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anyone try this for birth control? i'm intrigued. it's expensive but OTOH if it works well for people without any side effects...

i'm all ears :

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I have one. I have PCOS so I get a lot of red lights because my cycles aren't predictable but once I O, it detects that and is always in agreement with my chart (I chart my cervical fluid and other signs too also because of the PCOS). It's super easy and worth the money IMO. I have been using it for over 2 years.

The cost was hard for me to swallow but compare it to 10 years of the pill and it's much cheaper.

If you have regular cycles then you will probably get down to around 5-6 days of red lights and the rest green. It took about 3 cycles to change from yellow to red for me.

It works for TTC too, just DTD on red days. No need to buy a babycomp.

It can also predict 6 days in advance so you can see when AF is expected or when red days are predicated to start.
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I actually have the same questions

looking forward to insights
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I heard about this somewhere else. I went to the website and I still didn't quite get the concept. Can someone give me a 'for dummies' explanation?
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Ditto to sbilady.

Does it work to prevent? DH isn't ready for a V and I loathe BC.
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Ok here is the simple explanation.

You get a little disk (maybe 4" diameter)with a plug and thermometer. You set the alarm for whatever time you want to take your temp. You can temp for 3 hours before or 3 hours after this set time (a little thermometer symbol lights up when you are good to go). The ladycomp then registers the temp and gives you a green, red or yellow light depending on where you are in your cycle. Green means you are not fertile, red means you are fertile and yellow means it is learning (the yellow lights don't happen much after you establish a few cycles). If all 3 lights are flashing then you are pregnant.

If you are TTC, you DTD on red days. If you are TTA you use a back up method or abstain on red days.

When you are expected to get your period it will flash the M for AF and you hit + if you got it or - if you did not. Once you get AF, the cycle starts again.

It stores all your info and will give you averages of O date, temp shift, etc.

You can also scroll back and view past days whenever you want. You can scroll forward 6 days so you can see if it is predicting you to become fertile in the next few days. Even if you are to become fertile soon, it's still safe to DTD on green days. It builds in the extra red days to avoid a pregnancy.

This company has compiled data from thousands and thousands of cycles and I think it is as accurate as the pill % wise.

A caution....if you have irregular cycles, you WILL get mostly red lights.

I used it for TTA and TTC. Worked great both ways.

ETA: The customer service at naturalmethods is AMAZING. Those ladies are so helpful. I called just a few months ago (2 years after buying the product) and they were still helpful and sent a bunch of links for info I was looking into.
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I had never heard of this until I came here. It is oh-so-tempting, but also not cost effective for something I feel I can almost do myself. It seems so simple and compact, though, so I keep reading more.
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i am planning on using the lady comp, but i called cust service and was told it would not be effective during bf, before pp af. does anyone have any experience with this?
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I used Ladycomp before we began ttc. I loved it! It took all of the guesswork out of charting and stored my temps. I love that it can store the info from all of my past cycles.

I just set the alarm once and each morning when it beeped, I stuck the thermometer piece in my mouth until it beeped and went back to sleep. I found that it was very conservative by FAM standards and gave me reds when I got a safe days on my charts (I began charting my LC temps on fertilityfriend for fun). We used it for 10 cycles and we used a barrier or withdrawal on red days, green days nothing. I ended up having about 5-7 red days in my 31 day cycle. The best part was I knew exactly when I would O based on past cycles and we got pregnant our first cycle of ttc!

You can use Flexible Spending Account to pay for it, since most cover contraceptive devices. As mentioned it is good for 10 years, then you change the battery. SO much cheaper that HBC.

I plan to use it once my get my PPAF. The reason it isn't effective PP and while BF it that it is based on ovulation cycles. PP most women are extremely irregular ie. cycles with no ovulation, looong cycles, etc. Also, you are supposed to temp at around the same time each day (give or take a few hours) after at least 3 hours sleep. This is diffucult if not impossible for most moms with newborn.

Here is where I bought it.


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Intriguing. *makes mental notes*

NMY actively making my dreams happen :
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I didn't know the thing about it not being reliable while BFing. I EBF both my DSs and PPAF came at about 8-12 weeks PP with both births. My cycles are *very* regular and predictable and I conceived DS2 ("let's just see what happens"=one chance that month=surprise!) when DS1 was 6 mos. I am 99% sure I am ovulating every month. I'm thinking it would probably work for me. Anyone agree or disagree with me? I'm pretty close to buying one... Help?
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I absolutely love love love my ladycomp. It's the best thing ever. Yes, you can do the temping yourself, but I just need something other than myself just to make sure as I do not want to have a baby.
Google ladycomp and I am sure you can find a lot of info.

I have been using mine for over a year with great success :

Grace, happily married DH. Nathan h20homebirth.gif12.22.10 familybed1.gif  novaxnocirc.gif
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I wanted to post an update on this since I talked about how great it was. Last cycle it gave me a green light 2 days before I o'd. I chart along so I knew I was fertile and didn't DTD without protection. I called them and they had me push some buttons and we found out that from this cycle to a previous one, I had a difference of 8 days between when I ovulated. Apparently this can really throw it off then it takes 3 cycles to regulate again. The problem cycles are very irregular and I can't trust it anymore. I reset it and we are going to give it another try for 3 cycles and if I'm still not happy, they are going to buy it back.

So....I still think it's GREAT and I really recommend it but I would no longer recommend it for people with irregular cycles.
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that's good customer service right there!

That's why I didn't buy one, honestly. It uses past cycle history to predict your o date, and doesn't take into account that you could theoretically o much sooner in any given cycle if you've got long cycles. If you o later, that's taken care of because it's looking for a temp shift to confirm.

I think what it does is use the idea that you are safe 5 days before o, so it takes your temp shift from the previous cycles and counts back 5 days and that's your safe day.. or uses the doering rule (the earliest day of thermal shift, minus 7) or nfp. it's basically a temperature only method.

I think if anyone is using the lady comp, they should at least know what fertile cm looks like so they can avoid dtd at that time if they notice it.

all that said, I am still very impressed by the customer service!
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