wilson's website:

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I couldn't believe it. I have been having anxiety and depression since I had the couper iud put in . When I took it out I felt better almost instantly. I'm 30 weeks pregnant now and I don't know wihat form of birth control I'm going to use but reading this post is not going to be on other iud. Great info thank you
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I want to thank you all for this thread!  I just wish I had seen it back in October 2011.  Since I had a copper IUD installed, I immediately felt the change in myself.  I know I am a sensitive individual to changes in my body but I immediately began to have anxiety, a sense of the world crashing down on me.  I went back to my doctor after the first period after getting the IUD put in and a fear of the excessive bleeding caused me to start having reservations.  I actually went to the ER and was told to get on birth control during my period to increase my estrogen and see my gynecologist.  His response was that this was normal and to "ride it out".  I followed their advise even after talking in depth with my boyfriend.  He even said he was concerned how this IUD was reacting to my balance.I was frustrated often, had a hard time concentrating, severe anxiety, no motivation, weight gain,depression, and hopelessness. I even took a leave of absence from work!

As the months past, my bleeding slowed down but my mental state seemed to have begun to diminish.  I talked with my doctor and gynecologist again about my concerns.  They kept saying there was no correlation between the two.  I began to seek out my psychiatrist with my concerns.  As many of you stated before, they just prescibed my anti-depressants which seemed to help, but was not the answer.  I would have days where I just didn't even want to get out of bed.  I felt like the world was against me yet I knew it was not me.  I could almost see myself from outside my body and kept asking myself what was going on, why I did not have control, why I could not just get over it and why I kept getting sick. 

My boyfriend kept saying we should go see the gynecologist again and he was concerned with the IUD.  Finally, this past weekend was the last straw for me. After taking several medications, reading self help books, and going to church more often  I felt like I completely lost control and didn't know what was going on anymore.  I woke up Monday in the middle of the night, in pain and just could not bare it any more.  My boyfriend said that was it and took me back to the ER.  While there, I had the IUD removed.   Yes, it can be painful but truthfully, the moment they took it out, I felt a relieve, as if a weight was taken off my shoulders.  I know I have a road long ahead to get back to myself but I can already feel myself again!  I will be doing a detox, increase my vitamin intake of Zinc and monitor my diet!

I want to THANK YOU ALL!  After reading your own stories, I realize I am not crazy and not the only one going through this alone.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

P.S. it is always to important to follow your women's intuition. If you feel a sudden change in your behavior once getting your IUD you are not crazy. Get it taken out spare yourself the pain Ive gone through for the last 8 months:)

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I got a copper IUD in December of 2008 because I could not tolerate hormonal birth control (I had tried multiple pills and even the NuvaRing over a 10 year time period). After six months of having the IUD, I began to develop an alcohol intolerance. I also developed acne like I had never seen before. It was more like boils under my skin rather than typical acne. I became extremely tired and began having severe depression/anxiety (especially during PMS). After a year of having the IUD… one day I went out for a run (it was all I could do to continue my workout routine). After running for just a couple of minutes, I started to have heart palpitations and numbness in my left side. I ended up going to the emergency room. They did a chest x-ray, EKG, and blood work. Everything came back normal except for the blood work (which showed elevated CPK levels). The next few days I began having severe muscle pain (to the point I was unable to walk). I decided to have the IUD removed and within two days I started feeling more normal again however, my health never fully returned to 100%. After a year of continued muscle pain and fatigue, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have tried to manage the condition over the last several years but I recently read the book: Why Am I Always So Tired? Discover How Correcting Your Body's Copper Imbalance Can Keep Your Body From Giving Out Before Your Mind Does by Ann Louise Gittleman. It took me years to recognize that my chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia were linked to the copper IUD but now I can see that the timing all fits. If I could go back in time, I would have never gotten the IUD! It was the biggest mistake I ever made and I beat myself up everyday for the damage I did to my body. I thought pretty much any symptoms/damage done by the IUD would be reversible and although I am now trying to chelate/balance the copper with supplements like Molybdenum, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Manganese... It has been almost three years since I got the IUD out and I don’t know that I will ever get my health back (only time will tell). If you are considering getting an IUD, please don’t… If you have already gotten one, please get it out… and if you already have yours out and you are still having issues – read Ann Louise Gittleman’s book.

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Regarding the posts related to seizures and the IUD, Theresa Vernon is a nutritionist in California and she has personal experience with copper effects on the body.  She noted that her seizures were related to her copper imbalance.  See her website:

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Wow... This discription fits me to a tee!! I had to go on depression medication 2 weeks after getting the copper iud. I kept telling my doctor that I thought it was the iud and he kept reassuring me that he didn't think it was. I have had anxiety, panic attacks, extreme aggitation and my kids say I'm always cranky. I can't remember the last time I felt happy and I have no motivation. This makes me really sad writing this. I am getting the implant out in 2 days. I have had it in for a year.

Its definetley not worth continuing to have it in considering I feel crazy and lazy all the time! It's just not appropriate for mothers considering the side effects listed by so many other women are so extreme. I just can't function.

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I just called my OBGYN and you are absolutely is 200.00. The thought of taking mine out on my own is scary though. My history: Got the IUD in 2008 and the side effects are acne on face, back, and chest, blinding pain that mimics contractions, bleeding after sex(recently), and I do not know if this is as a result but unexplained 'dents' on the surface of my skin, as to mood swings that is up for debate since I am up one day and down the next. All test come back it has to be in my mind, right? I have kept it in this long for two reasons: my fear of another pregnancy (1 child and DO NOT want another)and my OBGYN thinking that my symptoms are ABSOLUTELY not related to the IUD. But the more I research, the more I am finding more women who are having the same problems. But even more scary than any of the above listed is what do I take as a substitute to the IUD. I have tried so many things in the past. I just started taking zinc two days ago and hope it will help. I had initially chosen the copper IUD because it is hormone free (the hormone implant I had before gave me boils)! But now I see I really should have done more research prior to having the IUD inserted. I hope this helps women who think that they are going crazy because the professionals say "Its not the IUD!" or gives you that 'condescending' look. Please do your research, search the internet, there are many women with the same problems...if only for a PEACE OF MIND! I have said a mouth full but I am sooooo glad I am not alone, I could cry.
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Hi, I had my paragard inserted June 2011 and went through the "normal" things the gyn told me about.  On and off bleeding, heavy periods, breakthrough bleeding.  About 2 months ago, I went back to the gyn to get a check because I went through the worst period of my life.  Pain so intense I cried, I thought perhaps I was miscarrying.  She checked the strings and told me take motrin for the pain. Next month came same thing.  On top of this, I have gained 20 lbs, so tired(as a mom of 5, I know what tired feels like, this is different) no concentration, pain in joints, numbness in limbs on occasion.  To top it off, my husband was actually poke/scraped by string!   I went for my annual check up and spoke about switching to the Mirena.  Gyn was all for that(only mentioned the painful heavy periods)as long as I was switching not just removing.  But now I am so concerned about getting another IUD that could potentially have problems too.  It is strange how adamant the drs get with you that you shouldn't remove these devices, I feel as though I am being reprimanded.  Not sure what to do after I get the Paragard removed for birth control.  I have 5 children ages ranging from 14-2.  Husband isn't in favor of getting v done and I am not sure I want to get a tubal.  Any suggestions? The reason I chose paragard in the first place was it was non hormonal, I am 36, and would rather stay off bc pills.  Argh!  BTW, thanks to all who posted their stories, it is a big help for those who are searching for answers!

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