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jtbuko's Avatar jtbuko 11:43 AM 09-03-2009
I am thinking of taking the training in 2010. I already have an existing local website that I can use to give it exposure, but am worried about finding class spaces, and recouping the cost of the course and the flight. I'd love to hear your experiences. Thanks!

Maggi315's Avatar Maggi315 03:05 PM 09-07-2009
I see no one has responded to this, but I'm interested in learning more about this too. I took the training through a program called Shapedown about 12 years ago and had an office for a short period of time. I think with more effort, I could have made some money. There are some people who affiliate with the hospital, or a pediatrician, or the YMCA and they seem to do very well. Shapedown's program was difficult because we had to have a doctor who would affiliate with it, a nutritionist and two other people I can't remember. I guess I"m still certified through them? But I like the idea of Dr. Sears program, I haven't seen anyone around here doing it though.

Do you know how much everything costs? And how much you would charge per family after?